Where to find the best LED TV for the money


It is really hard to find out the best quality LED HDTV with a reasonable price from the market. There are varieties of options where a combination of quality and price is the main concern for the customers. Samsung, TCL and VIZIO are the best Television brands in the world that don’t compromise with the quality. They have brought high quality LED HDTV of different sizes with a very cheap price. These are the best LED TVs under $300 available in the market now.


What is the best LED TV – Professional purchasing advice


The time has probably come to change your old TV with a brand new one, designed to become the centrepiece of your home. With so many options on the market, setting your mind on a specific product can be a bit tricky. Still, one thing is certain: your living room should house a high quality LED TV, which everyone would absolutely adore to start. Recent statistics demonstrated that LED TVs are very popular around world, with more and more people investing in them. This increase in popularity begs the question: which is the best product to take home? Well, you should consult some of the best Led TV reviews, written by specialists in the field that understand the television segment.


With a sleek design, light-emitting diode, enhanced picture quality and smart functions, Led TVs can be present in thousands of American homes, if not many more others. One thing is certain: with the best Led TV in 2019, you will enjoy a full entertainment system, packed with rich and vibrant colours. There are many people that seem to want more information on the actual functionality of LED TVs, in order to manage better the whole visual experience. This type of television set use thousands of evenly spaced LED lights in order to precisely illuminate the whole screen. You should know that there are some LED TVs that offer users the possibility to turn off or even dim down LED bulbs in order to diminish picture intensity or enhance contrast ratio.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product HDMI ports Price Inches Resolution Our Rating Where to buy

Samsung UN32EH5000

2 $$$ 32 1080p A+ AMAZON

Vizio E320i-A0

2 $$$$ 32 720p B+ AMAZON

Samsung UN32EH4003

2 $$$ 32 720p A AMAZON

Vizio E241i-A1

1 $$ 24 1080p B AMAZON

Toshiba 32L2400U

2 $$$ 32 1080p C+ AMAZON


One you have read the best Led TV reviews, you will know just how this type of home entertainment source can brighten up your days. At the end of the month, when the electric bill comes you will probably be amazed by the low prices. Why? Well, if you install a LED TV you will notice that it consumes less energy than usual. The power consumption is pretty low. Furthermore LED TVs have slim designs, elegant finishes which blend with ease in any room of the house. You should know that the model comes with a slim format of around 1.2 inches thick, ideal to be installed even on walls. With the best Led TV in 2019, you will be able to watch movies, concerts, documentaries and TV shows in high definition. Now, you probably noticed that there are two major types of LED TVs: back-lit and edge-lit LED technology.

One important thing to take into account while browsing for a high quality Led TV is screen resolution. Usually, screen resolution refers to the one particular aspect, how clear the picture appears. As it goes for mainly everything, higher the resolution the better. From 720p, 1080p and the new 4k Ultra HD, Led TVs can accommodate person’s visual expectations. Still, today most shoppers choose from 720p to 1080p video resolution rendering TVs, more than enough to play any type of video. In addition to the factors enumerated above, you should also take into consideration size of the screen and price, very important while trying to locate the ideal product.


Things to consider:

–          Energy Efficient certificate

–          Screen size and video resolution

–          Type of Led technology, back-lit or edge-lit

–          Design and video enhancement functions

–          Wireless and internet capabilities



Samsung UN32EH5000 LED TV


It is beautifully designed with great exclusive features. It has a 1080p full HD Picture and a great motion rate. The Television has the connect-share movie facility that helps you get random access to videos, music-play lists as well as pictures. It has color enhancement technology and some special promotional offers. This model has its own strong packing for shipment which protects it from any kind of damage. The HD Television is surely one of the best LED TVs under $300 available everywhere.



Designed by Samsung technicians the UN32EH5000 HDTV offers crystal clear images with rich colours (pure whites and deep blacks) during each video played, thus setting a vivid home entertainment system in any room

As a top affordable led TV under 300 this sleek HDTV features Clear Motion Rate 120 for distortion free video fluidity even while playing high action movies

The 32-inch TV incorporates Wide Color Enhancer Plus system that maintains a natural and realistic image clarity during every video played

Features ConnectShare Movie, a special option which enables people to watch movies, play top songs or view family photos from a USB connection



There is need for image customization through the stock settings in order to enjoy full image clarity

Does not include 3D option


“ For me this Samsung UN32EH5000 LED TV proves to be perfect for my kitchen. I cook and watch my favorite programs simultaneously, plus at full HD resolution. The menu is very easy to use, so I can’t really complain about anything.”  Reinaldo Byron Ayers


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Samsung UN32EH4003 LED TV


Best LED TVs under $300Samsung UN32EH4003 will give you the real experience of High Definition LED Television. It has the best HD LED picture quality with wide color enhancement options. Furthermore, this model has the connect-share movie feature that allows you to randomly access videos, pictures, as well as music playlists. It is available both with stand and without stand. This television analyzed best Samsung LED TVs reviews has a very easy setup and a simple connection system with media players and cable boxes. Also, it has a sleek design which can be mounted on any of your home’s walls.



