Top rated lego toys in 2021


What is better than the childhood memories of building blocks from Lego and the little toy characters? I myself still nurture the fond moments of creating from scratches.  Now if you want to present your little kid with similar wonder moments there is nothing better than the colorful action hero toys for your hyper active child. The present day toys, with the enhanced technology have become pretty hybrid! So if you are at a loss thinking what might just cheer up your youngster than go along this article to find about the best lego toy reviews which may in turn guide you through the best toys available.


Transformers-Optimus Prime


Best lego toy reviews

The story of transformers has long kept the children mesmerized. The fight for the just that is why made the children wish for the amazing Optimus Prime. Because he is the one that will fight back Megatron and save the universe from one big loss. Manufactured by the world famed Hasbro Inc. this toy robot is the gigantic Optimus Prime. The amazing robot with built-in Automorph technology can change its form from robot to a vehicle within minutes. Appropriate for children 5 and above even I being a grown up got absolutely enthralled holding this live animation in hand. Powered up by 2 batteries, the Optimus Prime emits light, sound and can even turn into animated ultimate war figure shouting out its own command.

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The Hasbro Transformers Movie Leader Optimus Prime was the gift I bought for my child last Christmas. He really loves playing with it because of the outstanding features. It has colorful bricks included in the package which adds playfulness. The toy was best rated in Amazon based from its satisfied users.”    Charlene Anderson


Lego Star Wars advent calendar


When a little yearly investment can bring days of joy on your youngster’s face then the first toy I’ll think of in the coming Christmas is the Lego Star Wars advent calendar. Tucked in the usual sturdy Lego cardboard box is the 266 pieces game complete with 24 star wars themed gifts from each window every day. This collectible item can be joy for the whole family. I particularly liked the enthusiasm it brings among the kids to get all the gifts at one. So this one single game can last for a long period of time and still seem new. What makes it more endearing are the eight mini figures including that of the great Yoda dressed in cute Santa Claus attire and a Millennium Falcon. Worth every penny for the smile it brings to every faces.

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I really had a hard time looking for the best gift for my child for his birthday. Good thing that I came across the Lego Star Wars advent calendar. When I saw it in Amazon, I never had a second mind to buy it as I see it as very useful and educational for my baby. ”  Stephanie Wilson


Unicron with Kranix


The towering, unstoppable transformer is here at last. Available for limited edition on its 25th anniversary the Unicorn is even better and smarter. Run by four 4 A76 alkaline batteries the Unicorn in its robot form stand 1 foot long. But to me the best part to be its carrying ability of 27 minicon figures in various compartments hidden on his body. The live animated figure with its glowing eyes, mechanic sounds, lighted fist and fast transforming mode will amaze your kids. The added fun is its war time preparation complete with hidden missile heads in its chest that can shoot six missiles. But when the same Unicorn comes with an exclusive minicon – the Kranix and can be altered into a planet which can carry an army of 70 minicons; nobody will be happier than your little boy. Designed for children 5 years and above, I reckon being parents you will also jump in the fight of the universe!

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I found out about the limited edition of the Transformers – Unicron with Kranix I asked my 5 year old child if he wants to have this one. He almost jumps into happiness when he learned that I bought this for him. The toy is very durable and the size is compatible with my child. ”  Jeffrey Pryor


Hasbro Transformers-Bumblebee


Just how can anybody forget this endearing robot which in the wink of an eye can become a flashy Camaro 2008? This brightly colored yellow and black ensemble is 14 inches tall. The movable robot with its latest technology animatronic system can come into life in the click of a button. “Take that, Decepticon!”…he can bellow besides 16 other pre installed war cry and certain conversation phrases. I simple loved to watch the faces of awed kids as the valiant Bumblebee turned into a trendy car. Sleek in design though the robot figurine is made for children 5 years and above, a little supervision by the parents is needed for the kids to let him learn how to bring back life into Bumblebee. The robot-turned-car-turned-robot is absolute fun when it rolls out as a car all around the house and suddenly springs up as a robot dancing to the tune of Devo’s ‘Whip It’.

The Hasbro Transformers Ultimate Bumblebee Figure is an affordable toy you can buy for your child. Even it is affordable, the quality still remains. My child was attracted by the bumblebee color. He always played with it. The product is durable that’s why the product is very useful for him until now. ”   Christopher Reese


Hasbro Transformers Stompin


The thousand times heard announcement “I’m Optimus Prime” can roar through your home if you buy this simple Cyber Stomp in Optimus Prime robot toy for your kids. Designed by the Hasbro Inc., the original creator of this savior of earth, the toy on its own term and popularity has landed on the best Lego toy reviews. Designed for a little younger child of 4+ ages and above, this out of the movie character stomps around wherever you put him with fierce glowing eyes and crashing sounds. With the aim to take down any Decepticons that may come across his path, I loved the toy robot launching fist fast forward to attack with powerful forces. With the help of this lighted eyes and chest robot, I’m sure this one toy is good enough to keep your kid busy fighting off enemies of the earth.

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The transformer aura is best provided by the Hasbro Transformers Cyber Stompin Optimus Prime action figure. The toy is light weight so there is no worry about it. The color is outstanding and excellent. The design is fashionable which really suits a child preference. You can buy it a very affordable price. ”  Kristie Fortier