Best Kodak Waterproof Cameras Reviews


Top rated Waterproof Cameras from Kodak


If you are looking for a camera that can deliver tough performance, Kodak is one of the brands that can be taken into account. In different best Kodak waterproof cameras reviews, users have identified some of the best options that are available in the marketplace, including the three that will be mentioned below.


Kodak EasyShare Sport C123 Waterproof Camera


Best Kodak Waterproof Cameras Reviews

One of the reasons on why this camera is a common choice for many best waterproof camera reviews is because it has an easy share functionality, which only means that it will be a snap to let the world know about your latest adventures in life. With a simple click on a button, your photo will be automatically uploaded to the social networking sites that are linked on your camera, such as Facebook and other websites at which it is possible to share photos. The Smart Caption feature, an innovation that has been developed by Kodak, is another commendable feature that one can enjoy in this camera. The main benefit of such feature is that it makes it possible to take beautiful pictures, often without the need to manipulate the settings of the camera, as it is almost automatic that your images taken will be as beautiful as possible. For instance, it has good scene detection, wherein it will have an automatic evaluation of the scene and have it optimized based on what is most needed by the subject. It also enhances the quality of color and removes shadows and dark spots.

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I have the new Kodak EasyShare Sport C123 Waterproof Camera on hand which I bought from Amazon in a very affordable price if compared to the product when sold in the market. The product can capture all my life’s events without any distortion or issue in the output. The product makes it one of the best cameras because the resolution is very great and impressive. Unlike other waterproof cameras, this Kodak waterproof camera can deliver great performance even under water.”  Colin Martin


Kodak PlaySport Zx3 Waterproof Camera


According to its users, one thing that made them decide to go for this model is its size. It is sleek and it fits perfectly on the hand. This waterproof camera can be functional to up to 10 feet below water. It has 5-megapixel resolution and will provide you with the opportunity to shoot videos in high definition.  Aside from the fact that this camera is feature-rich, it is also stylish, which is another reason on why it is given high ratings in various best Kodak waterproof cameras reviews. It is available in various eye-catching colors. You can choose your favorite color or the color that speaks about your personality. Lastly, the Glare Shield feature of this camera is another feature that is worth giving an emphasis. With the help of such, you can be assured of the quality and clarity of the features that are taken, as the glare is significantly reduced. This is perfect especially if you take a lot of photos outdoors during the time at which the sun is up.

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I am really proud to have the Kodak PlaySport Zx3 Waterproof Camera. This is my very first water proof camera. I never have the problem using this product because it is impressive to use. The images or video produces in this camera are all clear and vivid even shoot under water. The sound is also good to listen. Having this product is very much useful in capturing special life events. Aside from that, the style is much modernized which is really compatible with my fashion preference.” Patricia Wimbush


Kodak PlaySport Zx5 Waterproof Camera


Like the Zx3, the Zx5 is also a waterproof camera that promises to deliver incredible performance even if the shots are taken underwater. It also has 5-megapixel resolution and can provide you with the opportunity to record videos in 1080p. Most of the time, the pictures taken underwater are not clear. With the zx5, however, clarity of pictures will never be a problem. One thing that makes this possible is the underwater white balance mode, which optimizes the quality of the images to prevent blurring because of the waves and color of water. In addition, the digital image stabilization is also worth highlight, as it provides the possibility of taking sharper images and videos. The same praise is also common for the ability of the camera to reduce the glare and reflection caused by the sun that can have a negative effect on the outputs.

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Owning a Kodak PlaySport Zx5 Waterproof Camera is a big addition to my asset. Aside from the style and performance, this product is durable that makes it outstanding. The product never gave me any problem because the quality is very good even under the water. The product makes a difference with other waterproof cameras because this item is lightweight and compact. You can choose from different color coating. You can also easily edit and change the camera setting.”  John McLeod


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