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Top rated grill pans from Lodge


Having that open flame outdoor grilling experience may not be that much manageable for an apartment or a home without an open space. Still for those craving for the perfect grilled steak or bacons for breakfast or opting for a more healthy diet shunning fat and oil but do not have the luxury of a clearing in the back of the house, it is time to rejoice as you can easily do it on oven top grill pans. So here are the best grill pan reviews for you.


Lodge L8SGP3 grill pan


Best Lodge grill pans reviewsWell the first thing I liked about this pan is this one is that it is square and is made of cast iron. Now if you are wondering why, then let me just explain you as this grill pan which can be bought within a price range of only $14 – $25; is the perfect ribbed grill pan for a healthy less-oil meal. Pre-seasoned with evenly baked electrostatic spray of vegetable oil, the pan comes with a lifetime warranty. Being a cast iron product it also offers the best grilled marks on your food making it look greatly appetizing. Usable in both oven top or in oven within 500 F, this pan is easy to clean off and can be stored by hanging by the handle.

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“ I admire the Lodge L8SGP83 Grill Pan because of its quality and functionality. In terms of functionality, the grill pan can handle all grilling activity without lessening the palatable taste of the foods. The quality of the product must be also considered as it was made with cast iron that makes it durable and steady. It is also easy to clean and can be hang after use.”  Stuart Hutchinson Gates


Lodge Reversible Grill/Griddle


This simple yet elegant looking reversible pan got into the best Lodge grill pans reviews definitely for a reason and the cause is that this griddle is reversible and can act in two ways. Now how flexible does it sound? Yes, here you have got a grill pan that has a griddled top and on the other side has a perfect flat side. So nothing is on your way now to make a beautiful fluffy pancake on the flat side and some char grilled sausages on the ribbed side. Moreover the cast iron pan provides you with the high temperature that can be attained in an outdoor grill giving you the best taste of your life. An excellent product, this USA made pan comes in a suitable size with two easy grip handles and limited warranty for lifetime.

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“ I bought the Lodge Reversible Griddle Grill/Griddle in a very minimal expenses. Even it is affordable, I can make the grilling more flexible and effective. If you will to look on this product closely, you will find it simple and normal. But the best thing about this product was its quality because it is durable and outstanding than the other grill pans in the market.”  Luann Mason


Lodge L8GP3 grill pan


For a single or two person’s cooking, this grill pan is brought from heaven. Made out of cast iron and perfectly high griddles make this pan to work nicely on your food for its high heat retention capacity. Just check with some scallops or some sausages and see the gorgeous oil glazed sear marks on them. Available within an affordable price range of $20 – $40, this grill pan is perfect to show your indoor kitchen skills! Just loved this USA made product that has been wisely picked by hundreds of satisfied users as one perfect for the best Lodge grill pans reviews list.

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“ Many users were satisfied in the functionality and performance of the Lodge L8GP3 Grill Pan. I am one of them because I truly experience how effective this product in grilling foods and transform it into something palatable and extraordinary. The food turns into extraordinary because the grill adds spice in it. I don’t have to consume time cleaning the grill because it can be cleaned easily.”  Amanda Hope Stone


Lodge P12SGR3 grill pan


Professionally pre seasoned with cast iron friendly vegetable oil formula, this pan is going to make you come back to it again and again to prepare meals with it. A little bit upscale in price ranging a little above $30 but this 12 inch pan is as good as an outdoor grilling station. Although usually used for oven tops, this grill pan can also bear a 500F temperature in the oven. So cooking anything up to your taste depends only on you. Beautifully crafted with hoisted griddles, long handles with hanging notch; here is a product that will stay intact for a lifetime.

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“ Owning a Lodge P12SGR3 Grill Pan is an advantage when it comes to culinary activities. Aside from it is useful, I don’t need to spend too much for this grill pan. It is durable and sturdy so it will last long. With this, I don’t have to change it with a new one. It was made of solid materials so it will not be ruined and destroyed even if I use it daily for my culinary activities. “ Josie Sweeney