Top rated laundry sinks in 2019


Laundry sinks have become increasinglyexploited to fit the clients’ needs and preferences. Those days when you were washing the laundry in a simple tube are long gone. Nowadays, these utilities must be high-quality in order to last, to prevent the occurrence of mold and bacteria and to look nice, shiny in everyone’s house. In order to help finding the best product for you, we have picked the top rated laundry sink reviews.


Blanco 41078 Essential Laundry Sink


Being rated as the best laundry sink in 2019, this product meets all the clients’ requirements. It combines quality with fashion and allows you to have the best washing experience ever. The stainless steel material prevents rust from forming. At the same time, it offers an elegant and neat look. Its 12-inch depth represents a generous and wide space in which you can confidently wash double the quantity you used to wash. The customers mentioned in their reviews that it is very easy to use and practical and that they managed to wash things that would never fit into their old sinks.

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FrankeUSA SL103BX Single Bowl Topmount Sink


Most of the customers declared themselves happy with this acquisition mainly because it fits in their cabinet basevery well. Thus, their comments placed this product among the best laundry sink reviews. It is a single bowl that measures 20 9/16 inches x 20 1/8 inches x 10 inches. The extra depth is ideal for a laundry room. It is also easy to install and mount on the wall. The very generous price won the clients’ trust and reliability in this product. Plus, the stainless steel material confers a very neat and clean aspect to your household.

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SwanstoneVeritek ST-1F-010 Veritek Floor-Standing Laundry Tub


The combination between the 22 gallon capacity and the floor-standing feature makes this laundry tub a worthy candidate for the title of the most useful acquisition. It is also very comfortable. The Veritek material prevents the sink from cracking or chipping. Although this is not the best laundry sink in 2019, it is still very much appreciated among customers that purchased this item. They praised the sturdiness of the legs and the strong material that this product is made out of. The well designed structure and the fact that it is extremely easy to assemble also represented two important advantages.

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Swanstone DIT-042 Commercial Laundry Sink


Thanks to the amazing material that was used to built this product, the Swanstone sink has earned a spot on the best laundry sink reviews. It measures 25 inches by 22 inches, which provides a pretty adequate washing space. Clients specified that they used this sink for washing bigger items that wouldn’t fit their old sinks. The drain opening measures 2 inches in width, offering a good water discharge. It comes in five shades: bisque, bone, gray granite, grey and Tahiti desert. The only complaint received from customers is the poor installation process, namely the plastic clamps that might easily break during a more serious hitch.

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Swanstone PT-1-010 Floor-Standing Single Laundry Tub


The last product on the list determined many customers to rate it as being their favorite. It is very well-made and pretty easy to install even by those clients who do not have plumbing knowledge. It measures 22 by 25 inches, which provides a very wide space for laundry. Although it contains one set of angular steel legs, assembly tools and complete installation instructions, clients stated that these legs need to be bolted in order to increase their stability. On the other hand, they declared themselves satisfied with its utility and sturdiness. All in all, even though it is not the most fashionable item, it is useful enough.

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