Top rated Katanas in 2019


In the world of martial arts Katana swords are loved by thousands of Americans. The growing interest for such models is pretty impressive, adding something special in the existing collections. Now, due to the wide selection of Katana swords people find it pretty difficult to identify the ideal product. This is why we decided to test 30 of the most popular models available on the market for over 70 hours! When the test results came through we managed to carefully draft the best Katana reviews on five amazing models. With one of the following Katana swords, Ninja or Asian warrior enthusiasts will complete their collection.


Cold Steel Katana Ray Skin handle


Best Katana reviewsSearching for the best Katana in 2019 can be pretty difficult! Based on professional reviews we recommend the Ray Skin Katana from Cold Steel. This Katana sword is made of highly resistant 29.25 inch 1055 carbon steel blade that can cut through anything. Designed with unique cord-wrapped handle the sword is very easy to handle. Furthermore the model includes special black lacquered scabbard and superb soft blue bag. The blade has a 0.3125 inch thickness level and 40.5 inch overall length, which makes it easy to handle. This beautiful Katana from Cold Steel adds a touch of sophistication in any collection!

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Ace Martial Arts Supply Classic Crane Tsuba Handmade


Most of the latest best Katana reviews underline the sublime design of the Ace Martial Arts Supply Classic Crane. This amazing Tsuba sword is handmade with high quality carbon steel. Furthermore the sword has a sublime design, worth displaying on various occasions. Now, the blade has evenly distributed steel which maintains proper endurance and resistance even after long hours of use. This Katana sword is made of 1045 high carbon steel, resistant enough to play with in harsh conditions. The Samurai sword has a 28” inch length blade, ideal to handle at will. Due to the superb details this sword represents a great addition to any Ninja collector.

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Ace Martial Arts Supply Handmade Japanese Shirasaya


A top rated Katana in 2019 was released by Ace Martial Arts Supply, the Japanese Shirasaya! What makes this beautiful sword so special? This Katana sword has a blade made with solid carbon steel and amazingly crafted details. The sword includes a special temper line which stands out in any crowd. With a full tang blade, theShirasaya incorporates wooden dark stained finish for added elegance. This Katana sword is 42” overall in length while the Rosewood scabbard stands out! The sword from Ace Martial Arts Supply comes with a carefully designed cotton sword bag, making transportation easy as pie.

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Musashi Bamboo Full Tang High Carbon Steel Katana


How to find the best Katana in 2019? This question should be handled with ease since there are so many products available on the market. Now, we recommend the beautiful Bamboo Full Tang from Musashi. This handsome sword is made of high carbon steel which resists well to various cutting applications. With a sharp full tang blade the Katana has a special dual bamboo peg design. It comes equipped with a special guard called tsuba which permits people to easily hold the blade. The Katana has an attractive black finish metal and special matte scabbard. People love the engraved design which stands out in a crowd!

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Colorful Items Last Samurai Japanese Sword Katana


A growing number of people are searching for carefully designed Katana swords, capable of adding a touch of elegance in any Samurai collection. One of the most popular swords on the market comes from Colorful Items, the Last Samurai Japanese model. This beautiful Katana incorporates the traditional vibe of a samurai. It is important to know that the sword represents a great addition to any Ninja collector. This sword is made of HQSS stainless steel, sharp enough to cut different things. In addition to the solid construction the sword features the kanji way of “honor” in the handle design.

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