Top rated kids playhouses in 2018


You kids need to have the best toys available, so they are extremely happy when they are playing. To create an ideal world for their kids parents must buy interesting toys for them, while still keeping in mind the safety factor. A playing house is a nice addition to your child’s toy collection and it provides the perfect playing environment, with a lot of fun activities possible. The best kids playhouse reviews will give you some examples of top models which you can buy for your little one.


Step2 744800 Four Seasons Playhouse


Best Kids Playhouse reviewsA good investment for your little bundle of joy will prove to be Step2 Four Seasons playhouse. Using the little door your child can get in and out of the house whenever he wants, playing happily and undisturbed. Inside he/she will find a molded-in table where tea parties and other fun activities can be made. It even has a little mailbox, to add even more fun to the playing time. The doorbell is another excellent touch and it is no wonder why the best kids playhouse reviews hold it in high regards.

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Step2 Neat & Tidy Cottage


Step2 Neat & Tidy Cottage has been voted by parents all over the US as a prime candidate for the  best kids playhouse in 2018. It is well viewed because it is fun for the child and has some excellent safety features too. Firstly you can keep an eye on your child while he plays, thanks to the open design. It comes with a kitchen as well, a little sink, a molded-in table, a burner and two seats. This means even your child’s friends can join in on the fun.

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Kidkraft 00176 Outdoor Playhouse


When summer comes you child must spend as much time as possible outside and a good way to stimulate this is to get Kidkraft outdoor playhouse. It has a wonderful design because it is made entirely of resistant wood, perfect for installing it in your back yard. Because the wood is coated, it is resistant to all weather conditions, not deteriorating at the first sign of rain. It will also come with an assembly manual which, is not hard to follow, don’t worry. The top kids playhouse reviews think it is a great choice to make for your child.

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Step2 Naturally Playful Front Porch Playhouse


This is not only just a simple playhouse because unlike other models, it also comes with a nice little front porch. This advantage can be used for a lot of different playing games by your kids. Other interesting features include a molded-in sink, a swivel faucet, a stove, side window shutters and many more. All of these make up a wide variety of playing choices, which you child will enjoy very much. Also it has a safe design without any pointy sides in which he/she can get hurt.

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Little Tikes 623417M Activity Garden


Little Tikes activity garden is a great investment to make for your little one, allowing him play happily with all the fun activities this playhouse has to offer. So many possibilities are given to your child thanks to the well thought of design. You can transform it either into an open or a closed playing space. These are just some of the things he can play with: mirror, ball shaker, mailbox, learning clock and many, many more interesting toys.

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