With a top affordable led TV under 300 like Samsung UN32EH4003 people can enjoy a vibrant home entertainment source, worth sharing with friends and family any day of the week

The HDTV incorporates LED technology, Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Pulse surround sound which offers viewers a stunning video and audio experience

Features Clear Motion Rate 60 and Wide Color Enhancer Plus system that keep all videos packed with sharp detail, intense colors and uncanny realism

This elegant television set incorporates a useful USB connection (ConnectShare Movie system) which permits users to play videos from USB devices



The remote control is pretty small and as a result not that great for persons with big hands

Does not come with Smart TV feature but the interface panel is pretty interactive


“ I was looking for high quality TV but at an affordable price. Amazon presented me with the opportunity to get Samsung UN32EH4003 LED TV. The picture quality is excellent and except its relatively small size there are no drawbacks to it.”  Clifton Murray


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VIZIO E320i-A0 Smart LED TV


The VIZIO E320i-Ao has a great quality picture and clear sound. It has instant online TV shows, movies and music access via VIZIO internet apps. It is energy efficient helping you you save up to 50% on energy bills, more than most other conventional LED TVs. Its Built-in Wi-Fi will give internet access. It has some exclusive product offers like free tech support for 30 days and six months payment facility with a down payment. This model has a light weight and sleek designed, making it ideal for mounting on walls.



With a sleek slim frame design this Smart LED TV from Vizio can be installed anywhere in the house, becoming a source of entertainment and fun

Featuring the exclusive Vizio Internet Apps and built-in Wi-Fi this TV offers viewers the opportunity to stream through thousands of movies, music and TV shows from Vudu, Hulu Plus, YouTube, Netflix and many others

Incorporating advanced LED backlighting this Smart TV offers rich colors and intense details thus making scenes after scenes clear

Energy Star rated 5.3 this HDTV has a power consumption of only 26.85W while rendering videos in 720p resolution



The remote control doesn’t have lighted buttons

Does not come with user manual but features Quickstart Guide for fast channel setup


“ VIZIO E320i-A0 Smart LED TV allows me to even surf the internet and log in to Facebook account. I can watch my favorite movies online with a Full HD resolution. Clarity and efficiency are two of the great features that I find impressive about this cheap LED TV. I don’t even need a Black Friday discount for it because it’s so cheap.”  Milton Houston


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This has a gorgeous look modern LED Television with great features. The Razor LED technology is incorporated for better picture and has nice clear sound. It is ultra thin and designed in a slim frame. It has 1000p HD resolution which brings crystal clear picture. The Television has slim outer frame and thin LED design. The exclusive Television has great product promotional offers like free technical support for a month from the delivery date and six months payment facility with a down payment.



Designed with a stylish slim frame this 24-inch LED Smart TV from Vizio offers amazing videos in Full 1080p HD, making it a great entertainment centerpiece in small rooms

Due to the built-in Wi-Fi this TV offers access to the exclusive VIZIO Internet Apps where people can browse for a great movie, fun TV show, soothing music or beloved applications

Backed by Razor LED technology the E241i-A1 LED Smart TV will bring to light videos with rich and intense colors, close to the real deal

Includes SRS StudioSound, SRS TruVolume and SRS TruSurround HD audio systems for a complete cinematic experience



Comes with only 1 HDMI but to some degree this connection limitation is balanced by the USB port

The remote control is pretty standard


“ I placed VIZIO E241i-A1 LED TV in my bedroom, so that I can watch some programs as I fall asleep. The crystal clear picture is may favorite thing about it and I even recommend it for its sleek design. I didn’t pay much for it and I’m thankful I followed the advice of the highest rated LED TV review. For affordable models, I believe it’s there among the top 10.”  Scott Stark


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Toshiba 32L2400U LED TV


While the Toshiba 32L2400U doesn’t impress through its size, its Full HD picture resolution will more than make up for it. You will be able to connect it easily to different HD devices via its 2 HDMI inputs or USB port. If you like playing video games, this TV has a designated Game Mode, reducing the controllers delay and maximizing your gaming experience. The refresh rate is at 120 Hz, preventing the blur effect from intervening with your picture quality. Also, it’s Energy Star qualified, so you don’t have to worry about adding too much to your electricity bill. The sleek design looks great on its stand and you can even opt to mount it on your wall.

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“This LED TV from Toshiba was a Xmas gift from me to my dad and he seems very pleased by it. He didn’t complain about the picture quality and he’s happy it’s Energy Star qualified. The best rated LED TVs under 300 reviews recommended this model and they persuaded me to get it in the end.” – William M. Carr


TCL LE39FHDF3300TA LED TV – Not Available


It is a fantastic well designed smart Television with some amazing features. It has very thin attractive front bezel and exclusive 1080p LED picture. It has several digital connections with smooth clear sound. Almost all sorts’ modern LED television features are incorporated in it. It is very low priced and probably the best LED TVs under $300 in the present market. It has some special promotional offers as well like 30 days free technical support six months installment facility with a down payment.

“ I highly recommend TCL LE39FHDF3300TA LED TV to all people out there. Aside from surfing the internet for online movies and music, it also provides clear images and quality sound. And on top of all this it is very affordable as well.”  William Flowers