In some emergency situations, the best tactical flashlight can make the difference between staying alive and losing your life. We’ve looked at a myriad of info regarding the best LED flashlights. We do our research by analyzing owner feedback, the value offered for the cost, the actual price of the unit we’ve come across and whether or not it is worth every penny, and even the social media activity gathered around various models. Furthermore, we don’t leave out expert review sites and sales figures. After having gone through the specs of thousands of products on the same line, we eventually came to the conclusion that the Streamlight 88040 is the best high lumen flashlight money can buy. This model can be purchased in multiple variants but what’s worth noting is that it meets and even exceeds the expectations of its buyers. Some of the people who have purchased it claim it’s the most durable and affordable flashlight and that it makes no compromise when it comes to performance. If, for some reason, you find that the Streamlight 88040 is either unavailable or doesn’t meet your budget, we recommend having a look at the Maglite Flashlight, as it comes with the almost the same features.



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When you are trying to decide what is the best LED flashlight for you, you may feel a little overwhelmed by all the options—after all, isn’t a flashlight a flashlight? Surprisingly, there are some things that you should consider when purchasing one of the most popular LED flashlights.

We have created this guide to help you understand some of the key features that you should be looking for. While we cannot tell you which LED flashlight is the best, we do hope the information we give you will help you make that decision.


When you are talking about the overall brightness of the flashlight, you are talking about lumens. A lumen is the way we measure the entire light output of the bulb. As a rule, the higher the lumen rating, the brighter the bulb will be. This is important because if you are ever in a situation where you are stranded in the dark, a dull flashlight will go unnoticed by passers-by whereas a bright light will catch their attention.


The Battery

Whether you are going to use the flashlight on a nightly basis or it will only be kept for an emergency, you will want to choose a flashlight that has a good storage life. If you aren’t using the flashlight often, the batteries could last you well over five years! Of course, you can choose to use a flashlight that has rechargeable batteries. This option is extremely useful if you use the flashlight often because it will save you some money in the long run.



The size of your flashlight is important because it can be the difference of being rescued or not. Larger flashlights tend to emit more light because they can use more LEDs. A small flashlight is ideal for walking in the dark and doing small jobs around the house. When you are considering which is the best LED flashlight for the money, you will definitely want to take size into consideration, because in this case, it does matter.

An LED flashlight can be the difference between life or death in emergency situations. If you are ever travelling, it is always wise to have a flashlight on you, just for that very reason!



Products for specific needs:


Best LED Flashlight with Strobe


Nebo Aluminum LED


This high-intensity tactical flashlight is compact and lightweight, as it is constructed of anodized aluminum that is often used on aircraft. The Edge produces 90 lumens of light with a single, but powerful, LED bulb. The body of the flashlight is water resistant and features a steel clip so that you can keep the light on you at all times. Because this is the best LED flashlight with strobe capabilities, should you ever have an accident or are lost in the dark, you can use the strobe to alert passers-by that you are stranded. The glow-in-the-dark button is located on the back of the flashlight, allowing you to find it easily.


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Best LED Flashlight with Belt Holster


Ultimate Arms Gear New Generation


This Ultimate Arms Gear light is one of the best LED flashlights with a belt holster because the strong nylon belt will keep your flashlight within arm’s reach at all times. The flashlight is less than 5 inches long and is only an inch in diameter. The lightweight flashlight may only weigh 6 ounces, but it is incredibly durable and strong, thanks to the T6 aluminum frame. The flashlight is weatherproof and waterproof because it is sealed with an O-ring. It can double as a weapon in cases of an emergency because the front of the flashlight has a serrated bezel.


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Best LED Flashlight with Laser Pointer



Samlite 20281-SL Tactical


Despite being budget-friendly, this Samlite alternative is worth considering as it is made of quality aluminum and has been found to be a durable choice that can withstand the test of time. The neat thing about this product is that it’s outfitted with as many as five different modes ranging from green flash to white LED light.

Best of all, this choice works with standard AAA batteries, which means that there’s nothing stopping you from keeping a spare set of three on you wherever your adventures might take you. The red pointer light enables you to utilize the flashlight even for PowerPoint presentations.


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Top LED flashlights in 2021


Some moments when you are in the dark can be lit up by a flashlight. Ever since the introduction of LED technology, things have got better and better and so has the simple flashlight. The LED flashlights can illuminate much bigger areas than the old ones, plus they will run for a much longer period of time. If you want to check out the top models then just read for a short period of time the best LED flashlights reviews.



Streamlight 880 ProTAC HL


This is the best product on the market because it’s one of the most cutting-edge and economical alternatives we’ve come across during our entire research. Depending on the variant you’ll end up choosing, this model can last up to 50,000 hours of continuous use. In addition, it’s durable and well-made and poses no problems to users regarding ease of use.




One of the advantages of owning and using the Streamlight 88040 is that it’s very easy to use. Turning the flashlight on and off is done by pressing a button, but the light intensity of this model can be customized depending on the needs of the user at a given moment. All one has to do is press once, twice, or three times on the same on/off button in order to adjust the beam from high to strobe to low.

