Best LED lanterns under $20


Cheap LED lanterns prices


Modern LED lanterns are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Use them in electrical outages or on outdoor adventures like hiking, camping, in caves etc. These lanterns provide powerful light that you will need in dark places. These are portable so you can take them with you anywhere you like. Here are some best LED lanterns under $20; they will take care of your light needs.


Energizer folding LED lantern


Best LED lanterns under $20This product offers an impressive 135 hours of powerful bright light in case of any long power break downs. This lantern produces 96 lumen of bright light. Four D batteries can be used in it. It has three modes Nightlight, High and Low, for any kind of need. It has a handle and you can fold it on itself when you are not using it. This portable lantern is one of the best LED lanterns under $20 you can buy.

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“Power outages happen from time to time in my neighborhood so I decided to get a LED lantern to cope with these sort of situations. Now I`m feeling well prepared and I even had to use it twice, lighting the room up. The Energizer is a reliable lantern, no doubt and it is so cheap as well.” Dan Horn


Lighting EVER Camping LED Lantern


This product is best for outdoor use. Use it on camping, hiking etc its powerful light is of great use anywhere. It has ultra bright light that has power of 300lm. It can be used on three modes according to need. Use it on full power at 100%, low it up to 50% for less light use or just use it for flashing. You will need 3 D batteries to power it up. This product is water resistant, which makes it more reliable. Its handle is great for hanging it anywhere you like.

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“If you need a reliable lantern to light your way than I sugget getting this one, because I have been using it for a while now and it proves to be extremely useful in many situations. I  went camping many times with it and it brightened my night.” Oliver Doyle


Dorcy 41-1017 LED lantern


Searching for best LED lanterns under $20? You do not need to search for any other product; this model from our best Dorcy LED lanterns reviews will cover all your needs. It has a simple old oil lantern like design that is portable, light and easy to carry anywhere. This product is available in many colors and comes with a hook on top for easy carrying. It has 4 bright 5mm LED’s, it is designed to light up the whole area around it. You can use it for 70 hours straight. Four AA cell batteries are used to light it up.

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“This is such a good lantern, it shines bright during the night, lights dark places and it is very easy to carry around with you. These are all the traits I would expect from a lantern, this model has all of them so in conclusion this is why I decided to purchase it.” Alex Smith


Energizer 360-degree LED lantern


Led lanterns are now coming with more features and easy to use nature. This product is one of them; it has an LED light panel that provides a 360 degree of light all around it. This panel can easily be slighted to its profile when not in use. You can adjust the brightness according to your satisfaction, this way you can save battery accordingly. This product requires 4 AA batteries and gives 150 lumens of light for 100 hours. It is water proof and comes with a handle to carry it anywhere you like.

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“The best feature about this lantern in my opinion is that I can adjust the light brightenss to the level that is perfect for me. If I add that this lantern has a very low price of just a few dollars, this should make other people intrested in it.” Steve Allbright


Dorcy 41-1047 LED lantern


This product is very light weighted and easy to carry anywhere. Comes with nine LED bulbs of 5mm and gives 27 lumens of focus beam light at 65 feet. Just like a hand torch light, it has a handle for easy carrying and pointing light at any direction. It has a button for switching it “on and off” at the start of the handle. This product has a run time of twelve hours and requires four AA cell batteries.

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“I use it when I need to work in dark conditions and it does its job properly. The LED light shines bright and helps me complete my task, easily. It is lightweight which makes it very easy to carry around with me anywhere I need it.” Hank Powels