Top rated Lego Sets in 2019


Many parents have resorted into reading a variety of best lego set reviews in order to be provided with assistance in choosing the best ones that can be bought for their children. In this article, I will note five of the best possible choices, based on the positive feedbacks that were given by other people about each of them.


Lego Ultimate Building Set – 405 Pieces


Best Lego Set Reviews

This will be perfect if you can see the desire of your child to be an architect or an engineer in the near future. It consists of various pieces, including doors, wheels, and windows, among others. To make it easier, there are instructions on how to create five buildings. More so, to exercise the creativity and imagination of your child, there are 25 different photos provided that can serve as their inspiration in building on their own.

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Purchasing this Lego Ultimate Building Set – 405 Pieces for my child is not a waste of money. It is a big help for me to introduce my child for something better and skillful while he is still in a young age. This Lego set is an effective tool for my child to develop his skills in structuring and engineering process.”  Leola Stahl


Lego Bricks and More Builders of Tomorrow Set


This will also prove to be the ideal choice for children who are passionate about building a variety of structures. It has multiple bricks in various colors, giving children the opportunity to choose how they want the end result to be. With this, your children will surely have a lot of fun in playing with the Lego set. In fact, since there are many pieces in this set, it will not only be good for children. Parents can join as well as inspire their kids to create more structures.

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The Lego Bricks and More Builders of Tomorrow Set is the best play set for my child. Compared to other toys for my kid, I try to invest in this product from Amazon because it is structured and designed for children alone. It was made of colorful schemes which attract them to play. ” Jose Shippee


Lego Education Community Mini-figures Set


In many best lego set reviews, this is another product that has been given favorable ratings by many parents. This 250-piece set is different in the sense that it does not only include the normal Lego blocks. Rather, there are also many figures, such as of people from different professions. This can lead into a more productive playtime as children can build their own community. This will also be a good play set in order to socialize with other kids who can be playing with your children with this community set.

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Being able to give your child a playing community even inside the house is a very nice idea. With the help of the Lego Education Community Mini-figures Set, you can enable your child to play actively. This really helps me to train him to cooperate and go with other people even in a very young age.”  Ricardo Hall


Lego Creator Log cabin


One thing that I like about this Lego set is that it offers the best value in money because there are already three models in just one set. This will provide your children with the opportunity to experiment. They can build and rebuild, as there will be a lot of things that can be done in this set. It consists of some of the normal items that can be found in a traditional log cabin. It has trees, open fire, wooden logs, and hinging wall, among other things.

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Having this Lego Creator Log cabin for my kid is a worth the money. I never thought of this kind of toy that will exhibit and give lots of opportunities for my child. This one is very useful and productive when it comes to teaching my child the basics of life. This is just affordable and a smart investment.”  Anthony Bryant


Lego Monster Fighters The Swamp Creature


Take your child’s playtime and creativity to a higher level with this Lego set. It consists of a swamp boat, swamp, and even fishes. There are also weapons and creatures that can pretend like having a fight at the swamp. It is made available in cool colors, making the playtime experience more fun for your kids. In fact, just like any other Lego sets, this is one timeless set that can prove to be still as your child ages.

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This Lego Monster Fighters The Swamp Creature was already with us since my child id just 2 years old. Today that he is 4, it is still alive and functional. The Lego set is now being used by my second child. It is still the same as before, it is still brand new and easy to use. I love this set for my child. ”  Savanna Oliverio