Useful Buying Advice on Laminators:


A laminator can protect all of your important documents from the elements, along with normal wear and tear. It can help make sales brochures look more professional, and enhance your display signs. Trying to decide what is the best laminator can be difficult, which is why we created this buying guide so you can decide which model is the best one for your home or office.



According to the best laminator reviews there are four different models to choose from. Hot laminating machines are ideal for smaller projects that are not sensitive to heat, while cold laminators can easily handle large materials like maps and banners. A model that uses heat can also ruin a project if the temperature is up too high, while cold laminating  pouch laminators. The roll style is best suited for offices and schools and can easily handle larger amounts of laminating, while the pouch style models is a more affordable laminator.



The capacity of the machine refers to the thickness of the laminating rolls and pouches that it is able to accommodate. A higher thickness means that the laminating will be more rigid, while a lower number will give you more flexibility. The rolls and pouches are measured in mils, and can range from 3 up to 10 mil. Laminating machines that have a mil rating between 3 and 7 are ideal for coating menus, photos, and sales flyers, while the extra rigid model has a 10 mil rating and is designed to coat and protect all of your frequently used documents from signs and posters to important reference papers. The capacity is an important aspect to consider when you are trying to decide what the best laminator in 2021 is for your business.



The best laminator reviews state that it is important to consider the width of the model. The units are available in several widths, and the most popular models can be adjusted for more versatility. Smaller 4 inch laminators are ideal for use with photos, and a machine with a 9 inch width is ideal for laminating documents. There are also wider laminators that have a width of 27 inch and are designed to handle larger projects quickly and efficiently. The size and type of documents that you will frequently be laminating will make a difference when you are trying to decide what’s the best model for your home or office.


A laminator machine can protect important documents and create professional looking presentations. By following the tips in our buying guide, you can find the right machine for your business.


Things to consider:

  • Make sure that your choose the right type of laminating machine to handle your important papers.
  • The laminator should have a large enough capacity to effectively coat all of your documents with the right degree of rigidness. The best rated laminator will be able to handle everything from photos to banners seamlessly.
  • The width is important if you want to accommodate all of your documents, and models that are adjustable give you more versatile options.


Top Rated Laminators in 2021


There are several different types of laminator machines, and the right one for you will depend on your individual needs. Smaller models are more affordable and ideal for use at home, while larger laminators can help your business appear more professional.


Fellows Laminator Venus2 125 Laminator


Best Laminator ReviewsThe hot laminator machine is fast and efficient. It features a unique system that will automatically choose the right setting for laminating any type of document. It is wider at 12.5 inches, and can even handle cold laminating projects. The machine can warm up in less than a minute, and also features 6 rollers to eliminate any bubbles. Since the machine can laminate up to 40 inches per minute, it also makes an efficient addition to your workplace.

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Apache AL18P Professional Hot/Cold Thermal Laminator


This is the best laminator of 2021 for businesses that rely heavily on laminating. It features a durable steel construction, along with a professional grade heating element and motor. It is designed to laminate projects up to 18 inches in width, and has a versatile capacity up to 5 mil. Protect photos and create professional sales flyers, and since the model also has precise temperature control you never have to worry about ruining any important documents.

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Scotch TL901 Thermal Laminator


The two roller system helps to keep the lamination smooth, and prevent cloudy bubbling. The machine features two temperature settings for more versatility, and has a capacity of 5 mil. Laminate certificates and sales flyers, along with photos and smaller posters. With a width of 9 inches, it is ideal for your home or business office. The lightweight and compact construction enables the machine to fit onto any workspace, and its comprehensive design makes it incredibly easy to operate.

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Purple Cows Hot and Cold Laminator


Featuring a 9 inch wide design, you can laminate everything from menus and recipes, to all of your important documents. It is ready to go in under five minutes, and has a capacity of 3 and 5 mil. Since it is both a hot and cold laminating device, there is very little you can’t protect as long as it is the right width. The temperature does not need to be adjusted for the different sizes, which makes it that much easier to operate. It is perfect for small businesses or for home use. Laminate school projects, and create professional flyers for sales.

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Amazon Basics Thermal Laminator


This affordable and durable thermal laminator is ideal for use with all of your photographs. It warms up in only four minutes, and has a capacity of 5 mil. There are two temperature settings for you to choose from, and the laminating machine can accommodate documents up to 9 inches wide. The thermal model is ideal for teachers and for use in home offices. Laminate seating charts and different school projects, along with all of your cherished pictures and documents.

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