Lawn tractors – What to look for:


Grooming a really large lawn, backyard or garden needs the power of the most reliable lawn tractor in the market. A walk-behind or push lawn mower can have its limits, so you will require the comfort and quality of the best rated lawn tractor to take care of your landscaping maintenance needs.


Cutting deck size

Get ratings best to worst on lawn tractors with the right size of cutting deck for your lawn requirements. A wide deck size helps you finish your mowing tasks faster. A unit with a 40- to 42-inch deck size can serve the grooming needs of a lawn less than one acre in expanse. Anything above that will require a machine with a larger deck size, generally in the 42- to 48-inch range. Zero-turn lawn mowers offer a full 360-degree turning ability plus good maneuvering. This makes such machines perfect for flat-terrain spaces with plenty of shrubs and trees. Such machines also boast of really broad cutting decks, generally on the 50-inch and above range. These machines are perfect for lawns that are infrequently groomed and have grass that grows tall really fast.

Power and transmission

Higher horsepower that’s between the 19- to 23-horsepower range allows you to handle taller grass more efficiently. Machines with lower horsepower between 15 to 17 HP won’t be as efficient. If you’re after taking care of the environment while keeping your property spic-and-span, then check out machines in the top 10 lawn tractors with an overhead valve (OHV) engine, which ensures low emissions. Offering maximum performance and power, such machines are also among the lowest polluting models. Some models offer cruise control, which enables the tractor to maintain the same speed whether working on smooth or rolling areas. Better fuel efficiency is ensured by such machines. Requiring the use of clutch and gear shift, manual transmission also allows you to change direction or stop, ensuring more control on the unit’s engine. One can change forward speeds easily without a clutch or stopping, when using a lawn tractor with Shift-On-The-Go transmission.


Safety and Comfort

What are the best lawn tractors? They are machines that offer a comfortable, natural ride. The seat should be cushioned and adjustable to accommodate riders of varying height and build. The machine should move smoothly whether on smooth or rolling terrain, with minimal jerking or vibration. Controls should be within reach and easy to use at all times. Some safety features worth checking into include an engine that shuts down when the operator vacates the seat even when the machine isn’t left in park mode. Do find out if the lawn tractor stops its blades from spinning when you leave the seat. There must be a special setting for reverse mowing so the machine will not do that by itself.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Motor Power  Price Deck Size Weight Our Rating Where to buy

Poulan Pro PB17542LT

17.5 HP $$$ 42 inch 500 lbs A+ AMAZON

Poulan Pro PB14538LT

14.5 HP $$ 38 inch 500 lbs B+ AMAZON

Yard Machines 13AN775S000

16.5 HP $$$$ 42 inch 512 lbs B AMAZON

MTD 13A2775S000

12.5 HP $$$ 42 inch 450 lbs C AMAZON

MTD 13BC762F000

10.5 HP $$$ 38 inch 450 lbs D AMAZON


The best lawn tractors for the money should give you great performance for the price you pay for them. The unit you get should be able to do a precise job without scalping your lawn or leaving unsightly marks on the grass. It should also not disperse clumped up clippings. Most essential of all is that it should enable you to enjoy a neat, well-kept lawn.


Learn how you can purchase a quality, yet affordable lawn tractor


Every home should be completed by a beautiful front and back yard and for this reason there is a growing need for professional lawn tractor. Such cutting machines are great for people that need to cover large areas in a short period of time. Fortunately the market is more generous when it comes to powerful but also fun lawn tractors. There are a couple of things to take into account before you decide to invest in a reliable product. Experienced gardeners know exactly what to look for in a lawn tractor but it is important to lay the groundwork for those that are currently trying to find their first model. The market offers ride-on mowers, lawn tractors and garden tractors, with different particularities that match different grass types.

