Professional tips for acquiring the right Lawn Edging:


For many home owners, their lawns are the key to a beautiful home. Many owners prefer the look and a neatly sculpted row of flowers lining their grass, while others like the look that the highest rated lawn edgings can give them. The edgings are used to separate the grass from creeping into flower gardens, walkways, and just prevents the grass from looking unsightly. Ideally, you want to choose one of the best lawn edging for 2018, as long as it complements your home.

If you are here, then the chances of you already knowing how much a new edging system can add to the value of your home. A problem you may be having when you are looking at just the best lawn edging reviews,you may not know which one is the best. While we cannot tell you this, we can offer you several suggestions as to what to look for in basic edgings.

There are two types of edgings that you can choose for your home, natural edgings or simulated.

Natural Edging consist of materials like plants, rocks, mulch, or wood. These edgings are among the best rated because they give your home a welcoming appearance and they blend in with the rest of the landscape.

In most landscapes, the most popular edging would be plants like ornamental grasses, ground covers, flowers and even small shrubbery because they add visual interest, lovely colours, and a wide variety of textures and heights to your yard.

Rocks and stones (either they are real or they are made from concrete or fabricated from other materials) can be used to build retaining walls, line pathways, or even be used as a walk way, as well as edge the law.

Mulch and wood chips are often considered the cheapest lawn edging materials because you can get these from the local recycling facility in your township. With these, you are able to create a nice foundation for a flower bed or trim around trees, which creates a nice and polished look with the natural materials.

Simulated Edging are usually among the best lawn edging of 2018 because they can vamp up any yard quickly and fairly easily. These materials: metal, plastic, and brick, can bring a contrast to your yard that you just cannot get with natural edgings.

If you are going to choose a metal or plastic edging, you should be aware that over time, the materials will break down, crack and rust. You may have to replace the edging every few years if you want to maintain a pristine look. However, for the metal edging, if you live in a rustic cottage, you may welcome the rusting metal to add to the charm of your home. It’s all about personal preference.

When looking at the best lawn edging reviews, we noticed that many users enjoy the look of brick edging along flower beds, walk ways, and gardens. The bright red or creamy grey colour of the brick is a nice contrast between the vibrant green grass and the darkness of the soil or mulch. Brick is a durable material and could very well be the best lawn edging for the money you will be spending, in terms of longevity.

We hope that with this guide, we have given you some ideas of what options are available when you are looking through the list of best lawn edgings of 2018. Just keep these notes in mind, and we are certain you will come up with an edging solution that complements your landscape perfectly.


Things to consider:

  • Decide if you want an all-natural look your yard or if you prefer a simulated edging. This detail will determine the materials that you use.
  • If you want to use natural elements, you can choose between plants, mulch, rocks, and wood. Each element can change the look of your landscape very differently, so try to envision the different materials before you make the commitment.
  • Simulated edgings are made of brick, metal, or plastics. If you decide to go this route, be aware that metal and plastic will not last forever and they will have to be changed out every so often. Brick is the more durable option of the three, as it can last a lifetime.


Top rated Lawn Edgings in 2018


Master Mark Plastics 25840 Lifetime Landscape Edging


Best Lawn Edging reviewsThis lawn edging comes in 40 foot rolls and stands 5 inches high. It is made of contractor strength HDPE plastic with built in grooves that provide a strong hold when connecting the ends of the edging. Because of the nature of this edging, it can be used to create straight borders or gentle curves around gardens, pathways, and trees. You do not have to use stakes to anchor the edging, which makes installation much simpler.

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Emsco Group 2032 Bedrocks Poly Landscape Edging


With a single order of these edgings, you can cover sixty feet of ground. Each of the six pieces that are shipped measures 10 feet and they can be put together up to 180 degree angles. These edgings feature a flanged edging that gives you the ability to mow your grass without having to trim near the blocks. The pieces come together easily and can be repositioned however you see fit. The natural stacked slate design gives you the look of a slate wall without the price of an actual slate wall.

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Suncast Lawn Edging


This roll of black lawn edging measures 60 feet in length and is constructed out of professional grade polyethylene. It comes with 2 – 6 inch connectors so that you can create a beautifully edged garden or flower bed. The easy assembly does not require tools, but you will have to dig a slight trench in order to install the edging.

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Master Mark Plastics 93340 Terrace Board Landscape Edging Coil


If you want the look of wood but prefer the longevity of plastic, this is a nice combination of the two elements. This edging is created from HDPE recycled plastics such as milk jugs and detergent containers. The low-profile edging is available in 40 foot lengths and is able to prevent the grass from spreading to unwanted areas. You can choose edging that stands three inches high or five inches, depending on the look you are trying to achieve.

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Master Mark Plastics 55960 Timeless Form Landscaping Edging


This easy to install edging comes in a 60 foot roll and stands at five inches. The high quality HDPE plastic is easy to install and can be trimmed to the desired length by using a fine tooth saw or a chop saw. You can use the edging to create straight borders or gently curving lines, depending on the design of your landscape.

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