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Love reading? Looking for great books to load on your kindle? You’ve come to the right place. We have a round off of the most interesting reads on your kindle under $10. Browse our list for a genre that suits your interest and pick one today. Here’s looking at the best kindle eBooks under $10.


The Hit by Will Robie


Best kindle eBooks under $10A political, highly charged drama about an assassin Will Robie and his endeavor to eliminate the enemies of the United States of America. There is however, one complication. Jessica Reel, equally competent as an assassin, has turned rogue and is on the prowl. She has one target – The agency that has hired Robie to protect itself- a story of two lethal assassins, one set to catch the other, mystery, intrigue and thrilling action. Will Jessica destroy Robie and his masters? Is there more to her story than will has been told? And is there a deadlier force behind Jessica’s ruthless attacks on the state? Get The Hit on your kindle and unlock all the answers.

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“ You will surely love the The Hit by Will Robie the same way I like it becuase it has the story and plot that will make you interested. The story is very factual and historical so you will find it helpful especially to students who are studying history of Asia. This kindle book is very educational.”  Maryellen Eliseo Hendricks


American Gods A novel


An instant best seller as you can see from our kindle eBook bestseller reviews, the American Gods has won numerous awards for intellectual and creative content authored by master storyteller, Neil Gaiman. The Tenth Anniversary edition is a commemorative volume to honor Neil Gaiman’s magnum opus, cherished by readers worldwide. The story begins with Shadow, waiting to be reunited with his wife Laura, to start a new life. A few days before Shadow wins his glorious freedom, a close friend passes away in an accident. The story revolves around Shadow’s new employer, mysterious Mr. Wednesday, who introduces him to friends with an unnerving connection to Shadow. He soon realizes everyone has deep, dark secrets and there is always a storm underneath a calm, placid exterior. A must read for fans of author Neil Gaiman and the mystery genre.

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“ If you are into suspense stories then I highly recommend the American Gods A novel. This book interests and entertains me a lot because of the good story. The sequence is very nice so I never feel bombarded with it. The characters are well described so you will understand the story well.”  Tammi Ira Gamble


Damaged by H.M. Ward


Making it to your list of best kindle eBooks under $10 is Damaged by famed author of romantic drama. The protagonist Sidney has been through hell growing up. This has affected her ability to form deep relationships with anyone. All this changes when the blue eyed Peter enters Sidney’s life. Perhaps he is the one for her and Sidney finds herself opening up to him, emotionally. But their relationship is fraught with complications. Peter could lose his job and Sidney her scholarship if their alliance is discovered. Can Sidney see her relationship through or are her childhood memories too painful to let her hold on to Peter. Get ‘Damaged’ by H.M. Ward on your kindle today.

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“ I am person who loves reading love stories so I bought the Damaged by H.M. Ward. I give high commendation to the author of this story because it is not like the usual stories of love that you can read and watch. This has something new and the twist is very interesting.”  Bethany Charles


The Bet by Rachel Van Dyken


One of the most intriguing romantic novels of the age, The Bet is a page turner. A love triangle like no other, even hardcore romantic novel enthusiasts will find something new in the Kacey-Travis-Jake triangle. Kacey is drawn into a vortex of events she unwittingly unleashed when she accepted Jake’s unusual proposition. After a chain of events, Kacey must now decide who she wants and whose heart will be broken. One brother is right, the other wants a lifetime and one of them has done a deal with the devil. Will Kacey pick right? Or will she drown in the deluge she let loose? Find out in ‘The Bet’ by Rachel Van Dyken.

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“ I find the The Bet by Rachel Van Dyken very interesting because the story revolves around 3 person wherein the girl need to choose who will be the man of his life. There are lots of twists in the eBook so you will be really attracted how their love story goes. This is just affordable.”  Bertha Dixon


The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald


The Great Gatsby is a famous classic that has sealed its position forever in American mythology. A story of a self made millionaire Jay Gatsby, the book is centered on the excesses of the age – Greed, ambition, lust, treachery and money. The story revolves around two lovers – Gatsby and his lifelong obsession – Daisy Buchanan. While Gatsby is pursuing his beloved and wealth, Daisy has married ruthless businessman Tom Buchanan. A story so profound, it has been made into a movie starring famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio. The book makes it to our best kindle eBooks under $10 and is indeed a pleasurable read for classic buffs.

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“ I bought the The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald because it is a very attractive book. The cover is very meaningful so you will be enticed to buying it. You will also find it very interesting when you start reading it because it will let you see the conflict in the story until you reach the end.”  Loren Leblanc