Top rated KidKraft kitchens in 2019


Girls play a lot of different games which often imitate grown up behavior and one of these games consists of cooking different things in a makeshift kitchen. You can help your daughter play in the perfect environment by buying a child kitchen made by KidKraft. The following kitchens created by this toy manufacturer are ideal for a girl so she can play cooking games until she tires herself out. The best KidKraft kitchens reviews all recommend getting one so you can put the biggest smile on your daughter’s face.


KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen


Best KidKraft Kitchens reviewsYour child will be the happy owner of a modern kitchen if you decide to buy the KidKraft Uptown. The whole construction is sturdy being made out of composite wood and is large enough to allow more children to play with it at once. The play kitchen consists of a refrigerator with a freezer, for cooking culinary delights there is a microwave and an oven, plus for washing the dishes there is a dishwasher. The top rated KidKraft kitchens reviews believe this is an ideal gift for any little girl.

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KidKraft Vintage Kitchen – White


Your little princess will adore her parents even more after you get her the KidKraft Vintage Kitchen. Everything your child would like to find in a kitchen will be there for him to play with. There is even a cordless phone so the whole kitchen is complete. There are many cupboards and drawers for keeping small pots and pans and with it cooking games can’t get any better. Put a smile on your child’s face by getting him this kitchen.

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KidKraft Grans Gourmet Corner Kitchen


The best KidKraft kitchens reviews suggest getting this model as well because it will be a perfect environment for your little girl to play in. She will have everything a normal modern day kitchen has with all its parts being safe. The refrigerator, the microwave and more open so different things like pots, pans, plates can be placed inside. The sink is removable and the whole thing can be cleaned easily if your little one has made a mess of things. Some assembly is required but the instruction manual will make it very simple.

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KidKraft Cook Together Kitchen


Making out of the KidKraft Cook Together Kitchen a gift is a great idea that will certainly place a large smile on a girl’s face. There is nothing missing from this kitchen, even having a washing machine, for a complete package. Other accessories include a clock with moving hands and even a cordless phone. It is brightly colored as well to make it even more fun to play with and the wood which goes into its construction is very durable, making sure it will be played with until your daughter outgrows it.

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KidKraft Large Kitchen


The KidKraft Large Kitchen is a very popular sight in little girl rooms all over the US, because it has all that a girl could want from such a playing environment. She will have the possibility of opening and closing the doors of the refrigerator, oven and microwave so playing is a lot more fun this way. The construction is solid because it is made mostly of wood. The multicolor design also makes it that more interesting and it as a whole is one of the best KidKraft kitchens in 2019.

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