How to Buy a Top LED Light Bulb


When purchasing LED bulbs for your home, there are various things you need to know about this particular illumination option. Since many companies are producing LED light bulbs, getting the right ones for your home may seem like a difficult task. Good illumination plays an important role in any home and some light bulbs may not provide you with the ideal conditions for carrying on with your regular activities. Reading many of the best LED light bulb reviews other consumers have written can help you a great deal. Also, the following guide is intended to give you the heads on for purchasing the best light bulbs for your home.

Best LED Light Bulb


While you may feel tempted to believe that shape is more of a style option, the shape of a LED light bulb plays an actual role on how your home will be illuminated. LED light bulbs provide directional light, so a shape that offers wider angles is a better choice for larger areas, while A-line shaped bulbs, for instance, are a recommended option for room lamps. Always check what kind of areas you need illuminated and purchase the right LED bulbs for them.



You can easily notice that there are plenty of colors for LED light bulbs available, but what you should focus on most are the white light varieties. Most LED bulbs produce a light color that is called warm white or soft white. The light produced by these bulbs is similar to the one produced by incandescent bulbs and it is the most comfortable for humans. Bright white is another color you will find readily available, but these bulbs give a sharper, colder white light that is most appropriate for retail stores, but not exactly a great choice for homes.


Light intensity

With incandescent bulbs, things used to be simple. The number of watts consumed per hour was a good indication of the light intensity produced by the light bulb, but, in the case of LED light bulbs, you should know that the number of watts stand only for the amount of electricity consumed and not light intensity. Light intensity is measured in lumens and you should look for LED light bulbs capable of providing the same amount of lumens as your old incandescent bulbs, so you can have the same illumination conditions.


Base configuration

Another thing to check before purchasing LED light bulbs is the base configuration or the shape of the item where it attaches to the fixture. Some come with Edison bases, while others have a screw in base configuration. Depending on what kind of light fixtures you have in your home, you will have to purchase a certain type of LED bulbs.


Top Rated LED Light Bulbs in 2022


Searching for LED light bulbs can be difficult, if you do not know exactly what kind of bulbs is the best for your home. The best LED light bulb reviews can give you plenty of information on the most popular models right now, as the following list containing the products that score highest in consumers’ preferences at the moment.


G7 Power G7BR301540D Tahoe


1.G7 Power Tahoe LEDIf you are looking for a multi-purpose type of LED bulbs, then the G7 Power Tahoe is one of the best options you can find right now. Producing 1100 lumens, this bulb is ideal for all the areas inside your home, including larger rooms, like dining rooms. One great feature is the dimming option that allows you to adjust the light intensity to comfortable levels. Also, the light color is great for indoor use, since it is not too cold or too warm, so you can enjoy your daily activities around the home, from reading and watching TV, to performing daily chores, in great conditions.

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2.TCP LA1027KND6 LED A19The look and feel of this particular LED light bulb make it a consumers’ favorite. Resembling a traditional A19 bulb and providing the same amount of light as a standard 60-watt incandescent light bulb, the TCP LA1027KND6 is one of the best choices around. Praised as the best LED light bulb 2022 by many reviewers and buyers, this model will offer you the possibility to save hundreds of dollars throughout its incredible lifespan that is appreciated at around 18 years. Durable and dependable, this bulb solves all the illumination issues in your home on the long run.

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Philips 433227 SlimStyle


3.Philips 433227 SlimStyle A19 LEDCaring for the environment comes in many shapes. In the case of the Philips 433227, it comes in the shape of a traditional A19 light bulb, minus all the inconveniences associated with this standard model. This LED light bulb consumes only 10.5 watts of electricity, while providing the same light intensity as a 60 watt light bulb. With a guaranteed lifespan of more than 20 years, this light bulb represents a great investment and it will help you protect the environment, as well, since it is completely free of mercury and it needs so little energy to function.

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Lighting Ever 3600006


4.LE® A60 RGB LED BulbsFor those who are looking for LED bulbs that offer variedly colored light, these bulbs are among the best they can find out there. The LED bulb is capable of changing its color with the help of a remote controller that is provided with your purchase. On the outside, this type of bulb looks like your traditional ones, while on the inside, it is built to help you save money and protect the environment. Ideal for decorative lighting, the LE® A60 RGB bulb makes for a nice change from the light bulbs you need to purchase only for regular illumination.

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Vemotix E27 LED Bulbs


5.Vemotix A19 E27 LED BulbsAmong the top rated LED light bulbs 2022, you will also find the Vemotix A19 E27. With a lifespan of over 18 years, and a positive impact on your electricity bill, these bulbs are great for those who do not like the modern designs LED bulbs usually come with. These bulbs look like your regular ones, and, since they are sold in packs of 6, they represent a great investment. The light color is optimal for home use, and you will surely appreciate the warm white light provided by the Vemotix A19 E27 LED bulbs, regardless of the room where they are placed.

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