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Windows have never been larger: visual clarity, full spectrum of colors and optimal speed for getting everything you want, whenever you want. How to find the best led tv 2020 that will bring the benefits of modern technology into your house? Merge elegant design with fully bright pictures and smart features and you will get a few options from which to choose. I have reached 5 similar products after going through more than 50 reviews about led tvs available on the market.


Which LED TV is the best


Of all the flat screen televisions that are available on the market today, you may feel slightly overwhelmed when you are looking through the Black Friday deals. You could choose between plasma, LCD or a LED TV. We understand that trying to decide between these products can be frustrating, which is why we created this guide. We have done the research for you and have concluded that LED TVs are the most popular sets. These televisions provide you with a sleek design, excellent picture quality, and are more energy efficient than the other sets. Even still, there are many LED televisions to consider. This guide is designed to help you choose understand how LEDs work and what set will meet your needs.

Unlike power-hungry televisions like the plasma or LCD, LED sets use only 100w of power. This is because the television uses hundreds, even thousands, of tiny LED lights to light the screen. If you are making a conscious effort to lower your energy consumption, you can find a set that allows you to adjust the backlighting. Just be aware of what kind of TV you are getting. Back-lit sets can give you a better contrast on the screen because you can dim sections of the screen. Back-lit screens also emit a white light, which allows for a broader array of colors. Edge-lit LEDs do not have high contrast nor do they have such rich color saturation.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Available Sizes Price HDMI Ports Smart TV Our Rating Where to buy

Samsung UN48H6350

32-75 inch $$$ 4 YES A+ AMAZON

VIZIO E400i-B2

23-60 inch $$ 3 YES B+ AMAZON

Sharp LC-70SQ15U

60, 70 inch $$$$$ 4 YES B AMAZON

Samsung UN32H5500

32, 40, 48 inch $$ 3 YES B AMAZON

Toshiba 32L1400

32, 40, 50 inch $$ 2 No B+ AMAZON


Although these sets only come in two resolutions, 1080p or 720p, highest rated LED TVs are usually 1080p. Screens with 1080p have 1920 x 780 pixels, which means the pixels are able to create a clearer picture because they are smaller than the pixels of a 720p screen, which only has 1280 x 720 pixels. If you watch many Blu-ray movies or play next-generation video games, you will want to go with the higher resolution to appreciate the stunning graphics.

When you are choosing a new TV, you may be tempted to get a large set, but sometimes this is not a good choice. Sitting too close to the screen can strain your eyes and just be uncomfortable. Make sure you television fits the room you plan to put it. Also, keep in mind that these televisions are best viewed straight ahead rather than at an angle.

Today, many people rely heavily on streaming services for their entertainment needs. If you are one of these people, you can find an affordable LED TV that features WiFi connectivity and is compatible with entertainment apps like Netflix, Pandora, or Hulu.

Whether you are upgrading your home theater or you want to surprise a loved one for Christmas, an LED television can be a valuable investment that will bring enjoyment and entertainment for the whole family. We hope this guide was able to give you a good blueprint of features to consider while you are looking for your new set.


Things to consider:

  • LED TVs are more energy efficient than other televisions on the market.
  • Sets with 1080p resolution are optimal for viewing HD programming, Blu-Ray movies, and next-gen video games.
  • Back-Lit LED televisions produce a broad spectrum of colors and give you better contrast.
  • Do not get a television that is too large for the intended space.
  • If you rely on streaming services for your programming, you may want a WiFi capable television that will allow you to use streaming services directly on your television.



Samsung UN48H6350 Smart LED TV


Best Led Tv 2020Perfection has captured the compressed shape of a 2.5” thin tv that will spread up to 48” offering a full HD view that will revolutionize the term „indoor entertainment” itself. Buyers have gone wild after the best led tv 2020 for having it all at the glimpse of a moment or their voice: film watching, surfing the net or browsing the e-mails, the smart features are all there to make the most of the multiple tasking wide screen. Elegant design will complete the look of your living room as much as a vivid illuminating painting.



