Top rated laptop cable locks in 2019


Security is important to business persons that travel a lot. While travelling with laptops, it is essential to make sure that no one else uses them. As a result, more and more Americans use with confidence cable locks, which keep their laptops properly secured. With the right cable lock valuable assets become hard targets for thieves. Given that there are so many models available on the market we went through the best laptop cable lock reviews and also specialist reports. With a firm grip on the matter, we managed to identify five professionally designed laptop cable lock models, worth using when needed.


Kensington K64673US Combination Laptop Lock


Best laptop cable lock reviewsIn our search for the best laptop cable lock in 2019 we came across the K64673US combination lock from Kensington. Made by experienced security engineers this particular cable lock is perfect for mobile professionals, college students living with other people and workers in office buildings. It can protect the hardware and limit access to personal data or business information. Furthermore the lock will keep the laptop secure every time it is used. The locks are made of durable steel cables and resists very well to pick pocketing attempts. Furthermore the laptop locks from Kensington are tested to resist corrosion and tampering before release.

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Sendt Black Notebook / Laptop Combination Lock Security


Most of the current best laptop cable lock reviews that we consulted underline the solid construction of the Sendt combination lock cable. Very easy to install and manage, the lock is the perfect theft repellent mechanism! It can be used to secure laptops and notebooks, protecting them from external use. The cable measures 6 foot in length and due to the black color it safely matches the laptop’s characteristics. Furthermore the cable includes 4 dial combination lock settings which people can use in order to set one of the 10.000 combinations. The cable is made of zinc alloy material and also an advanced design which reduces accidental resets.

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Kensington 64068F MicroSaver Notebook Lock


Picking one of the best laptop cable locks in 2019 is pretty difficult, given the multitude of products available for purchase. During our research we came across the 64068F MicroSavernotebook lock from Kensington, a model which offers enhanced protection against burglary attempts. Using the exclusive T-bar locking mechanism this cable lock keeps laptops, notebooks, printers, tablet PCs, desktops and flat panel monitors safe from thieves. Made of super-strong carbon tempered steel this cable resists well to prolonged use. The cable is 6 feet in length, 5.5mm thick that offers a solid defence against any attempts to break in.

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Master Lock 8417D Python Adjustable Locking Cable


Since there are so many types of locking cables available for purchase, identifying the right one might prove to be quite challenging without assistance. Satisfied customers recommend different types of lock cables but out of them we recommend the 8417D Python from Master Lock. This 6 foot cable is made to resist prolonged use and protect the laptop. Users prefer this particular lock cable for its compact and portable design. It can also be used to protect larger items like monitors, bikes and printers. The cable is made of solid steel and features the exclusive Pin tumbler security mechanism.

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Generic Noteguard Kensington


Business persons and IT specialists underline the importance of investing in the best laptop cable lock in 2019. According to recent testimonials it seems that a growing number of people use with confidence the Noteguard Kensington from Generic. Easy to install and manage this 6 foot heavy duty security cable can be used on notebooks, laptops, monitors and tablet PCs. This multi-functional locking cable is great for securing valuable technical assets, especially while on the road. It includes a special key type lock with 2 keys, easy to manage. The installation is easy especially due to the detailed user manual.

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