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A properly working sink is a central piece of any kitchen, allowing you to perform various tasks. But it might be quite hard to actually choose one yourself, especially if you don’t know what features to look for. Read the best kitchen sinks reviews and find out which models have the best features. There is no reason to settle for a sink with an inferior quality level. when you can get your hands on a top one.


In every home, kitchens are more than important because in such rooms people prepare delicious food. As a result kitchen sinks play a vital role in the accomplishment of daily tasks, linked to vegetable, fruits or meat cleaning and many more. Today’s market on kitchen sinks covers a wide range of shapes and styles carefully developed to match the general appearance of the kitchen. The kitchen sink represents the only working area which permits people to safely prepare meals. Even though most sinks have a lifespan of 15 years, preferences change and as such the need for a new and more modern model is understandable. If you are currently searching for a professionally built kitchen sink, the following rows will prove to be quite helpful.

Writing this buying guide enabled us to go through some of the best kitchen sink reviews. During the research we noticed that there were recurrent features which made people’s life easier in the kitchen. Remodelling the kitchen should involve a smart investment in a sink, worth using every day. Manufacturers put a lot of emphasis on elegance and utility in the latest products released on the market. Some kitchen sinks are made of stainless steel while others of solid porcelain on cast iron structures. Each model comes with its particularities, appreciated or dismissed by different individuals. Price is very important during the selection process. According to recent surveys done in home decorating communities a high end kitchen sink will cost quite a bit. Still, if you are on a budget don’t worry. There are many high quality kitchen sinks from which to choose.

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Comparison Table


Product Bowls  Price Installation Method Style Our Rating Where to buy

Kraus KBU22

2 $$$$ Undermount No-rimming A+ AMAZON

Swanstone QZLS-3322.077

2 $$$ Drop-in No-rimming A+ AMAZON

Blanco 440194

1 $$$$ Undermount Self-rimming A AMAZON

Water Creation SS-U-3018B

1 $$$ Undermount No-rimming A AMAZON

MR Direct 502A

2 $$ Undermount No-rimming B+ AMAZON


Searching for the best kitchen sink in 2018 requires patience and attention to details that match your kitchen’s design. There are many styles, utility features and colors which make different sinks worth considering. The first thing that you need to take into account is bowl size. As a result, look at the kitchen’s size and choose an appropriate sink. You will see that today a growing number of people invest in multibasin models which can improve functionality. For kitchens that are less than 150 square feet we recommend a 22 x 24 in single bowl sink, which is more than enough to cover the needs of a small or medium sized family. When it comes to large kitchens you could always opt for double or triple bowls for added convenience.

With the best kitchen sink in 2018 preparing food becomes easier than ever. Even though most people resort to multibowl there are some that prefer the single bowl kitchen sinks. Most interior designers say that if there are two cooks in the house, multibowl option is more than welcomed. If there is only one cook in the family it is pointless to spend more money on another bowl which in most cases comes with additional plumbing costs. Make sure that the kitchen sink is equipped with a durable drain strainer. Taking into account that the sink will be in your kitchen for a long period of time, you have to weigh your options carefully.


In order to purchase the best kitchen sink in 2018, you need to look for:

–         Bowl size and depth, which should match your daily cooking needs

–         Construction quality that for most models means stainless steel or porcelain on cast iron

–         Single or multibowl which should be in tune with your kitchen’s size

–         Presence of drain strainer, made of stainless steel if possible



Kraus KBU22 Undermount Stainless Steel


Best kitchen sinks reviewsThere aren’t many sinks which can prove to be as good as Kraus KBU22. This sink not only comes with a very nice double design. but is made out of high quality rust-resistant steel. Also you won’t have to worry about scratching it because it has a  scratch-resistant satin finish. The lifetime warranty proves that the manufacturer fully believes the models has a superior quality level. Many experts consider KBU22 to be one of the best kitchen sinks in 2018.