We decided to help you find the best tractor, suited to your cutting needs. As a result, we tested 30 of the most popular lawn tractors available in 2019 for a week straight. When the test results came through we were able determine what makes a product great. Consulting professional information ensures that you will be able to easily distinguish the differences between ride-on mowers, lawn tractors and garden tractors. How to find one of the best lawn tractors under 1500? Well, you can opt for ride-on mowers which combine elegance with cutting performance. The primary function of a ride-on mower is to accurately cut grass without problems. Another option is the lawn tractor, larger than mowers and usually with powerful engines in the front. According to recent statistics it seems that most of the current lawn tractors come equipped with cutting widths starting from 76 cm. Powered by powerful engines (8 kW up) the model is great for large areas and tough terrains.


Best lawn tractor for the money


Husqvarna YTH2042 Hydrostatic Transmission Riding Lawn-Tractor


Driven by a bestselling 20-horsepower single-cylinder Briggs & Stratton engine, the Husqvarna YTH2042 Hydrostatic Transmission Riding Lawn Tractor is relatively compact and easy to maneuver. It has hydrostatic transmission that produces smooth and variable forward and reverse speed. Its efficient cruise control function allows you to maintain an even speed while working on your property, even when the terrain is sloping or uneven. The YTH2042 offers a 42-inch cutting width, best for properties up to 0.5 acre large. It also has six cutting height increments ranging from 1.5 inches to 4 inches. The cutting height adjustment is fender mounted for easy access. The cutting deck is spring assisted for problem-free employment. With its many features, including exclusive Air Induction mowing technology that helps deliver an even cut, this is the best lawn tractor for the money.

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With one of the best lawn tractors 2019 you will most likely easily cut through different types of grass with minimal effort. There are also garden tractors, heavy-duty machines with very powerful engines which can handle even the toughest of cutting projects. Most of the current garden tractors incorporate special feature that permit users to undergo applications like towing, snow clearing or tilling. Out of the three types we mentioned above, garden tractors are very expensive. It is important to take into account the terrain conditions before you decide to invest in a lawn tractor that handles well. Furthermore comfort is a factor to take into account. Well, you will probably spend 30 to 40 minutes, depending on the yard’s size, riding and cutting grass. This is why the tractor needs to include a comfortable seat and solidly built wheels.


Best lawn tractor for 2 acres under 1500


Poulan Pro PB155G42 Lawn Tractor


Engineered with a 15.5HP Briggs & Stratton engine, the Poulan Pro PB155G42 6-Speed Lawn Tractor takes care of your landscaping maintenance needs efficiently. Thanks to its budget friendly price, the PB155G42 is truly the best lawn tractor for 2 acres under 1500. It has a 42-inch cutting deck, which allows it to power through your lawn, leaving it neat and nicely groomed. The PB155G42 has 6-speed lever-driven gear transmission, giving you excellent control over its engine. The 6-position deck height adjustment allows you to cut as low as you want to. This model features legendary Turf Saver 6-inch front tires and 8-inch rear tires that have a wide shouldered tread design to provide excellent traction on grass and turf.

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Most of the best lawn tractors 2019 take into account comfort levels and transmission levels. A good lawn tractor needs to respond well to commands and easily accommodate to terrain changes. This is why the tractor’s wheel plays an important role in manoeuvring around obstacles and riding smoothness!


Best lawn tractor for hills under $1500


Poulan Pro PB145G38 Lawn Tractor


The 14.5-horsepower Briggs & Stratton engine of the Poulan Pro PB145G38 6-Speed Lawn Tractor offers 6-speed manual lever-driven gear transmission, making it easy to maneuver over slopes and flat terrain. That makes it the best lawn tractor for hills under $1500, which is complemented by its pocket-friendly price. The 38-inch cutting deck takes care of your lawn with even cutting and mowing. The PB145G38 has an 18-inch turning radius so you can go around your yard with ease. It has a 9-inch low back seat that gives you a comfortable ride. The key start allows you to get on with mowing quickly and efficiently. Its large-capacity 1.5 gallon tank helps you finish your lawn maintenance chores in less time and with great fuel efficiency.

