Top rated Laundry Tubs in 2019


An entire laundry session in the utility room is made less of a chore when you’ve picked out a good laundry tub from the best laundry tub reviews that are available.  A laundry tub with a washboard and other accessories would be extra nice. The material should preferably be durable and can resist stains, or maybe even have antimicrobial properties. A good laundry tub integrates well with hot and cold water plumbing fixtures, or maybe a hose so you don’t have to do the laundry indoors all the time. Most of all, a good product should be able to handle the punishment from heavy duty chores such as washing small pets, garden tools and intimate apparel, in addition to dyeing linens, cleaning up a mop bucket or your child’s arts and crafts implements. Here are five that I believe can handle all that.


ST-1F-010 Swanstone Floor-Standing Single Laundry Tub


Best Laundry Tub ReviewsThis is a practical, strong and performance-engineered product for the busy individual. It has gotten noticed in the best laundry tub reviews because of the composite, compression-molded material it is made of. The surface coating is lauded for its ability to withstand chipping or cracking. The color stays consistent throughout the whole thickness of the tub. Even when it gets wet all the time, the tub won’t get mildewed or moldy. It is easy to maintain and clean this product since it has patented Veritek coating. In the package, there are four units of tabular steel legs that have undergone chrome-plating, plus the necessary hardware.

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Wall-Hung Swanstone Single Bowl Laundry Tub


This must be the best laundry tub in 2019 from Swanstone. It has a washboard already molded in. There are brackets included in the package so you can easily mount it on the wall, if you choose. The required hardware for wall assembly is included also. It has pre-drilled centers that measure four inches so you can integrate plumbing fixtures like faucets. It has a pretty large capacity at 23 gallons. The bowl measures 22” x 19 1/8” x 12 ¾ “. Moreover, the product has a drain installed. The entire tub measures 22 7/8 inches by 23 3/8 inches.

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Thermoplastic EL Mustee Laundry Tub


The product carries these dimensions: 20.8 inches x 15.8 inches x 15.4 inches. It is thermoplastic, which means its high molecular weight enables it to remain strong even under chemical attacks such as those from harsh laundry detergents and other similar chemicals like those applied with mops when cleaning floors. The tub itself is leak proof and measures 20 inches wide, 14 3/8 inches deep and two feet front to back. A drain measuring 1 ½ inches is molded into the bottom of the tray. The tub has a 4-inch center. A standard sink faucet can be bought separately. The steel legs that come in the package are approximately 34 inches long from the tub top to the floor.

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DIT-S.010 Swanstone Drop-In Laundry Tub


The compact size of this laundry tub makes it an excellent product for upgrade countertop purposes. It can work well with most types of surfaces or countertops and can fit an opening measuring 15 7/8” wide by 18 5/8” deep.  It is a top rated laundry tub in 2019 because it is self-rimming, which means that once it is installed, it creates a close seal with the surface of the countertop. The 8 5/8-inch basin depth can provide 11-gallon capacity that is big enough to accommodate a mop bucket, although a high rise faucet must be integrated for such a purpose. The whole product measures 23 “x 22” x 14”. The tub top measures 17 ¼” x 20”.

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PT-1-010 Swanstone Floor-Standing Single Laundry Tub


Aside from the molded-in stopper and drain, what you will appreciate more in this best laundry tub in 2019 is its non-susceptibility to cracking or developing a network of cracks. It won’t grow molds or mildew because it is quite easy to maintain and clean. You don’t have to worry about disposing of colored liquids, nail cleaning chemicals and liquid cosmetics into the drain because the tub is resistant to discoloration, as well as to impact and heat. It has a huge 22-gallon capacity that can take abuse from mop bucket cleaning, pet washing, etc. The tub is constructed from durable polypropylene. In the package come the needed hardware, installation instructions and two pairs of steel legs.

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