Top rated Knife Sharpeners in 2021


The different best knife sharpener reviews that have been published in the past have identified the different products that will prove to be good choices when looking for something that can allow you to maintain the best quality of your knife. I will note five of these models below to help those who are still doubtful with which one should be purchased.


How to choose the most efficient knife sharpener


In the present more and more chefs understand the importance of sharp knives around the kitchen. After a while, knives begin to lose cutting precision. This is where a knife sharpener can help out a lot. A responsible chef always has around a reliable sharpener, designed to improve the knife’s lifespan. Fortunately the market offers a lot of useful knife sharpeners that can deliver amazing results. Kitchens become more functional with the right knives. Every dinner, meal and kitchen is easier to prepare with clean and sharp knives, developed for different types of ingredients. Potatoes, steaks, pineapple and even fruits are easier to cut with the right model. Just imagine a cook preparing vegetables without the use of sharp knives.

Cooking is easier to handle with the right utensils. Now, there are many knife sharpeners which can be used in order to safely sharpen cutting tools without problems. How to pick out the right model? Well, it is important to consult with attention the best knife sharpener reviews, drafted by our specialists in the culinary arts. We tested 30 of the most popular sharpeners available on the market for one straight. Each product was used on various types of knives. We took into account different features for a smooth sharpening. More and more consumers are now trying to sharpen various culinary tools, ideal to use in any kitchen. Prolonged use of knives makes them weary and unable to efficiently cut different food ingredients. A knife with a blunt edge can’t cut through many types of food. This is why so many Americans are currently trying to sharpen blade edge within a short period of time.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Type Price Color Dimensions Our Rating Where to buy

Chef’s Choice 1520

Electric $$$$ White 12 x 6.2 x 6.4 inches A+ AMAZON

Chef’s Choice M130

Electric $$$$ Platinum 12 x 6 x 6.2 inches A+ AMAZON

Chef’s Choice 120

Electric $$$ Black 12 x 6.2 x 6.4 inches A AMAZON

Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor

Electric $$$ Metal 12 x 6.2 x 6.4 inches A AMAZON

Presto 08810

Electric $$ Gray 12 x 5 x 4 inches B+ AMAZON


How to pick out the best knife sharpener in 2021? Well, turning dull edges into sharp ones requires a careful touch. A good sharpening tool can significantly improve the knives functionality. With the right knife, people have the possibility of cutting different food with minimal effort. Slicing tomatoes, potatoes, egg plants and many more becomes easier than ever with a good knife. The right cutting tool will definitely get the job done! Now selecting the most efficient sharpener takes a bit of work, since the market is so generous. Sharpening different types of knives depends on type of working patterns.

What does it imply to sharpen a knife? Well, during this process the sharpener safely removes metal particles from the dull knife. There is also the honing action which straightens the bent edge to the right level of smoothness. With the best knife sharpener in 2021 chefs will enjoy having around their kitchens sharp and efficient knives. Professional chefs have around a high quality sharpener. Good knives should have sharp blades in order to cut various foods with minimal effort! It is important to know that sharpening steel can definitely get the job done, with a smooth finishing touch. Today’s market offers manual and electric knife sharpeners that get the job done. Manual sharpening tools use special stones, ceramic or diamond as central cutting point. Still, the most popular tools to sharpen knives are the electric models!



Chef’s Choice 1520 Angle Select Sharpener


This is considered to be one of the most versatile within the product category, and such is proven by its ability to sharpen a wide array of knives. You do not need to guess the best position on how the knife is to be sharpened, as such will be automatically decided by the machine itself. The intelligent design of this unit, specifically the patented flexible stropping polish disks, have also been lauded by many users and cited as one of the reasons on why it is considered as a reliable option.



Takes in a variety of knife blades, whether double-bevel, serrated, single-bevel or straight, so all kinds of kitchen slicing implements get the precise sharpening they need

Ensures that sharp edges on Asian-Style knives as well as European/American knives remain performance-geared

Carries revolutionary flexible polishing and stropping disks so knives remain tough and strong for the most demanding cutting jobs

100-percent diamond abrasives sharpen and hone knives to the perfect cutting edge, with knife guides that ensure the knife is correctly aligned against the sharpening element



Knives that have not been sharpened at all or are extremely dull may take a longer time to sharpen

Not following manufacturer’s instructions may cause the unit not to sharpen as expected


I consider the Chef’s Choice 1520 Angle Select Sharpener as one of the best collection of kitchen utensils in the market. It is versatile because it can sharpen any kinds of kitchen knife without exerting too much effort. It can be used in the best easy manner without experiencing any hassle.” Wyatt Chandler


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Chef’s Choice M130 Professional Sharpener


Just when you thought that your knife is already useless, with the help of this knife sharpener, you might just prove yourself wrong. It has the ability to sharpen even old knives and make it appear even better than the way it was when it was new. It has been chosen by many people because it can be operated in an effortless manner, which does not require one to sweat in order to accomplish the sharpening job.



