Top Rated License Plate Security Cameras in 2019


Security cameras that can deliver high resolution moving images can be used for a number of different applications. These high performance cameras can help track license plates through entrances, and capture gorgeous images for wildlife researchers. Since there are so many different models for you to choose from we have included brief reviews of the best license plate security cameras in 2019 to help you make an informed decision.




Reconyx SM750 HyperFire License Plate Capture Camera


One of the top rated license plate security cameras of 2019, it is capable of capturing moving objects up to 50 MPH. Capture clear images in the day and night, including visible license plates. Since the camera doesn’t emit a light at night, it is perfect for wildlife researchers. It can be set to power on and off at different times, which can also help to prolong the life of the batteries. As an added bonus, license plate security camera reviews also state that it is also compatible with most cell phones.

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Q1C1 HQ-Cam Professional License Plate Camera


This professional license plate security camera, is durable and affordable. It is an affordable addition to your existing security system, or can function by itself. There are 700 TV lines for high resolution images that includes clear license plate pictures from a distance. The slow shutter speed ensures that every detail is captured, and the included housing bracket is durable and resistant to weather.

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Speco 550Tvl Outdoor License Plate Capture Camera


This durable security camera features weatherproof housing that is also tamper resistant. According to the best license plate security camera reviews it can capture moving images in any type of lighting. It is ideal for use around entrances, or in a park setting. The camera will record every vehicle that passes by, or animal that wanders within range. See who is in the office parking lot after hours, or which critter is getting into the garbage.

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DSP Security High Resolution License Plate Security Camera


There are 68 infrared LED lights, along with a 20x optical zoom lens that will capture sharp images in almost any weather condition. Considered the best license plate security camera in 2019, it takes all of the guesswork out of deciding on which lighting mode to use with the automatic setting. The slow shutter speed ensures that every detail is perfectly captured, and with 560 TV lines you will be able to see every video in high resolution clarity.

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Cop Security 10-SU34HE License Plate Capture Camera


Durable and weather resistant, this black security camera can record objects that are moving at speeds up to 24 MPH. It is ideal for use at checkpoints and entrances, along with use at park and nature centers. Record every vehicle’s license plate as it passes through the gate, and the added benefit of the varifocal lens ensures that you can clearly see from every angle. The security camera can record at distances up to 50 feet at night, and deliver high definition images in any type of lighting.

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