Versatile 50/50 design on under-mount sink that’s the top answer to what is the best kitchen sink thanks to superior-grade 16-gauge T-304 stainless steel construction

Superior commercial-grade scratch-resistant satin finish that keeps the kitchen sink looking like new and a great centerpiece to any kitchen remodeling job

With padded and Stone Guard undercoat insulation with a rubber pad, which reduces noise when the sink is being used

Includes a set of stainless steel bottom grids with side bumpers and protective feet so the surface of the sink is protected from scratches



Lower depth may require repositioning of drain pipes for easy installation

Not supplied with garbage disposal flange, which can be purchased separately at low cost


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Swanstone QZLS-3322.077


If you want a contemporary design for your sink, to go with the theme of your kitchen, then you should invest in this Swanstone model. It is made of granite and this certainly adds to its design, plus it comes in a black color. The reasonable price range makes it a favorite among customers throughout the US and a very well reviewed sink by the top kitchen sinks reviews. For a unique style, its bowls have different sizes, the left one being larger than the other.



Bowls are made with solid granite composition, and unit is sold in four different lovely colors, giving more options to buyers

Under-mount or self-rimming design, making the sink easy to install and leak-resilient with no seams where a joint or weak weld will result in water leaks

Drill-outs on single faucet hole can facilitate addition of four more holes that can be used for more plumbing installations including hand soap dispenser and others

Virtually indestructible granite composition with 80% quartz stone makes this unit scratch resistant and never to get bent or dented



Drilling of additional holes possible with a good quality drill and sharp drill bits

Drains for the two bowls need to be purchased separately


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Blanco 440194 Diamond Single Bowl


Blanco 44014 Diamond Single Bowl Kitchen SinkMany people don’t like the metal design of a kitchen sink and if you share the same opinion, then you should give Blanco 440194 a chance. It has a stylish design, built from high quality silgranit. This type of granit is very resistant to hot and cold fluctuations, so it won’t crack under these circumstances. You will have 6 different colors to choose, so it goes along with any color theme for a modern day kitchen. The best kitchen sinks reviews are impressed by its features.



With patented Silgranit construction that ensures ability to withstand extreme fluctuations in temperature, making this the perfect answer to what is the best kitchen sink queries

Uses under-mount or self-rimming installation, making the unit easy to put into a prepared sink platform, while being of one-piece molded design to ensure there are no weak joints or welds that could cause water leak

Comes with smooth and  rounded drain grooves to enable water to drain off well, and extra drill-out holes to enable easy installation and modification

Exclusive Silgranit construction intended to protect dinnerware from getting damaged while being washed in the sink



Surface may fade after some time but can be restored to flawless finish by allowing to sit in bleached water overnight


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Water Creation SS-U-3018B Stainless Steel


Water Creation SS-U-3018B can prove to be an excellent sink to buy for your kitchen because it has all the necessary features. It is built from Premium T-304 stainless steel, assuring that rust can’t affect the sink. The satin finish means it is scratch resistant, so you won’t have to worry about ruining the look of your new sink. It has the standard drain opening, so you can easily connect a garbage disposal system to it. These features and more have convinced us to place it on our top list.



Excellent under-mount single-bowl kitchen sink with T-304 stainless steel composition that withstands rust and corrosion

Premium satin finish is scratch resistant and commercial-grade to ensure long term use and reliable durability to handle the toughest kitchen sink washing jobs

With standard 3.5-inch drain opening that integrates well with the most common garbage disposal system

Heavy-duty pads ensure that sound is cushioned or deadened when the sink is being used, with Universal Plumbing Code (UPC) certification



Degree of sloping may be less than expected but that’s all a matter of preference

Washing of sharp or scratch-causing materials should be done carefully to preserve the sink’s lovely finish


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MR Direct 502A Double Bowl


Nothing beats good old American craftsmanship and this is exactly what went into the creation of MR Direct 502A kitchen sink. You know it is durable and reliable when you find out it has been constructed from high quality stainless steel. And to round off a nice design, it has a brush satin finish. The double bowl design gives you many advantages for a very affordable price. So don’t miss on the opportunity to purchase a high quality sink which is extremely durable.



Made of certified high-quality T-304-grade Stainless Steel to ensure long term performance and durability so the sink will not need to be replaced

With thick Sound Dampening Pads that ensure quiet washing and various other kitchen jobs, to enable stress-free work

Comes with hardware so the buyer does not have to make separate purchases juts to install the unit properly and quickly

Self-rimming or under-mount design makes the sink easy to install and with no weak joists or welds that could be potential sources of leaks with continued use of the sink



Has nopredrilled holes for installation of faucet and soap dispenser, making installation on a kitchen countertop easy


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