Professional Buying Advice on Lacrosse Cleats


As one of the most demanding sports that can be played, Lacrosse requires that you have the right kind of equipment along with the perfect type of apparel. One of the most important pieces of apparel is highlighted in the best lacrosse cleats reviews. It is important to know which features are essential in this type of gear to ensure genuine value for money.

Best Lacrosse cleats

Construction and Design

When choosing a product from the best lacrosse cleats reviews, remember that you are buying an item specifically made for lacrosse. Not all lacrosse cleats are equal, though. The variety of designs, styles and constructions can have varying effects on the game play as well as the comfort level. There should be more than enough cushioning to absorb some degree of harsh contact. Typically, the cleats have four studs in the heel area, along with another three or four pairs in the forefoot area.

Lacrosse athletes need less traction on artificial fields so shorter spikes are fine for this purpose.

You want lightweight, breathable shoes for flexibility and comfort. The midsole should be stiff to absorb impact and to shield the foot from injury, fatigue and soreness.

Reaching above the ankles, high-cut cleats are great for stability and players who tend to sustain ankle injuries at play. Mid-cut shoes offer medium support while ensuring traction and maneuverability. Low cut ones help players execute running cuts on the field, as they offer the highest level of maneuverability to promote speed and lightness.



Majority of the top rated lacrosse cleats 2018 are manufactured using synthetic or leather materials. If you want traction and flexibility to encourage more efficient field mobility, synthetic material is best. Synthetics also provide a superb level of protection, comfort plus support against injury thanks to their stability, breathability, exceptional traction, reliable motion control and light weight. Leather can be breathable, but its ability to provide the same advantages as synthetics is rather limited.


Type and Style

The best lacrosse cleats 2018 are made in a variety of types, each with its own advantages.

Equipped with raised patterns on the bottom, turf cleats don’t use studs or metal spikes. The raised patterns provide better motion and stopping power. Turf cleats can be used on artificial and synthetic turfs, never on natural grass.

Molded cleats are characterized by built-in rubber spikes. They are longer and sturdier, making them ideal for use on both artificial turf and natural grass. Molded lacrosse footwear have been the sturdiest, most stable type. Molded cleats help prevent ankle and foot injury.

Detachable cleats are equipped with removable studs, which can be easily screwed on and off. The detachable spikes enable players to use this type of cleats on a variety of field configurations for exceptional versatility. You can customize the style and length of the spikes for specific playing settings including muddy fields and artificial turf.


Top Rated Lacrosse Cleats in 2018


Investing in a great pair of lacrosse cleats is essential to give you an advantage on movement on the field as well as to ensure protection for your feet from injury and fatigue. To overcome the challenge of having to make a choice from so many products, you had best do some decent reading before the purchase. Or you can simply refer to the products below to make your search much easier.


Under Armour Men’s UA Highlight


1.Under Armour Men's UA HighlightThe Under Armour Men’s UA Highlight Lacrosse Cleats feature the state-of-the-art ankle-enclosing, extra-supportive CompFit® sleeve that ensures an awesome, customized fit designed to promote that extra boost of speed you need on the field. Do running cuts confidently like you are floating in the air with these cleats that are lightweight at only 10.3 ounces. The Under Armour Men’s UA Highlight Lacrosse Cleats boast a class-leading UA Corespeed Chassis that powers the foot to execute natural motion, in addition to having acceleration and flexibility to sustain superb mobility on the turf.

Be a firecracker on the field and take your opponents by surprise with your amazing agility and uncompromising velocity. The Under Armour Men’s UA Highlight Lacrosse Cleats are equipped with a foot-hugging 4D Foam® that perfectly follows the contours of your feet to provide a secure, customized and superbly comfortable fit. The UA ultra-light padding on the 3D molded MPZ® tongue shields the top of the foot without a heavy feel. This is a pair of lightweight, bladed cleats that deliver incredible traction to help you perform speedy cuts and amazing acceleration.

Stand out among the rest on the field with these lacrosse cleats built for the unique demands of any lacrosse athlete.

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ASICS Men’s GEL-Provost


2.ASICS Men's GEL-ProvostHitting the scales at a mere 11.6 ounces, the ASICS Men’s GEL-Provost Mid-cut Cleats feature the brand’s revolutionary HG10mm heel setup that enables the athlete to move about in a more bio-mechanically productive position. The Asics HG10mm heel configuration slightly raises the heel, effectively reducing stress on the lower leg joints. This in turn helps create a comfortable alignment of the ankles, shins and knees. Boasting more than enough cushioning, the ASICS Men’s GEL-Provost Mid-cut Cleats are equipped with the legendary Asics Solyte material; that delivers superbly excellent stability and comfort.

Asics optimizes on their cutting edge Duomax running shoe technology plus a unique gel unit mounted in the heel area of the footwear to add more stability and comfort while playing. The athletic cleats have a toe area that employs a special protective layer that preserves the overall integrity of the shoes when the trailing toe area is pulled during the crucial final movements when you have to shoot or pass. The Asics multifunctional outsole on the Provost model makes it a perfect shoe for play on natural grass, as well as the tough demands of playing in muddy or wet conditions. The ASICS Men’s GEL-Provost Mid-cut Cleats are performance- driven shoes that allow you to up the ante on the playing field.

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Warrior Lacrosse Men’s WMSSM2WT


3.Warrior Lacrosse Men's WMSSM2WTLeave your mark on the playing field with the Warrior Lacrosse Men’s WMSSM2WT Cleats. These shoes have a synthetic sole and upper that give them light weight, superb comfort and protection, along with flexibility and unbeatable breathability. The Warrior Lacrosse Men’s WMSSM2WT comes with an iconic, rich new look coupled with dependable durability. To add an extra dose of color, the cleats ship with a free lace strap. The cleats have a comfortable cushioned EVA insole comprising their midsoles. The light and flexible element ensures terrific disposition as a cushioning material.

The Warrior Lacrosse Men’s WMSSM2WT Cleats ensure that the feet are dry and comfortable thanks to the onboard Vapr tek® moisture management system. The forefoot remains flexible thanks to the integrated triad flex system. The outsole boasts a synthetic and TPU material combination that not only reduces the weight but increases flexibility as well. The cleats are equipped with 14 TPU studs in all to ensure superior traction and control no matter what the playing situation may be.

Lightweight at only 11.4 ounces, the Warrior Lacrosse Men’s WMSSM2WT Cleats are designed with elevated thermoplastic polyurethane both in the lateral and medial sections of the heel and forefoot, which effectively reinforces stability, traction and product durability.

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