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Things to consider:

  • There are ride-on mowers, lawn tractors and garden tractors
  • Comfortable seat, solid and durable wheels
  • Powerful engine and smooth transmission system


Best lawn tractors for the money


Lawn mowing job is always hectic and time consuming if someone doesn’t use appropriate machine for doing so. Is not it great to have very high quality lawn tractors with a very much reasonable prices? There are different types of lawn tractors available in the market. Most of them are either very much expensive or has less utility. So, it’s important to make a combination of price and usefulness. The following lawn tractors are the best lawn tractors under $1500 considering the price and effectiveness definitely.



Poulan Pro PB17542LT lawn tractor


This 42 inch lawn tractor is a wonderful one with some great facilities. The yard tractor has 17.5 HP Briggs & Stratton CRAB- Compliant Engine with 42-inch deck. It has a manual clutch and 6-speed gear drive transmission with 20-inch turf saver tires. It has ergonomically built seat and a steering wheel to control it smoothly. The lawn mower is very useful considering its price. This nice item has its own packaging and a free shipping facility offered by different sellers.



Designed for Americans that love to keep their front or back yards uniform and smooth this powerful lawn tractor has a wide 42-inch cutting deck which manages to reduce working time to half

The lawn tractor is powered by a powerful 17.5 HP Briggs and Stratton engine which permits users to handle even the most rebellious of grass or weeds

Equipped with durable 20-inch rear wheels the lawn tractor offers high levels stability even on rough terrains

This powerful lawn tractor incorporates 6 speed gear drive transmission and a very comfortable 9-inch low-back seat that people absolutely adore during cutting tasks



The lawn tractor does not come with a multi-language user manual


“ The Poulan Pro PB17542LT lawn tractor is extremely the best tractor I ever had because it is easy to manipulate. It is also comfortable to sit into so you will not feel any stress and body pains after using it. Aside from that, it has smooth functionality that can make your work very sustaining.”  Edmund Riley


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Poulan Pro PB14538LT lawn tractor


It is really an efficient lawn mower with some extraordinary facilities. It has 14.5 HP Briggs & Stratton Engine with 38-inch deck. It has a manual clutch with 6-speed gear drive transmission system. It has 18-inch durable turf saver rear tires and built in comfortable seating and steering wheel combination. It can be labeled as a gift item during checkout to keep them concealed. It is comparatively cheap priced but very effective as well as long lasting for the price it offers.



Placed among the best riding lawn tractors under 1500 the Pro PB14538LT features a wide 38-inch cutting deck which permits users to cover a lot of ground in record time and with minimal effort

The lawn tractor is powered by a durable 14.5 HP Briggs and Stratton engine, powerful enough to allow users cut through tough weeds or grass

Equipped with high quality 18-inch Turf rear wheels and a very comfortable 9-inch low-back seat the tractor delivers amazing cuts while keeping the rider safe

With an imposing aspect the model from Poulan looks absolutely amazing on any yard



Does not include a lawn tractor cover for protection against dust


“ After searching for the best lawn tractor in the Amazon, I find out about the Poulan Pro PB14538LT lawn tractor. This tractor is very impressive in its nature as well as in its performance. With the high quality tractor, you will be surely guarantee with it even it is cheaper than the others.”  Julio Nelson


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Yard Machines 13AN775S000 Riding Mower


A lawn mower doesn’t have to be hugely expensive to be reliable and a perfect example for this statement is the Yard Machines 13AN775S000. 16.5 HP is provided by the Briggs & Stratton engine, which can tackle even the steepest inclines. Also, it has a 7 speed transmission, helping you always select the right speed. The user’s comfort is also taken care of by the mid-back cushioned seat. The mower is very maneuverable too, managing an impressive 18-in turn radius. Large tasks will be dealt with in a short amount of time thanks to the 42 inch cutting deck.

