Best juicers under $100


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Naturally flavorful and loaded with vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, a glass of juice has always been a wonderful way to start the day. Considered as deterrent to disease and used as a remedy since time immemorial, juice has proven to be a tastier alternative to aerated drinks and packs along many health benefits in the bargain. Juice is easily digested by our body and can be used effectively for detoxifying our entire system. With this list of the best juicers under $100, gift yourself a tasty glass of good heath at any time of the day.

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Breville BJE200XL juicer


Best juicers under $100

With a 700 watt motor at its core, the features of this powerful and compact product from the best Breville juicers reviews ensure extracting juice almost up to the last drop.  Because of its large feeding tube you can extract juice from a wide array of fruits and vegetables hassle free. Combined with a stainless steel micro mesh, all the scum and pulp is filtered to give you a clear and pure glass of yummy juice. This juicer is also dishwasher-safe making it easy to use and to clean.

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“ I always make time to make juice with my Breville BJE200XL juicer. This juicer is easy to use even for the first time I handle it. The product is very compact so I never thought that it will be damage easily even it is affordable. The product is easy to clean so it provides greater ease in my part.”  Kristy Valenzuela


Hamilton Beach 67650 juicer


This juice extractor houses an 800 watt motor. Its powerful motor and extra wide chute combine so that you can effortlessly feed in whole fruits and vegetables without having to chop them into smaller pieces. The large pulp bin of this juicer neatly collects the pulp which can in turn be used in other recipes if so required. With the high spout, the juice can be collected into a glass of any shape and size so that you can serve them up quick and mess- free. Along with this, dishwasher- safe components make this powerhouse juice extractor one of the best juicers under $100.

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“ The fashionable Hamilton Beach 67650 juicer is my favorite kitchen ware because it really helps me in making palatable juice in just a span of time. The product of is very functional so I was deeply impressed with it no matter how long it is with me. I can say that this is the best juicer.”  Kellie Ferrell


Black & Decker JE2200B juicer


This is a stylish and sleek juicer that is also light and compact. It has a 400 watt motor and the stainless steel cutter helps to extract the maximum quantity of juice from a variety of fruits and vegetables without much effort. The pulp container is integrated so that it occupies less space not only when it is on the counter but also when it is stowed away. Being lightweight, it is also easily portable. It has dishwasher- safe parts which are cleaned without difficulty.

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“ I will never look for another juicer because the Black & Decker JE2200B juicer has all the qualifications I am looking in a juicer. This juicer is just small in size and lightweight so I never feel in a worry where to put this product. Aside from that, I can place it anywhere I want to without facing any difficulties.”  Doreen Rivers


Hamilton Beach 67608 juicer


Packing in a wide chute and an extra large pulp bin, this juicer is sure to let you whip up juice in a jiffy. Say goodbye to cutting and chopping the produce before feeding it to the juicer since the 800 watt motor makes it an efficient juice extractor even for whole produce. The components of this juicer are dishwasher safe. The pulp bin has considerable capacity thereby reducing the number of times that it has to be emptied so that you can concentrate more on the juicing and less on the cleaning.

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“ I always make palatable juices with the help of the Hamilton Beach 67608 juicer. It really squeezes the juice in the fruits and vegetables so you will surely get the nutrients form the ingredients. The product is also easy to clean. The materials used are also easy to handle and are impressive.”  Zelma Mccarty


Cuisinart CCJ-500DG juicer


This one is especially for all the people who cannot resist a refreshing glass of lime or orange juice! This automatic citrus juice extractor has a juicing cone which is suitable for a variety of citrus fruits ranging from small limes to large grapefruits. Its sleek and compact design is a sure shot space saver and the snap up spout prevents the juice from dripping. Custom control settings and its dishwasher- safe components make this easy to clean and use. . Its auto reversing reamer and unique final spin feature sees to it that you can extract the maximum amount of juice from the citrus produce making it one of the best juicers under $100.

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“ The fashionable style of the Cuisinart CCJ-500DG juicer is what attracts me the most so I decided to buy the juicer without having a second mind. The product is really innovative because it can make everything perfect and delicious. You will it easy having this juicer at home. “  Thelma Robbins