Smart LED TV doesn’t have to be an eyesore, thanks to the Samsung UN48H6350’s impressively thin bezel and slim profile that give it an attractive appearance, making it an incredible addition to existing living space décor, an exceptional addition to best Samsung LED TV reviews

Game mode on this LED TV is engineered to reduce lags due to input, bringing down game lags to acceptable levels and making gaming experience more enjoyable

120Hz refresh rate enables effortless, miss-free viewing of fast action sequences and high-octane action in sports programs without judder and motion blur

Comes loaded with Samsung Smart Hub for more apps and streaming media that can be enjoyed by the viewer, plus quad core processor that operates well with the Smart Hub



TVs with clear-coat displays seem to outperform the unit because of its semi-matte screen finish, but it’s all a matter of taste

Moving off-center can lessen the impact of viewing as side angle viewing may not be suitable to get a full view of everything


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You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover as you shouldn’t judge a technology by its price. Affordable doesn’t mean cheap and low quality. One of the best led tvs 2016 has come across many reviews for offering crystal clear image and smart tv features affordable for large families. Why not offer your children a wider screen for gaming or help them organize “indoor cinema” nights in their bedroom? This model comes with the latest hour technology and will prove to keep on functioning just as good for some years to come.



Provides optimum enjoyment of the latest hit music videos, TV shows, blockbuster movies and more, thanks to a large number of premium apps that can be streamed directly from the internet to the unit

Full-Array LEDtechnology ensures premium delivery of LEDs across the entire screen, which ensures superior light level consistency and outstanding picture performance

Active LED Zones x5-adjusts LED backlight dynamically for every zone to create deeper, pure black levels and better contrast

With 120Hz effective refresh rate enhanced with backlight scanning, so users can always enjoy watching fast action scenes in clear definition



Viewing optimization obtainable when user is located right in front and at center of the TV

2.4 GHz WiFi not an issue when Ethernet is used


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Sharp LC-70SQ15U Smart 3D LED HDTV


10 million more subpixels are here to stand up for one of the best led tvs 2020 offering more detail, depth and color that enhance motion scenes and defines surreal clarity of imagery. Smart tv apps will enlarge your experience to the extent of getting used to large scale monitors. A billion shades of color are what your led tv is up for delivering good entertainment in your home. Most buyers have leaned towards using it for gaming purposes that bring out the best graphics possible.



Impressively high native refresh rate of 240Hz ensures that no action movie or sports scene is ever too fast or rapid to unfold onscreen, helping users to see everything clearly as if the images were in slow motion

Large 70-inch size is supplemented by the high definition 1080p for impressive images and movies that the entire family can enjoy

Comes with Smart Functionality via SmartCentral 3.0 with Smart Guide, apps, and mobile connectivity, so there is never a shortage of great things to watch and see on TV

Inputs include: 4 HDMI, 2 USB, PC input, RS-232C, MHL, to complement whatever programs can be viewed on TV



Provides a wide color palette but black levels may need to be upgraded, according to some happy users

Menu system made more difficult but works well with the basic functions


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Samsung UN32H5500 Smart LED TV


Compromising size might turn out to be a great choice if you don’t feel like invading your small sized apartment with an extra large led tv. If film watching is going to be your choice for spending the evenings, this model surely gives you a sense of good home cinema. Smart TV features will let your surf for the best online TV Series. It may look small but it does offer a good visual perspective even when it’s cut in the dual perspective for doing two things in the same time.



Effective Clear Motion Rate at 120 and Refresh Rate of 60 Hz both ensure impressive visual reproduction, for no-holds barred action sequences

Carries Smart Functionality for easy integration and complementation with media and streaming sources, with Motion Ready function and Camera Accessory (sold separately)

Has a number of inputs including 3 HDMI, 2 USB, and 1 Component OR 1 Composite in (AV), for easy integration with a variety of devices

Exceptional brightness and impressive contrast makes enjoyment of movies and videos easy and effortless, made just the way the director intends the TV image to be



Volume can’t be adjusted to more private levels when viewing with a headphone or headset

Volume range deserves to be upgraded or upscaled for this to become best Samsung LED TV 2020


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Toshiba 32L1400 LED HDTV


However, some people would rather have their TV as a sole and individual device that it is used just for its main and long lasting purpose. Comfort and stability found their way into this Toshiba Led HDTV, giving good images for film watching from your bed. A great energy saver, this model is suitable for children or seniors and it has proven to be satisfying enough for those who have reconsidered their budget once they agreed to purchase one in-depth color tv led.



Exclusive DynaLight ensures delivery of sharper details and deeper blacks, for more incredible image quality that can rival that of higher-priced brands

With advanced histogram technology that efficiently monitors the brightness of each video frame and offers 256 levels of control, giving more accurate and true-to-source results

Has game mode that reduces lag on the game controller and allows video signal to bypass select internal TV circuitry, ensuring faster gaming responses

With Dynamic Picture Mode for optimum delivery of image contrast, color saturation and clarity, enabling sharper details and brighter pictures for whatever types of movies or shows



Not made with high refresh rate as the manufacturer focused on outstanding image clarity and brightness

Dark and gray scenes may have uniformity issues

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