If you have been searching endlessly for the best leather sofa sets, this short paragraph will provide you the information you need fast and easy. In our own search for the top-rated product in this category, we have gone through numerous websites for modern furniture and compared the reviews and ratings there with actual owner feedback. After all the exhaustive product comparison and assessment, we have seen why customers give favorable reviews to the European Style Furniture ESF Modern 2757. This set delivers value for money with its complete package of a sofa, love seat, and chair. All the pieces comprising the set are solidly made with a contemporary design to suit any modern living room decor. The full top grain Italian leather upholstery is executed in purple for a lovely addition to your urban living space. Since the European Style Furniture ESF Modern 2757 is a highly popular buy for consumers, it may run out of stock but don’t worry because you could still go for the second best option in terms of quality and performance, the European Style Furniture ESF Modern 738.



Buying Guide


Investing in a sofa set is practical for families since everyone gets their own special place in the living room. A sofa set also delivers value for money because of the kind and number of items that go in the set. How do you know you have made a fine purchase of a sofa set?



The best leather furniture reviews give top ratings to sofa sets that carry a contemporary design

If you are only filling a small living space, all you might need will be only a sofa or a loveseat. However, if you plan to do a lot of entertaining or are blessed with a big family, a sofa set with all the components to make complete seating arrangements may be the more practical choice.

The best-rated sofa sets come with a sofa, a loveseat, and even a chair, so everyone has their own special spot in the living room. All the components are upholstered in the same kind of material and carry the same style. Unless you are into eclectic furniture, this type of arrangement always makes a better choice as you will only be choosing a single design for cohesion.

Consider deep seating for tall people. A tight back and shallow seating are best for people with weak or bad knees who need to get up easily from a seated position.

You should also pick a shape that suits your tastes. For relaxation, the pieces should be cushy and deep. Some loose pillows would make nice additions. For both formal and informal settings, armrests that are lower than the back are great. Rolled arms are also terrific.

Camelback sofas carry a curvilinear shape plus shallow seating and a tight back, which are all suitable for traditional or formal settings. For added comfort, some sofa sets come with reclining seats.

The size of the sofa set should not overpower the room itself nor should it disable free movement around the living room.


The best leather sofas for the price come with elements that are durable and dependably functional

For the pieces of the set to deliver lasting functionality, you will want each and every component to boast a sturdy frame. Pine, a soft type of wood, may cost less but is prone to wobbling and warping after just a small number of years. Choose a set with pieces that have pricier hardwood frames for greater durability.

The frames you should avoid are metal, plastic, and particle board, which tend to warp or crack. The legs of the components should be held on with dowels or pegs as well as screws, aside from being part of the frame. Glue alone is inadequate.

The frame should be connected using joints made of wooden dowels, either single or double; metal screws and brackets; wooden corner blocks. Nails, glue, and staples should only be used for extra reinforcement and not to hold everything together in the set components.

Serpentine or sinuous springs are supportive but tend to sag over time or press on the frame if the metal used in their construction is the light kind. Top-quality sofa sets use eight-way, hand-tied springs that are comfortable but cost more. The springs should be firm and lie close to each other. Avoid flimsy and uncomfortable sofas build with just mesh or webbing and no springs.


Look for high-rated products in the best leather sofa sets reviews that offer superior comfort

Most sofa sets use polyurethane foam as an easy-care, low-cost cushion material. Make sure the cushion material is the more durable, high-density type, which deteriorates much slower than the low-density, softer type. Of course, highly resilient foam comes with a costlier price although it offers long life and a higher level of comfort.

Polyester fiber tends to go flat rapidly while being cheaper. A blend of poly fiber and down is also cheap and flattens rather quickly. Premium-quality goose down mixed with feathers is a great choice. Duck and goose feather fillings have a tendency to clump together despite being comfortable.

For a reasonable price, conventional foam wrapped in polyester batting or high-resiliency foam in a down layer also offers a comfortable option.



Top Rated Leather Sofa Sets in 2018

The market offers a lot of choices on sofa sets, and this could unduly complicate your buying experience. We hope the above buying guide enables you to make a more informed buying decision. We have also showcased the best products in the next paragraphs below for even more shopping assistance.


European Style Furniture ESF Modern 2757


The European Style Furniture ESF Modern 2757 makes a fantastic purchase for the money as it ships with a sofa, loveseat, and chair. Everyone in the family can find their favorite spot in the living room with the included pieces in the set. The chair offers a simple, personal spot for the man of the house to rest on.

The sofa offers a space for enjoying movies together, while the loveseat provides a great space to play online games with a pal or another family member. The set components come with a contemporary style that enables easy coordination with the rest of the living room decor. Perfect for entertaining and family nights, the sofa set makes a great product to invest in.

The components are made with elegantly modern lines that enable them to flow with one another and with the existing layout of your living room. The pieces are upholstered in full top grain Italian leather to provide durability so you can enjoy lounging in the living room in comfort and relaxation for a long time.

The quiet, modern appeal of the items in the set easily go with the rest of any urban home setting. The decorative stitching accent offers a nice adornment on every piece. The purple color provides a nice complement to your existing decor without being boring or overly flashy.

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European Style Furniture ESF Modern 738


The European Style Furniture ESF Modern 738 provides a superb choice for those looking to beautify their living space while ensuring maximum functionality. This awesome sofa set comes with all the elements needed to make the complete living room setup, including a sofa, loveseat, and chair.

Executed in beige, this model can even be supplemented with a separately purchased sofa bed at your option. Packaged really well to ensure the items get to you free of damage, this sofa set contains solidly built elements that guarantee total comfort and relaxation right where the family gets together or entertains guests.

The set is upholstered in top grain Italian leather, and the elements in the set ensure superb durability and toughness for years of use. The ultra-contemporary look and feel of the components make the sofa set the perfect addition to any modern-style room. There’s always a spot to relax or sit on with the seating space provided by the components of the sofa set.

Pick your own spot and watch TV, play games with family and friends, or just enjoy some peaceful downtime by yourself while reading a book or listening to your favorite music. This sofa set will easily become everyone’s favorite spot to gather together as a family.

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Furniture of America Poulanc IDF-6556-BWN-3PC


If you have always wanted to have your own personal spot in the living room or family room, the Furniture of America Poulanc IDF-6556-BWN-3PC provides the best answer to your relaxed seating needs. This amazing product comes as a set, with all the elements needed for an enhanced relaxation experience.

The set comes with a sofa with two recliners, a loveseat with both seats engineered to recline, plus a recliner chair. This entire set ensures total comfort and relaxation for everyone in the house, or for guests if you are purchasing to entertain. The classic brown finish provides an effortless color coordination to suit the layout and decor of any modern living space.

The elements of the sofa set are expertly upholstered in bonded leather for superb durability against moisture and stains. The material also feels smooth to the touch so you can relax restfully in comfort. The quick and easy reclining design of some of the seats provides the perfect lounging experience to watch TV, enjoy music, or play online and board games with everyone in the house.

The reclining mechanism is also user-friendly for effortless functionality. Each of the components boasts a solid wood internal frame constructed with corner blocking and double dowels for a truly solid foundation for years of use. The whole sofa set allows you to make a bold statement in the living room thanks to the impressive design of the product.

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