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A beautiful well maintained garden speaks a lot about your house. It shows not only the resident’s taste but also how organized they are. But from my own experience I know to keep a tidy garden is not that easy especially during the late autumn and winter. Fallen leaves, twigs, dried flower petals are few challenges that we all face while tidying up the garden. A very useful tool in such a case is the leaf blower. However if you were looking for such a device and got lost among the myriad product options available in the market then the following best leaf blower reviews is a must read for you.


Professional advice on buying the best leaf blower in 2019


13Every responsible American has a clean front and back yard through the use of powerful garden instruments. One of the most important garden tools present in four out of five garages is the leaf blower. This powerful tool is used by people to safely get rid of leaves, small branches and twigs. You can easily spot a garden in which the owner used a blower and another where he has not. This powerful gardening tool uses precise propelled air in order to efficiently move leaves from one place to another. The market offers handheld and backpack mounted models in order to suit different gardening tasks. Designed to handle even the most complex outdoor cleaning actions, leaf blowers will keep your garden free of leaves.

Identifying the most efficient leaf blower demands patience and going through professional information. Taking into account the wide number of products available on the market we decided to make your job easier. We tested with attention over 35 products in order to safely determine which one you should take home. After 70 hours of cleaning tests on different types of terrains, we managed to draft the best leaf blower reviews, emphasizing on the primary characteristics of a great model. This gardening tool works is either electric or gas-powered, blowing with precision leaves. There are some leaf blowers that can push air out at impressive speeds of over 250 miles per hour. As you can imagine this is more than enough force to get rid of different types of debris. A good leaf blower needs to respond well to commands during various cleaning tasks.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Power source Price Weight Air speed Our Rating Where to buy

Makita BHX2500CA

Gas $$$$ 9.8 lbs 145 mph A+ AMAZON

Hitachi RB24EAP

Gas $$ 8.6 lbs 170 mph A AMAZON

Husqvarna 125BVx

Gas $$$ 9.6 lbs 170 mph B+ AMAZON

Tanaka TRB24EAP

Gas $$ 8.6 lbs 170 mph B+ AMAZON

Worx Air WG540.5

Electric $$ 8 lbs 120 mph B AMAZON


How to find the best leaf blower in 2019 ? Well, as you gather more information on what makes a leaf blower great, you will be able to safely assess which product to take home. The market also includes smaller leaf blowers designed for more precise tasks. Some run on battery, making them the ideal companion in more remote areas of the yard. You will be faced with a dilemma while browsing for a new leaf blower: electric or gas powered units. Each type of blower has its virtues and its best to know them all in order to make an informant decision. Electric leaf blowers have a limited power but such devices make less noise than gas powered models. On the other hand the latter models run for a longer period of time thus helping you cover more ground.

With the best leaf blower in 2019 every outdoor cleaning task becomes easier. This is why so many people are now trying their best to choose the ideal product. Most of the current leaf blowers are designed for daily personal use. The handheld leaf blowers are perfect for small yards where leaves gather when the seasons change. On the other hand professionals use backpack leaf blowers because they pack impressive power and can handle most tasks without any problems whatsoever. One thing is certain: choosing a leaf blower represents an investment in the general appearance of your garden.



Makita BHX2500CA leaf blower


From the maker of world renowned power tools comes the handheld super efficient four stroke Makita BHX2500CA leaf blower to your great assistance. This remarkable blower with its 24.5 cc power engine can blast a strong air speed of 145 mile/hour. The quite affordable and easy-to-maintain device is pretty handy for its light weightiness. Weighing 9.8 lbs and with a quick start system, the blower is uncomplicated to handle. I particularly liked the device for its enhanced four stroke engine that not only allows the 17.7 ounce fuel tank to run for hours but at the same time saves 60% of fuel cost, emits lesser fume, and makes less noise. Compliant to EPA Phase II and CARB Tier III standards, the Makita BHX2500CA leaf blower is backed by 3 year’s warranty coverage and a fitting entry into the best leaf blower reviews.



