Top rated Laptop Mice in 2018


IWho would have thought that mice can get this much attention in these modern times? No, we’re not talking about those nasty rodents, but the ones that are featured in best laptop mouse reviews. As the most used computer peripheral, a laptop mouse needs to be focused on before purchase. And it’s not because you’re waiting for it to grab that piece of cheese and get caught under the hammer!

With everyone in the world basically going after convenience, there is little to wonder about why the usual products featured in the top ten laptop mouse write-ups are wireless or cordless. If you can use a peripheral that allows you to work even with and around piles of hard-copy documents on your desk-and that’s not even counting the other piled-up clutter on your desk- surely going wireless is a sensible option? And such a device doesn’t even come with wires, another major source of clutter when all your other PC equipment has annoying, tangle-causing cords. Ah, the freedom!

The most reliable product is one that has an ergonomic fit in your hand. Travel mice tend to be built with a more diminutive profile than full-size ones. This reduced size is quite difficult to hold and maneuver when one has large hands, but may be a good fit for people with small hands. If you have regular-size hands, decide on which type you will be comfortable working with. The pointing device should not put a stress on your fingers and hand. It should allow your hand to rest easily on it, at an angle that is not awkward.

There are wireless mice that come with nano receivers, which sit flush against the USB port. Larger wireless mouse receivers jut out a few inches from the USB port. Remember that laptop mice with nano receivers, due to their higher technology, cost more. Factor that in when you have to decide what makes the best rated laptop mouse for you.

You can get good Black Friday deals on a laptop mouse that is either optical or laser type. Optical pointing devices offer tracking between 400 and 800 dpi.Their laser counterparts can track higher at more than 2,000 dpi.  Laser mice are engineered to provide greater precision than optical pointing devices, but that should not stop you from getting a new and affordable optical pointing device. Sometimes, too much precision can be a tad annoying.

Many mice also come with additional buttons that are typically located on the side of the device. These can be programmed for specific functions, such as the “Back” button on your Internet browser. Check out holiday bargains for Christmas on products that come with additional buttons aside from the regular left- and right-click buttons and the scroll wheel. Such extra features are generally located on the side of the device and can be programmed for specific functions. For instance, they can let you smoothly use the “Back” button on your Internet browser. You never know what extreme usefulness these additional buttons can do to make your work easier.


Things to consider:

–          Comes with an ergonomic fit in the hand, since there are more earth-shaking world problems than carpal tunnel syndrome and other issues that result from working with a computer

–          A size built for you, because one size does not really fit all and bigger is not always better

–          Decent level of precision when tracking, because admit it, having too much of anything is EVIL

–          If within budget, additional buttons to make work and your life easier


Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse


Best Laptop Mouse ReviewsCompatible with Mac OS X 10.4 or later, as well as Windows Vista, Windows XP or Windows 7, the Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse is touted to be a full-size laser mouse engineered to do more. It’s got soft rubber grips and a contoured shape to ensure all-day comfort.  Back/Forward buttonshelp make things easier , with side-to-side scrolling plus zoom and programmable buttons that allow the user to click, scroll and zoom with the simple flick of a finger. Smooth cursor control is obtainable via its laser tracking. It offers two years of battery life and comes with a tiny Logitech Unifying receiver that stays put in your PC. This lets you plug it in and forget it. You can even add up to six compatible Unifying devices without purchasing additional USB receivers.The contoured shape lets your hand take a rest, supportingit comfortably all day long. It’s got the elements that the best laptop mouse reviews rave about.

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Logitech M325 Wireless Mouse W/Web-Designed Scrolling


The Logitech M325 Wireless Mouse offers micro-precise scrolling that is engineered for the web, making browsing, searching and shopping a lot easier. The textured rubber grips coupled with the contoured shape keep your hand comfortable even when you have to do computer work all day. Get up to 18 months of battery life from this pointing device, which virtually eliminates the need to do battery replacement, depending on computing conditions and the user. Employing the tiny Logitech Unifying receiver, this device offers reliable wireless connection for Windows, Linux and Mac while staying in your laptop unobtrusively. It is powered by legendary Logitech Advanced Optical Tracking, letting users enjoy point-and-click precision. No more choppy scrolling and tricky touch pads!

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Anker® 3-DPI-Level Portable Wireless Mouse


If you want a mouse that does the basics in a better way, get the Anker® 3-DPI-Level 2.4G Portable Wireless Mouse. It is built with a straightforward design and a compact profile, with the creature comforts not normally associated with working in front of a PC for long hours. Made with carefully-selected materials enhanced with aesthetics, this pointing device creates a genuinely touching experience for your discriminatingfingertips. It fits in your palm like a glove, only made in a more diminutive design. Get 2.4G wireless ease from the plug-and-play nano receiver, and instantly enjoy fail-proof 2.4G wireless connection. Derive cordless freedom like no other by letting go of all the cable clutter. Thanks to the 2.4G wireless technology, connection remains stable even at distances up to 10 meters or 33 feet.

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Microsoft 4000 Graphite Wireless Mobile Mouse


The Microsoft 4000 Graphite Wireless Mobile Mouse deserves to be the best laptop mouse 2018 thanks to its exclusive Blue Track Technology. This revolutionary system allows it to work on virtually any surface. Use it with ease on granite counter tops, wood tables or the carpet. It is provided with a revolutionary nano transceiver, which can be left plugged in when on the go or stowed in the mouse. This pointing device unifies the power of optical and the precision of laser for unbelievable tracking on just about any surface. Plus, it rides on reliable 2.4-GHz Wireless technology so you can enjoy a strong and unfailing connection with up to a 15-foot range. Worry not about interference with this advanced technology!

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HP x3000 Optical Mouse


The HP x3000 Optical Mouse comes from the frontrunner in information technology, with premium Hewlett-Packard standards built into its compact and simple frame. Manufactured to exacting HP guidelines for personal computing products, this mouse carries a stylish, attractive design. It is configured with a sleek and modern profile that should add an instant touch of elegant style to any work station. One of its upscaled and enhanced specs include its 2.4GHz wireless connection, which ensures stable and strong connection even when the user is not directly seated at the desk. The 12-month battery life eliminates the annoying chore of having to frequently replace the fuel cells. The HP x3000 Optical Mouse offers fast-moving scroll and has an optical sensor that works on most surfaces.

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