Top laptops for college students in 2019


Laptops and personal computers are among basic needs of the students. From doing simple homework to completing complex reports, they are the best partners. Below listed may be some of the best laptops for students under $400, devices that provide fast processing, large storage, and high speed performance with built-in Wi-Fi for efficient and quick internet browsing. These are some best laptops that a student can have.


Samsung Chromebook


Best laptop for college students reviewThis remarkable Samsung laptop has screen of 11.6” with 1366 x 768 resolutions. It has RAM of 2 GB with dual core processor. For the instant net access it is also provided with Wi-Fi 802.11. This dual core laptop is not like old laptops that requires fan to remain cool. It doesn’t become hot and remains automatically cool. It has large and easy to use touch pad that has glass coating which gives you best experience when you use your Chromebook. It has access to thousands of latest apps.

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“I needed a laptop, but not a very expensive one, so I went for this model from Samsung. For my needs it is just the thing and it works excellent. Also the Wi-Fi and bluetooth work just great and I haven’t had a problem with it to this point.” – Jack Larkin


ASUS F55A-ES01 laptop


This latest generation laptop has Intel Celeron Processor. If you read best laptop for college students review, you will find it the most excellent laptop that student can use. This laptop supports Windows 8 which is the latest operating system created by Microsoft. With its 15.6 inches display screen it gives you crystal clear HD display view. For easy and large storage area it is equipped with 320 GB drive. It is provided with Wi-Fi for instant connectivity to the internet. This laptop has all what a student requires.

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“The Asus F55A-ES01has been with me for almost a year and so far it has proven very useful for me and my studies. It has enough memory space for my university needs and I have no problem with my internet wireless connection either.” – Sam Reed


HP Pavilion g7-2270us laptop


This laptop is one of the best laptops that you can find today. It has Windows 8 operating system. Its hard drive is 750 GB that provides vast space for usage and storage. An amazing feature of this latest laptop is that it provides you with a battery that lasts for 3.45 hours. Its Core i3 processers give it good speed to work with. Lighting fast performance makes you do work without having hanging issues. It doesn’t weigh much and very easy to carry around.

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“I bought it because it already had Windows 8 installed, blus it had some top features like the 750 Gb hard disk for instance. It works so well that I can even play games at high resolutions on it. If you want a top laptop than this is a sure way to go in my opinion.” – Anthony Mitchell



Lenovo G580 laptop


This laptop is all that you need. From education to entertainment, it is a complete package. With its Intel core i5 processor, it gives very fast speed. Its LED display is accompanied with Intel HD graphics which provides it with the possible enhanced view. It not only has perfect graphics, but along with it, this laptop also provides high definition sound system. This audio control gives you clearer and crispier sound. It is also equipped with DVD reader/writer. All these and many other features bring this product to the top of best laptop for college students review.

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“I love my LenovoG589 laptop which I take with me everywhere I go. For me it is perfect for university projects and for studying for exams. Also I use it in my leasure time, chatting on Facebook or tweetting on Tweeter.” – Lindsay Woods


Acer Chrome C710-2487 laptop


This laptop is very advanced and has many amazing features. It has touch sensitive screen that makes it highly efficient for use. This easy and user friendly interface laptop has also very good battery life. On full charging, it can be used for 4 straight hours. Its 320 GB hard drive is vast enough to save your day to day data without any problem. To make it more convenient to use, it is equipped with microphone. Its sound system is also great.

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“Reading about different laptops and after careful consideration I opted for the this Acer model, because it was affordable and it had some great performances. I like the fact that the battery life lasts for 4 hours so I can read or watch a movie when I am on a train going from one place to another.” – Morgan Campbell