100% diamond abrasives on this electric knife sharpener ensure that knives get the honing and sharpening they precisely need

Able to strop, steel and sharpen virtually any brand or type of knife that can fit into the knife sharpening grooves

Made of highly-hardened miniature steel and a flexible stropping disk to ensure great flexibility and sharpening power

Angle guides provide fool proof and convenient sharpening while stabilizing feet ensure that the knife sharpener stays securely held in place on the countertop



Has no built-in feature for notch removal on heavily dull or damaged knives but neither do more expensive models that qualify as best electric knife sharpener 2021

Manual for the knife sharpener needs to be carefully read prior to use of the product to ensure maximum performance


The durability of the Chef’s Choice M130 Professional Sharpener makes me conclude that this product is outstanding among the others. It has a very professional outlook which is really worth the praise is made of a good material because it doesn’t rust. This knife sharpener is effective.” Alan Mills


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Chef’s Choice 120 Diamond Hone Sharpener


Best Knife Sharpener ReviewsMany of the best knife sharpener reviews have highlighted that this specific model is an excellent choice when it comes to efficiency and quality, and thus, resulting into sharpening performance that is hard to match by any other possible options in the marketplace today. It is known for its 3-stage sharpening function, making sure that the end result is always the best. More so, the Tri-zor Plus edge is also worth mentioning, as it makes sure of the knife’s sharpness.



Built with precision angle control to ensure that the electric knife sharpener works on knives amazingly well to provide exclusive Trizor-Plus edge

Accepts a variety of knives for sharpening: gourmet knives, sporting knives, butcher knives and knives with serrated blades, so every knife in the home gets just the right amount of sharpening they require

Stage 1 and stage  2 for sharpening employ 100 percent diamond abrasives for greater sharpening precision and power

Hairsplitting sharpness achievable via Stage 3 to strop and polish cutting tools to amazing sharpness and cutting/slicing power, for optimum food preparation all the time



May take some practice to put knives into the sharpener and pull them through using correct pressure and appropriate speed

Knives with delicate or extremely sensitive surfaces may develop scratches along the sides because of the powerful sharpening element


I can only describe the Chef’s Choice 120 as one of the most reliable knife sharpeners in the market. No more blunt knives for me thanks to this model which was affordable too. I paid for this knife sharpener under $150, which considering it’s high-quality is a good price.” Pamela Fay


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Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV Edge Select Sharpener


Whether the knife is straight-edged or serrated, regardless of where it is made, this specific model will prove to be a good choice in the delivery of a good job, as proven by the high ratings that were given in various best knife sharpener reviews. It is also designed with a spring guide that adjusts automatically in order to choose the best angle when the knife is being sharpened. A variety of superlatives have been used by many of its users in describing their experience with the use of such, which can be seen as a proof that such option will not be disappointing.



Whether straight-edged or serrated, European/American or Asian style, knives get the exact sharpening and honing they need to make best electric knife sharpener reviews heap praise on this product

Comes with three-stage sharpening, including diamond abrasives on conical disk to produce fine microgrooves and more bite at Stage 1

Stage 2 employs finer diamond abrasives to shape the second smaller bevel with even finer micro-grooves that complement the arch-shaped edge produced at Stage 1

Third and final bevel created at Stage 3, during which microgrooves created at first two stages get polished for even more razor sharpness



Knife blades in the aggressive use category, including butchering knives, pocket knives, survival and hunting knives, should not be sharpened in this knife sharpener as the amount of metal that performs cutting work may be significantly reduced

Using the knife sharpener as directed is a must to maintain its sharpening ability


Whenever a knife goes blunt, I rely to the Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV. My knives are always sharp thanks to this top 10 knife sharpener. I didn’t even buy it myself because it was a gift for Xmas from a friend.” Edna Devore


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Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener


4Your knives will never go blunt again if you choose to buy a leading electric knife sharpener like the Presto 08810. Every knife in your possession will be professionally sharpened by the Three Stage Sharpening system. The whole process is automatic and this eliminates all the guesswork that comes with manual models. The sharpener holds the knife at the right angle to make its blade sharper than ever. You might think that this sharpener is expensive, but the truth of the matter is that its price is very accessible. The best knife sharpener reviews advise the purchase of the Presto 08810.



Comes with tri-stage knife sharpening system so users can get professional results even at home, to get different knife types well-honed and excellently sharpened

Takes in gourmet knives as well as sport knives without breaking a sweat, so homeowners and kitchen professionals always have the perfect set of cutting tools for the most demanding  cutting jobs

Perfect sharpening angle is always available thanks to blade guides that automatically hold the knife being sharpened in place

Attachment to a flat and smooth surface is easy via suction cups that hold the sharpener in place to ensure stable and safe use



Sharpening other implements including electric serrated knives and scissors is a no-no, as this sharpener is made for sports and kitchen knives

Serrated knives can’t be accommodated as the high points of serrations on these knives may get slowly degraded


“One of the things I bought on Black Friday was this knife sharpener from Presto. I am very pleased with how it works and my knives have never been sharper. It’s very easy and safe to operate, so I can’t complain about it. I don’t know which knife sharpener is the best, but this model works fine for me.” – Samantha P. Lance

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Diamond Hone Edge Select Plus Sharpener – Not Available


One of the reasons on why I am personally recommending this knife sharpener is because of its ability to sharpen in just a few seconds, eliminating the time to wait and the need to exert much effort in doing the job. In addition, I also like the incorporation of the angle guides in its design, making it possible to make sure that the right edges are sharpened and that there is no more need to guess on the part of the user. It also has an EdgeSelect function, allowing you to choose how sharp you want the knife, depending on what type it is.