Tips on how to purchase the right Kayak Shoes:


If you are an outdoorsy type person, you probably encounter plenty of water along your adventures. If you have looked at the best kayak shoes of 2018, you are well aware that there are many shoes to choose from, and you may not know where to start. We have created this guide to help you decide which is the best shoes for your needs.

Originally when people were going to the beach or were walking in water, they would usually choose sandals. Now, the highest rated shoes to be worn in the water are called kayak shoes. If you were to look though the best kayak shoes reviews that are available online, it is easy to understand the draw of these shoes.

When you are choosing a pair of shoes to wear in the water, you will want to find a shoe that has a thick sole. This will prevent you from getting hurt if you should step on a sharp shell or an oddly shaped rock. You will still feel it, but it won’t hurt and it won’t penetrate through the sole. The sole will also make the shoe more durable and give you better traction.

Some of the top ten kayak shoes feature a toe guard. This is a safety precaution that you will want to consider because it will protect your toes from debris that may fall onto your foot. The toe guards also will protect your feet for those instances when you aren’t paying attention and stub your toe.

The material of your shoe is very important. The best kayak shoes of 2018 feature mesh material because it will help prevent mold from building up on the shoe. You do not want to get shoes that are made of leather. The leather will soak up the water, eventually break down, and it will ultimately reduce the longevity of the shoe.

While you are looking for new kayak shoes, you want to make sure the shoe’s construction is very open so that your foot can breathe. If the shoe isn’t open, make sure it has at least mesh panels or neoprene panels. These panels let the air circulate through the shoe so that it air dries properly. You will also want to make sure it has good drainage around the perimeter of the shoe. The drainage will prevent the water from soaking into the shoe. These features is a great way to tell a good shoe from a cheap one.

If you’ve ever worn a wet shoe, you know how uncomfortable it can be when the heel rubs on the foot. The best rated kayak shoes have a heel reinforcement that is made of soft and flexible neoprene. This will help prevent blistering and hotspots, plus it will also help keep your foot warm in colder temperatures.

While we cannot tell you what shoe to buy, we do hope that by reading the best kayak shoes reviews and keeping the information you’ve learned from this guide fresh in your mind, you will be able to make a well informed decision.


Top rated Kayak Shoes in 2018


Things to consider:

  • Look for a shoe that has a thick sole, as it will protect your foot from sharp objects and it will also increase the durability of the shoe.
  • You will want to find a shoe that has a toe guard. The guard will protect your foot from any debris that may fall onto the foot and it will also protect your foot should you stub a toe.
  • Get a shoe that has plenty of ventilation and drainage. You don’t want to walk around in soggy shoes and possibly get blisters or worse.


Top rated Kayak Shoes in 2018


Speedo Women’s ZipWalker Water Shoe


These shoes are lightweight and flexible, thanks to the mesh and fabric construction. The stretch upper gives the shoe a comfortable fit because it contours to your foot.It also features a convenient zipper to close the shoe, which gives you the peace of mind that the shoe will not fall off. The sole of the shoe is durable, offers good traction, and will not mark up any flooring you may walk on when the shoe is wet. The soft EVA insole is removable in case you should ever need to readjust it to get a better fit.

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O’Neill Reactor Reef Boot


These shoes give you incredible traction while you’re walking on slippery surfaces as well as on dry. The shoe will protect the soles of your feet from sharp objects, thanks to the texturized rubber sole which also increases the shoes durability. The fluid foam neoprene sole make the shoe comfortable to wear and the slip on design is a cinch to pull on. You do not have to worry about walking around with soggy feet because these shoes have neoprene mesh for drainage.

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NeoSport Wetsuits Premium Neoprene Low Top Pull on Boot


The low cut slipper boot is made of neoprene foam rubber, which is excellent for water sports. The hardened insert sole is resistant against punctures, thus protecting your foot if you happen to step on a sharp object. The slipper features a reinforced toe and heel which only adds to the durability and longevity the molded sole already offers the shoe. All of the seams of the shoe is glued and stitched to reduce water exchange, which ultimately keeps your foot warmer while in the water.

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Speedo Men’s Seaside 3.0 Lace Amphibious Pull On Water Shoe


These amphibious shoes are ideal for beach wear, as they are lightweight and give your feet plenty of ventilation so they can breathe easily. You can adjust how snug the shoe fits on your foot with the easily adjustable bungee strap with a toggle clasp. The shoe is quick drying because the air mesh uppers allows for plenty of air to flow through. You can expect maximum traction with these shoes because the outsole uses S-TRAC TPR technology that is special to the Speedo brand.

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Cudas Men’s Flatwater Water Shoe


While wearing these shoes, you will be able to walk on any given beach and not be afraid of stepping on broken glass, sharp objects, and other debris that can cause you pain. The lightweight design is due to the neoprene and mesh uppers. This combination allows for the shoe to dry quickly and promotes air circulation throughout the entire shoe. The shoe has protective toe and heel guards that can protect these areas from debris, stubbing your toe, or other accidental situations.

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