Efficiently operates on 24.5 cc engine power with commercial-duty 4-stroke engine that needs no fuel mix to run with improved efficiency

Large-capacity 17.7-ounce fuel tank ensures top air speed of 145 miles-per-hour plus longer run time, enabling users to finish the job around the yard in one go

Low compression engine is easy-start, needing little maintenance thanks to an improved mechanical structure

Writers of best gas leaf blower reviews are simply blown away by this machine’s  low weight, one of the lowest in its class, enabling easier control to the user



Poorly translated manual from Japanese to English, but use of the machine is intuitive enough to enable effective usage

On/off switch located on the grip, which may mean accidental shutoff of the machine during use, requiring careful handling


The proficiency of the Makita BHX2500CA Commercial Grade 4-stroke 24.5cc handheld blower is very impressive. It has a very light weight which makes work easier and faster. I can also save up to 60% of fuel while suing this product. The blower is affordable and it has a very fashionable design. ” Kayla C. Brown


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Hitachi RB24EAP leaf blower


Best leaf blower reviews

Tired of raking away dried leaves? Well here comes your magic wand. This impressive leaf blower from Hitachi is powerful beyond your imagination. The handy tool with its neat structure is run by a mighty 23.9 cc commercial-grade two-stroke engine of 1.13 horsepower. Ergonomically designed the 8.6 pound’s Hitachi RB24EAP also has a hefty two-finger throttle lever to reduce strain from the user’s hand. Besides the automated return-stop switch eliminates the trouble of repeated starts. I liked the device mostly because of its imposing 441 cubic-feet/minute that can blow away leaves and similar debris at a speed of 170 miles/hour. Covered by a 7 year, 2 year, and 1 year warranty respectively for consumer use, non-rental commercial and/or rental use; the CARB Tier III acquiescent blower takes care of you and the environment by PureFire technology ensuring low emission of fumes.



23.9-cc commercial-grade engine with 1.13 horsepower has two-stroke technology with PureFire low emission to ensure safer running with less fumes and negligible impact on the environment

Quick debris movement via high air velocity and superior air volume production, at 441 cubic feet per minute and 170 miles per hour when used with the provided taper nozzle, making this machine perfect for huge leaf blowing jobs in the fall and for removal of stray grass clippings

Handheld blower won’t cause hand fatigue easily due to its lightweight design, tipping the scales at just 8.6 pounds

Has large two-finger throttle that enables easy operation plus auto-return stop switch that resets automatically to ON position for effortless engine starts



Two-cycle engine requires oil-and-fuel mix, which some individuals feel uncomfortable with but how will this powerful machine run without that element?

Air intake is located on the left, which may be a problem for right-handed users, who just need to wear tighter clothing when using the machine


I adore the effectiveness of the Hitachi RB24EAP 23.9cc 2 stroke blower in cleaning my garden. I can easily clean and remove leaves scattered all over the area without the exerting too much and effort I can also clean and maintain the fresh ambiance of our home in just a minimum time. ”  Lottie Freeman


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Husqvarna 125BVx leaf blower


There is one more device that has taken the ranks of the best leaf blower reviews due to its consistent customer satisfying performance. First of all, this leaf blower weighs only 9.6 pounds which goes easy on a user’s hand. Then the device is designed in such a fashion so that the air flows in an aligned way with the handle reducing pressured hand rotation. Furthermore the soft grip handle with easy auto ‘on’ button provides user comfort. But I took a great liking to this product simply because of its multi tasking ability. This CARB compliant handheld Husqvarna 125BVx leaf blower can also be used as a vacuum cleaner to collect garden or lawn trash thanks to the attached Vac-Kit. Backed up by a two-cycle 1.1 horsepower engine the fuel charged device can blow air with a maximum speed of 170 miles/hour. More good things to add, the accompanied 16.91 ounce fuel tank with this blower is enough to last for hours. Sheltered by a 2 year warranty, this device is equally good for home or professional use.



