Top rated laser faxes in 2019


Fax machine is the need of many offices and organizations. The fax machines that work efficiently and provide high quality work are the choice of all the users. There are many fax machines available in the market. To find the best laser fax machine it is better to check the best laser fax reviews. These reviews help in the decision making and also provide the list of the features that make the selection easy.


Brother IntelliFax 2820 laser fax


Best laser fax reviews

This can be found in best laser fax reviews because of its effective design and quality features. It provides very good performance and has low cost per page; this means it doesn’t cost much when work. The speed of this model is 14.4 Kbps that transmit faxes in very less time. It has automatic document feeder of 20 pages.   It can store up to 500 pages with 8 MB memory storage. It also has USB 2.0 interface and also supports other drivers.

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The Brother IntelliFax 2820 Laser Fax machine and copier is a durable laser fax I bought from Amazon to be sued in our office. The machine is reliable and can easily transmit information from offices to other network in just a fraction of second. The equipment is heavy duty and can be used anytime.”  Florence Robertson


Brother IntelliFax 4100E laser fax


Brother IntelliFax 4100E laser fax is a high speed laser fax. It is designed very efficiently to fulfill the any business need. It transmits one page fax in 3 seconds. It is also used as black and white printer that within a minute can print 15 pages. Brother IntelliFax 4100E can auto-dial 132 numbers. It has 600 x 600 DPI resolutions and automatic document feeder can take up to 30 pages. Its paper tray can take 250 sheets. Its high speed and supreme quality makes it the best laser fax machine for business work.

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I use the Brother IntelliFax-4100E High speed Business-Class laser fax for office. It can increase and meet the needs of our establishment in just a matter of seconds. The laser fax is durable so I don’t have to worry for buying a new fax for our office use. This one will surely last longer.”  Kimberly Meier


Brother IntelliFax 2920 laser fax


Brother has good name in providing quality products. Its products are very reliable and have highly efficient features. High-speed laser IntelliFax 2920 is one the best Brother’s fax machine that is ideal for small businesses and home. It has dual access with 16 MB memory and has super G3 fax modem. Its speed is 33.6 Kbps. Its page capacity is 250 sheets and has auto document feed rate of thirty pages. Its quality and efficiency put it in best laser fax reviews.

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Many were satisfied with the efficiency of the Brother high-speed laser IntelliFax 2920 and for that reason, I bought in Amazon instantly. I install the laser fax easily and use it accordingly. A menu and handbook was included in the package to have a clear understanding about the product.”  Warren D. Davis


Canon L170 laser fax


Canon is known for its quality products all over the world. It provides efficient and high quality products. The laser fax machines of Canon are very reliable. One of its models is Canon L170 Laser fax Printer. Canon L170 is for home and business use with speed of 33.6 Kbps. It comes with 32 speed dials and has 450 pages memory. It is a multi functioning machine that can also print. Canon L170 is capable of printing 19 pages within a minute of 406 x 391 dpi.

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The high memory of the Canon L170 Laser fax Printer can make everything fast and settled. The product is professional and was created with stylish design. The laser faxes can easily print documents transmitted from the source. This product never disappointed me.”  Amy Martinez


Canon L80 laser fax


Canon Faxphone L80 laser fax/printer provides clear and problem free communication to many offices and organizations. Canon Faxphone L80 is a multi tasking machine. It is a fax machine, a phone and a printer. It has 33.6 Kbps Modem with excellent laser output. Its automatic document feeder can take up to 30 sheets. It also has USB interface. Canon Faxphone L80 can print 6 pages per minute. The phone set is included with the model. It provides quality work with simplicity.

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I am happy that I have the Canon Faxphone L80 Laser Fax/Printer in my office. This one is affordable and is useful for office use in order to connect with people and other business establishment outdoors. The phone is very useful for me to contact people and businessmen easily.” Stephen Hedge