As for performance, you won’t have any issue with this model, as it’s far more efficient than any halogen or regular flashlight and can last for a considerable more amount of time. This product can be purchased in various styles, which range from anything like 70 lumens to 600 lumens.

LED bulbs and lights used to be quite expensive some years ago. Things are somewhat different nowadays, considering that people can actually afford such a flashlight without needing to break their entire budget. From what we’ve seen, this unit costs less than one hundred and fifty dollars regardless of the marketplace you choose for your purchase.



Some users claim that the design of the product could be improved a tiny more.


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MagLite ST3D016


This is the second best product we’ve discovered on the market today. Like the one we were mentioning above, it has gathered an overwhelming number of positive user reviews on the part of buyers in the United States. What’s more, it seems to be very well-made and affordable.




The vast majority of the reviewers claim that this unit is durable and sturdy. Aside from being able to last all through the years on account of its LED bulbs, the neat thing about this model is that it can be used for anything like camping, hunting and even fishing, as it’s weather-resistant. It can withstand a harsh pouring rain, although it might be a good idea to avoid throwing it directly in the water. The inside of this flashlight has been constructed using high-strength aluminum alloy.

This model can be purchased in two main styles: a 2-cell one and a 3-cell one. The runtime of the first is estimated at 6 hours and 45 minutes, whereas the runtime of the second variant is estimated at 80 hours. Since the price of the two is remarkably similar, we thoroughly recommend you to consider the 3-cell alternative.

As previously mentioned, the Maglite is not only fully capable of doing its job but it’s also easy on a person’s wallet. Compared to other units on the same line, it is incredibly affordable, as it can often be bought for as little as forty dollars.



Some buyers say that the Maglite is a tad harder to use compared to other flashlights.


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Ultrafire CREE XML T6


Another great option for a LED flashlight is the Ultrafire E6-T6, which shines bright and has a compact size so you can easily take with your anywhere, strapped to your tool belt on in your pocket. The best feature which this little flashlight has is the fact that it is zoomable. Also it shines very bright managing to put out an impressive 1600 Lumens. The frame is made out of aluminum and this makes it durable and light at the same time. Its lifespan is somewhere around 100.000 hours.



Very well-made and quite useful in different situations mostly because of its ability to focus and also disperse the light.

Super affordable despite being quite efficient and nicely designed.

It is able to focus light on targets which are as far as 200 years away.

It is a lightweight gadget weighing just 7 ounces which is excellent for hunters and people who need to have as little weight as possible strapped around their body.



Not as powerful as advertised but still pretty decent considering how little it costs.

The shape of the beam can be unpleasant at close range because of its rectangular shape.

“Even without an Xmas discount or any other promotions, this LED flashlight is quite cheap. It has proven quite useful in the time I’ve been using it, helping me work in low light conditions.” – Marshall Cooper 


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UltraFire WF502B CREE T6 XM-L


Best LED Flashlights reviewsThe UltraFire WF502B LED flashlight is great for any handyman, lighting his work in any place where the natural light is not enough. This is not even a serious investment compared to what you pay for other tools. It is capable of creating 900+ lumens at its High level. But it has other two levels, the Low one and also the Strobe one. Also you will have the option to mount it on a tactical rail, but its ring must be of exactly 1 inch.



Impressive 900 lumen output which is great for a product with such a low price tag.

Versatile because of its three different lighting modes which include strobe, high and low.

Capable of fitting on a tactical rail with a 1 inch ring mount.

Long lifespan which according to the best rechargeable led flashlights reviews is closing in on 100k hours of continuous use.



Not quite as bright as its manufacturers claim

Not great to be used as your main LED flashlight but rather as a spare.

“This flashlight didn’t cost too much and in the months I’ve been using it, I can say am satisfied with the way it works. Maybe the light could be a bit brighter. While I wouldn’t say its a top 5 flashlight, I think it’s in the top 10 for sure.” – Allan Hardiman


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FordEx Group Mine Cree


You will find a million uses for the FordEx Group LED flashlight which costs next to nothing. 300 lumens of brightness will be at your disposal to help you carry on with your task even if darkness has settled around you. Focus the light beam as much as you want thanks to its flexible head which can be pulled out. The compact design which is a perfect fit for any tool belt is also waterproof so you can use it in any weather. The top LED flashlights reviews have been impressed by this little compact model.



Incredibly affordable while still managing to provide some pretty great results.

Very compact and also very bright despite being one of the smallest LED flashlights you will find.

Rougher than many more expensive products which are easily deteriorated.

Waterproof and skid-proof design for a prolonged lifespan.

Fair when it comes to its features which is an unpleasantly rare characteristic in many similar products.



It only lasts for about one hour when used with mediocre batteries.

It tends to heat up pretty fast due to the inaccurate use of the LEDs.