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MTD 13A2775S000 Yard Machines Riding Lawn Mower


The MTD 13A2775S000 is perfectly equipped for handling tough jobs, reducing the time it takes you to complete them. First of all, it’s equipped with a 42 inch cutting deck, wide enough to efficiently cut a large area. The whole lawn mower is powered by the reliable 420cc MTD Powermore Engine. This model can even mulch and bag the excess grass, making it a great machine to own if you own a garden.  Furthermore, you can choose one of its seven speeds, to get the job done quicker. All these features and more can be yours for a very affordable price range and make us believe it’s one of the best lawn tractors under 1500 in 2019.

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MTD 13BC762F000 Yard Machines Riding Lawn Mower


While not the most powerful riding lawn mower money can buy, the MTD 13BC762F000 still proves to be a machine which you can rely upon to get the job done without any hassle. This compact model is fitted with a 10.5 HP Briggs & Stratton PowerBuilt engine which won’t let the user down when he has to take on difficult tasks. It’s smaller size, does have its advantages though, making the mower more maneuverable than other bigger and heavier models. For your comfort, you can manually adjust the padded seat to 5 different positions.

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Husqvarna YTH2042 lawn tractor


Best lawn tractors under $1500

This is really a fantastic lawn mower and price worthy. The riding lawn tractor that earned a place in the best Husqvarna lawn tractors reviews is really powerful which has 42-inch cutting blade width as well as 20 HP Briggs and Stratton engine. It has Hydrostatic transmission with fender-mounted lever direction control, height adjustment system and a smooth speed. It has adjustable seat with ergonomic steering wheel. The tractor has strong cutting performance with deck washing port and anti-scalping wheels. It has free shipping facility and 2 years warranty.



Designed by experienced Husqvarna engineers, the YTH2042 lawn mower is powered by an impressive 20 HP Briggs & Stratton engine which delivers more than enough power to cover a lot of ground fast

Even if it is a little bit more expensive (a couple of hundreds) than the best riding lawn tractors under 1500, this particular model incorporates a hydrostatic transmission, permitting users to manage forward and reverse speeds

Backed by an exclusive 2 year warranty the lawn tractor delivers a 42-inch cutting width, which can be adjusted through the 6 height increments

The lawn tractor features the highly advanced Air Induction mowing technology which maintains proper speeds even on rough terrains and rebellious weeds



The instruction manual is written in only a couple of languages (English, Spanish, Chinese, Finish and German)


“ If you are thinking that a lawn tractor is very expensive then i can prove to you that it is not. The Husqvarna YTH2042 lawn tractor is a budget- friendly tractor you can have to help you clean your lawn without consuming much time and effort. You will be very happy with this tractor.”  Nicolas Navarro


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Yard Machines 13AC762F000 lawn tractor – Not Available


It has some amazing features and very useful. It has a wheel size of 15×6/20×8 and 12.5 HP Power-built Briggs & Stratton Engine. It has riding 7-speed lawn mower and not saleable in California. The low priced lawn tractor has 2-year warranty. Comparing all the useful characteristics, the customers believe that it is the best lawn tractors under $1500 available in the market. It has a free shipping facility as well which makes it easier for buyers who do not want to go to markets anymore.

“ The functionality and features of the Yard Machines 13AC762F000 lawn tractor attracted me so much to buy this product. This lawn tractor is my partner in making my lawn very nice and ideal. I never thought of a product like this before so I highly recommend this to all.”  Simone Diane Munoz


Poulan Pro PB19542LT lawn tractor – Not Available


It has cutting blade width yard tractor with amazing other features. It has 19.5 HP Briggs & Stratton Engine with 42-inch deck. It has a manual clutch with 6-speed gear drive transmission. It has 20-inch turf saver tires and ergonomically built seating and steering wheel combination. It has free shipping facility with own packaging. It can be selected as a gift during checkout to keep it concealed. It is one of the best lawn tractors under $1500 which is extremely efficient and useful.

“ You will never feel any hardship using the Poulan Pro PB19542LT lawn tractor because it is easy to sue. Even you are first time holding and driving a tractor you will never get tired of it. The product is ideal to all people out there so I highly recommend this product to all people.”  Tanner William