Top rated kerosene heaters in 2019


In the present there is a growing interest for professional kerosene heaters, designed to provide warmth in different environments. These products emerged into reliable sources of heat these days given the outstanding technical development from the last decade. So, the multitude of options makes it pretty difficult for some people to identify the right one. This is why we decided to undergo a professional analysis on the most popular models. We went through the best kerosene heater reviews and online surveys in order to simplify the selection process. During our research we discovered 5 kerosene heaters that can be used in different environments.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product BTU Price Tank capacity Run time Our Rating Where to buy

Kero World KW-24G Indoor Portable

23.000 $$$$ 1.9 gallons 12 hours A+ AMAZON

Dura Heat DH2304 

23.000 $$$ 1.9 gallons 12 hours A AMAZON

Sengoku CTN-110 KeroHeat

10.000 $$ 1.2 gallons 14 hours B AMAZON

Sengoku Heat Mate HMN-110 Radiant 

10.000 $$ 1.2 gallons 14 hours B+ AMAZON

Sengoku OR-77 HeatMate Omni-Radiant

10.000 $$ 1.2 gallons 12-14 hours C+ AMAZON



Kero World KW-24G Indoor Portable


Best kerosene heater reviewsOut of the best kerosene heaters in 2019, the KW-24G from Kero World impressed with its 23.000-BTU heating force and high 900 square feet coverage. Including a special 360-degree grill that ensures protection this powerful portable heater is safe to use and doesn’t waste fuel. It incorporates 1.9 gallon tank which heat up different places up to 12 hours with ease. The KW-24G heater benefits from an exclusive 2 year manufacturer warranty and requires only 2 batteries in order to fully operate. Due to its portable design, people can take the heater from one room to the next with minimal physical effort.

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Dura Heat DH2304 Convection Kerosene Heater


Picking out a powerful kerosene heater that won’t disappoint at first use can bring about frustration. People need in their homes reliable products that match their requirements. This is why we recommend the DH2304 convection kerosene heater from Dura Heat, a model which safely heats up indoor spaces. Most user testimonials spoke highly of this product, emphasizing on functionality and efficiency. This portable kerosene heater offers a maximum BTU output of 23.000 which is more than enough to become a daily trustworthy heat source. Easy to install and manage this kerosene heater from Dura Heat represents an affordable option to any home!

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Sengoku CTN-110 KeroHeat


Going through the best kerosene heater reviews offered us the opportunity to learn more things about the CTN-110 KeroHeat from Sengoku. With this particular heat source people won’t have to worry about getting cold. Incorporating an impressive 10.000 BTU heat power this heater safely heats up indoor rooms. It includes an automatic ignition system that eliminates the traditional fire hazard delivered by lighting something up with matches. This product is fitted with an automatic shut-off switch and also a durable protective guard which prevents people from touching the heat source. Due to its 1.2 gallon capacity the device works for 14 hours straight.

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Sengoku Heat Mate HMN-110 Radiant Kerosene Heater


Taking into account that prices on gas are growing at an alarming rate, more and more people resort to economical solutions to keep warm. This is mostly where kerosene heaters deliver proper assistance. For smooth performance we recommend the best kerosene heater in 2019from Sengoku, the Heat Mate HMN-110. With this particular device anyone will enjoy the comfort of warmth and temperature stability. Recommended for indoor spaces this powerful 10.000 BTU kerosene heater will definitely get the job done. It features an automatic ignition system which permits people to safely start it up. Furthermore this kerosene heater has a 1.2 gallon capacity suited to heat spaces up to 14 hours!

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Sengoku OR-77 HeatMate Omni-Radiant


We understand just how difficult it is to choose the best kerosene heater in 2019. Now, for people that want to be greeted by a breeze of warmth every time they enter a room we recommend the OR-77 HeatMate from Sengoku. Due to its lightweight and portable design the heater can be transported from one room to another without problems. Backed by an impressive 10.000 BTU heat force this kerosene heater can safely heat up spaces up to 380 square feet. Great in emergency situations and optimal for supplementing more heat in various locations the OR-77 HeatMate does not disappoint in his single task: warm up the place.

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