Ergonomically designed handheld blower is light yet powerful, perfect  for homeowners or landscape professionals who seek an easy-to-control machine for leaf blowing jobs

Has a nozzle attachment to enable higher and more concentrated air speed plus a vacuum kit so lawn debris can be mulched or vacuumed efficiently

Automatic reset of the stop switch to the “on” position to enable quick and effective start-ups of the engine the next time around

Fan speed can be set to optimum handling level while blower tube length is adjustable, customizing leaf blowing capacity according to user’s preference



Changing the filters regularly, as set out in the manual, ensures longevity of the powerful machine

Noisy at 107 dB due to extra powerful gas-fed motor that works hard to deliver as designed


I never had a hard time using the Husqvarna 125BVx. Aside from this, it can effectively remove scattered leaves across my yard; I can transfer it anywhere because of the light weight it exhibits. The leaf blower is one of the highest rated models in the market and this is exactly why I bought it. The Black Friday discount I bought it for made it quite affordable.”  Pedro Wilson


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Tanaka TRB24EAP leaf blower


There are countless types of leaf blowers available in the market but types of particular fast performers are not many. So if clearing up your lawn or garage from dust or dried leaves is your problem and you also want to do it within a short time, I can suggest nothing better than a Tanaka TRB24EAP 23.9cc 2 stroke leaf blower. The 1.13 horsepower run device can deliver air volume of 441 cubic-feet/minute at a rate of 170 miles/hour.  This impressive handy tool is dearly light weight carrying 8.6 pounds only. I would say, the comfort in maneuvering, having an auto start reset button, compliance to CARB III tier standards, PureFire low fume emission technology all adds up to the outstanding features of this device. To keep you further worrying less, any damages to the product is secured within a 7 year consumer warranty period.



Excellent reliability and exceptional performance from a commercial-grade but powerful 2-stroke engine of 23.9 cc so yard work is short work

Chosen the best gas leaf blower 2019 for top-of-the-class air volume of 441 CFM so leaf blowing jobs get done faster and more efficiently

Tips the scales at only 8.6 pounds for well-balanced and comfortable use while creating less user fatigue and less stress on the shoulders

Blower resets to “on” position when auto-return stop switch is pressed, which enables quick and hassle-free engine starts



Users are advised not to hold the machine too close to the body due to the extra powerful suction power of the engine

Using a shoulder strap for support of the machine during use is recommended


I have no problem with the Tanaka TRB24EAP 23.9cc 2 stroke blower and it has proven to me it can be relied upon. It doesn’t consume too much gas and it’s very east to handle. I don’t know too much about leaf blowers, but the best rated reviews have pointed out this model was one of the top ten and their were right.”  Michael Vance


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Worx Air WG540.5 leaf blower


A super saver on your fuel cost, I just loved this innovative battery charged cordless leaf blower. Imagine how great it might be to carry around a blower that is only about 5 pounds! Taking up a charging time of only 30 minutes, the device is ready to serve any time anywhere. With this device no longer will your lawn remain untidy or the corners of your garage dusty. Easy to hold, the ergonomically built device can blast air at 120 mile/hour and can reach even the impossible corners without much stress on the user’s hand. With 3 times longer battery life capacity than the usual Ni-Cd batteries; the Worx Air WG540.5 18 – volt cordless device not only helps to blow away leaves but can also sweep your garage or shop floor.



Motor powered by 18-volt lithium battery capably clears away leaves and grass clippings so the yard is amazingly groomed especially during the fall

No clutter and mess from lengthy extension cords and electric cables thanks to the quick-30-minute-charging rechargeable battery

Lightweight body plus ergonomically-designed frame enable the user to expend more energy from one task to the next

Has patented ErgoSum design technology that helps user to operate the blower by employing a firm but comfortable and natural hold on the machine



May not be as powerful as standard gas-fed machines but will not produce harmful emissions

No battery meter to help monitor battery life, but a second battery pack may solve the issue effectively


With greater ease and comfort, I can clean our my garden thanks to the Worx Air WG540.5. This new leaf blower has never disappointed to this point. I bought this from Amazon around Xmas so it was quite cheap. The bottom line is that I’m satisfied with how it takes care of my leaf problem and I recommend it as a reliable product. It’s no surprise why it’s considered one of the most popular leaf blowers in 2019. ”   Stella Brown


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