“It’s a decent flashlight which I use whenever I need to work in dark places. I was convinced to buy it because the best rated LED flashlight reviews were giving it high marks and I don’t regret my decision.” – George L. Ponce


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Dorcy 41-2510


The Darcy 41-2510 LED flashlight is a solid choice any day for a LED flashlight shining brightly for you in even the darkest or dampest conditions. The most interesting thing about it is that it can even float on water besides its waterproof design. The rubber coating which covers its frame is there for protective reasons so the flashlight is shockproof as well, plus it ensures you a nice grip on it. The one year warranty plus other advantages recommend it as one of the best LED flashlights in 2021.



Excellent for people working in dark and wet environments due to its waterproof design and durable exterior.

Quite bright for such an affordable price tag.

Resistant to shock and backed up by a 1 year warranty.

It does not oversell itself when it comes to lumen output.

Compact, measuring just 3 inches in length.



It comes with an on/off switch which is a bit too sensitive.

Not suitable for underwater use despite being waterproof.

“This flashlight form Dewalt hasn’t let me down yet, even though I bought it a year ago on Black Friday. Reviews were recommending it as one of the highest rated models out there and I must say they were right. It works great in humid conditions and this impressed me the most.” – Tim B. Farmar


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Cree 7W 300LM


The best LED flashlights reviews have formed a very good opinion about this Cree Mini LED flashlight which comes at a very affordable price so you shouldn’t pass on the opportunity and get it for yourself because it will prove very useful in more than one occasion for sure. You wouldn’t think but this flashlight is shockproof and at the same time waterproof so no conditions are too tough for it. The maximum brightness of this flashlight from Cree is 300 Lumens, being one of the most popular models on the market today.



Incredibly small but at the same time pretty powerful.

Designed with a skid-proof exterior and a waterproof body, it will work fine in damp conditions.

It can be adjusted to focus light on a particular point in space.

It is effortless to carry around.

It is capable of producing up to 300 lumens.



It is not the absolute best LED flashlight within this price range but it is still right up there with the best.

It feels a bit cheap at times which is not actually a downside considering it is actually a cheap product.

“I didn’t pay much for this new LED flashlight from Cree which has proven to be valuable in more than one occasion. It’s light, shock resistant to a point and shines brightly, in other words I made a good decision when I bought it.” – John A. Hamilton


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LED Flashlights – What to Look For:


Every home should have one or two LED flashlights around. Such illumination devices come in handy in various situations. For example: when the power goes out and you need to find your way around the house; walking at night through shady alley ways and so on. There are many flashlight models available on the market which makes it pretty easy for you to select a great product. How can you find the best model? Well, the first thing that you need to do is consult with attention the current best LED flashlights reviews. After consulting professional information, you will understand what makes each flashlight special, in matters of illuminating power and durability.

You need to avoid purchasing flashlights that emit weak beams of light and leave you in the dark. Fortunately when it comes to LED flashlights you will benefit from powerful beams of light that can illuminate impressive areas around you. If you choose a model from the best LED flashlights in 2021, you will enjoy having access to reliable sources of light anytime, anywhere. A good flashlight is first of all practical and ideal for day to day use. Law enforcement agents count on LED flashlights in order to add security in poor lit areas.

As the best LED flashlights reviews pointed out, LED technology was first introduced to the general public in 1999. Since then, this technology evolved a lot, and today people can choose from pretty powerful flashlights. In direct comparison with incandescent and halogen flashlights, LED models impress at all chapters. LED flashlights can be configured in order to deliver the ideal light parameter. A good flashlight will be under your direct control, matching light needs. Furthermore, it is good to know that Led flashlights maintain their brightness even over long distances. This is probably why most law enforcement agents love them so much.

Looking through the best LED flashlights in 2021 allows you to see exactly the advantages and disadvantages of using such light sources. One of the key features of LED flashlights that people absolutely love is the the fact that they don’t drain the batteries as fast as conventional flashlights. The long battery life and low power consumption ensures that you can use the flashlights for a long period of time. Just to have a clear picture of power consumption you should know that a LED flashlight with average bulb life can offer around 50.000 hours of continuous use with an impressive 180 lumens of power. LED flashlights are durable and offer light versatility everywhere you go. One last thing that you need to take into account is comfort. Flashlights need to come with special designs, which make using them easy. Some models feel very comfortable every time you use them. It is good to know that the latest models of flashlights with LED technology are shock resistant, weather resistant and lightweight.



Streamlight STL52104


This dual purpose LED flashlight is considered to be one of the best LED flashlights with a laser pointer because it uses a .9A high pressure Xenon bulb, and offers 100,000 hour life. The heavy duty flashlight can be dropped from high places and still function perfectly, thanks to the machined aluminum construction, which is also why the unit weighs slightly more than 7 ounces. The laser is perfect for pointing out things such as cracks, holes, and other things from as far as 100 feet away.

The push-button sequences through laser only, 5 LEDs Laser/Xenon and off. The glass lens will not shatter and the micro-faceted reflector that focuses smoothly, is fitted with an O-ring, making the device water-resistant.