Top rated leather wallets in 2019


When it comes to personal fashion accessories, more and more men are searching for elegant wallets. Fortunately there are many picks, out there taking into account that the market offers month after month new products. We decided to make your job easier and drafted the best leather wallet reviews. Well, after analysing over 45 wallet models for over 2 weeks, we came to the conclusion that five models made out of leather materials deserve your attention. A high quality wallet needs to offer proper space to store credit and bank cards, money and business cards. This is why you have to identify a wallet with enough room to place all your important personal documents.


Levi’s Men’s Extra Capacity Slimfold wallet


Best leather wallet reviewsWith the best leather wallet in 2019 in your possession, credit cards, money and IDs are safely kept in an elegant enclosure. If you want something special in your pocket choose without hesitation Levi’s slim fold model. This beautiful wallet is made out of 100% genuine leather, perfectly capable of carrying all your sensitive possessions. You have the possibility to wash the wallet by hand. It has a natural fold construction which makes everything easier to manage. Now, you will be glad to know that this leather wallet from Levi’s can hold by up to 9 credit cards and one ID in the window pocket!

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Dockers Mens Extra Capacity leather wallet


It is important to invest in a reliable leather wallet that can securely hold your credit cards, IDs and money. Most of the present best leather wallet reviews underline the sublime design of Dockers men’s extra capacity wallet. This wallet is made out of 100% leather, being capable of protecting credit cards, money and other important notes. It comes with a unique fabric lining and special flap closure which allows you to administrate better everything you place inside. You can wash it by hand with a simple damp cloth. Made in China, the wallet has 9 card slots, ID window and 1 bill pocket!

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Alpine Swiss Mens leather Bifold wallet with flip up


A top rated leather wallet in 2019 comes from Alpine Swiss, a special product designedwith a manly lining. Men that love elegance will surely appreciate this beautiful wallet and use it to store different things. This genuine leather measures around 4 1/2” x 3 1/2″ x 1”, ideal to suit any pocket’s frame. It includes separated bill compartments which you can use in order to store all your bills. Furthermore the wallet incorporates multiple card slots, with additional pockets which come in handy if you’re a busy person. In addition, the wallet has a removable ID window present on the inside top flap. You will find the Alpine Swiss logo present inside the wallet, guaranteeing its originality!

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Alpine Swiss Genuine leather money clip front pocket wallet


Time to meet the best leather wallet in 2019! If by any chance your quest for the perfect wallet has led you here, then consider learning more about Alpine Swiss Genuine. This beautiful wallet can fit in most types of pockets, with no problems whatsoever. You will probably love it! With this genuine leather money clip in your possession, you will be able to smile more while adding money inside. It was designed out of crunch leather and completed with a rugged pull-up cow hide, soft at touch. This pocket leather wallet measures around 4” x 2 7/8” x 3/8”!

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Calvin Klein Men’s leather Bookfold


A growing number of men are currently searching for classy leather wallets. Since there are so many available on the market, finding the perfect wallet may prove to be quite difficult. According to current statistics it appears that you could opt with trust for Calvin Klein men’s leather bookfold. This wallet is made out of 100% genuine leather, capable of fitting any pocket with ease. The product has a synthetic lining and special flap closure. It features 10 card slots, ID window and also bill pockets where you can place bills. It is 3” high and 4” wide, just the right size for your needs!

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