Things to Consider When Buying a New Laptop Memory


Buying the best laptop memory of 2018 might look like a daunting task. With so many available models out there, any customer can end up feeling confused. To make your buying journey a breeze, we’ve put together a short yet informative buying guide. Go over the following details if you want to correlate your requirements with the features of the unit you are looking for. Above all, time spent on research is never time wasted.

Best Laptop memory

How much memory are you looking for?

Ever since technology has evolved so much during the last years, the minimum memory that a laptop can come with is around 4GB. Upgrading it may improve the way your system is running. A memory of 8GB is generally considered as being optimal, and the best one money can buy is usually over 8GB.

One thing to consider when looking to buy a lot of memory is that some devices actually don’t require that much. Some run on operating systems that consume as little memory as possible, as they are highly optimized. Before spending a lot of bucks on the highest amount of memory you can get, it might be a good idea to check the specs of your laptop and of the operating system.


Memory restriction

Unlike their desktop counterparts, most laptops come with just two slots for memory modules. PCs usually have four. The only way of knowing that your slots will be compatible with the product you’ll be purchasing is by reading the manufacturer’s description. Some brands state the exact memory configuration of their laptops, and this is the safest way of knowing whether you’ll be sacrificing RAM while configuring it in two modules.


Do it yourself

Buying a memory upgrade is as costly as it is, and asking a specialized technician to install it might make you spend even more money. If you’re tech-savvy and know what you’re experimenting with, you might want to know whether you can install the unit yourself. If the system has a small door that can be used to access the memory module slots, you might be able to self-install. Some of the best laptop memory reviews could let you know exactly what to expect in this sense.


Top Rated Laptop Memories in 2018


For your consideration, we have selected three of the most acclaimed units on the current market. All of the following have gathered the appreciation of many buyers, be they from the USA or from the rest of the world. They’re praised for the value they offer for the price and they’re usually thought of as being highly convenient.


Crucial CT2KIT102464BF160B


1.Crucial 16GB KitCrucial has been on the market for quite a while now and the company’s known for producing high-quality products. This one is no different, as it is 100% tested and even covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

This is a kit composed of two 8GB DDR3 1.35V Notebook modules. According to the manufacturer’s description and to a series of customers, the unit is easy to install both by the tech-savvy enthusiast and by the amateur user.

The model can operate either at 1.35V or at 1.5V. The Crucial 16GB kit features a memory clock speed of 1600 MHz and a SDRAM PC66 memory technology.

If you have little to no experience when it comes to figuring out whether this memory might be the one for your laptop, all you have to do is go online and visit the Crucial official website. There you’ll be able to select the model of your owned computer and consult a list of the compatible memories produced by this company.

This is one of the top rated laptop memories of 2018, considering the fact that it has managed to gather some of the best laptop memory reviews out there, with people raving about how it performs.

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Kingston HyperX Impact HX316LS9IBK2/16


2.Kingston HyperX 16GB KitUnlike the formerly mentioned Crucial model, the Kingston HyperX kit is destined for ultra-thin notebooks and small form factor PCs. The kit is composed of two 8GB modules, as is the case of other products in the line.

It’s easy to setup and has automatic overclocking. If they opt for this unit, users must not go through the hassle of performing any adjustments in BIOS.

The neat thing about this model is that it is protected by a lifetime warranty. Customers can resort to the nonstop technical support provided by Kingston at any time of their choice.

This is a 100% tested laptop memory that’s reliable and capable of extreme performance.

Compared to the previously described Crucial memory, this one comes with low voltage settings, which allows buyers to benefit from quiet computing.

Let’s see what customers had to say about this model. First of all, over 85% of the people who have purchased it had nothing but good things to state in their reviews, as they ended up awarding it 5-star ratings. Secondly, people praise the way it interacts with Macbook Pros and with Mac Minis, which means that the kit is quite versatile.

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G.Skill Ripjaws Series F3-1600C9D-16GRSL


3.G.Skill RipjawsThis is a 16GB DDR3 upgrade kit that can be bought at a fair price. It’s composed of two 8GB single modules, as is the case with other units we’ve showcased earlier on. The G.Skill memory kit has something in common with the Kingston HyperX kit, considering the fact that both have low voltage settings.

It appears that the model has been specifically designed for Intel processors in the 3rd and 4th generation manufactured by this brand.

As is the case with other laptop memories, this product is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Although there have not been many people who purchased this variety, around 88% of the ones who did were pleased with how it performed, so much so that they provided 5-star ratings. Some buyers have been using it since the beginning of 2014 and have yet to encounter any issue. Other individuals speak highly about how it works with Macbook Pros Early 2011.

For such an inexpensive laptop memory, this item has gathered quite a wide degree of appreciation. It seems that it offers excellent value for the price, and in this case, a low cost definitely does not mean low quality.

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