Top rated jointers in 2018


Wood can be used for a lot of purposes and to properly work with it, you need a lot of different high quality tools. In order to make a wood board perfectly flat, you have to own a jointer, specially designed for this purpose. The best jointers reviews are the ones which are going to tell you which models are reliable and which models have a too many flaws. Here is a list of the top 5 jointers this year.


Grizzly G0452 6-Inch Jointer


Best Jointers reviewsGrizzly G0452 can prove to be a very reliable option because it has all the features one would expect from a top jointer. The mobile base is one advantage, the casters making it easy to move from one spot to the other. The 1 HP motor manages to power the cutter head at speeds of 4800 RPMs, which makes short work of any type of wood, no matter how hard it are. The 4 inch dust collection hood is there to limit the mess the sawdust will make.

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JET 708457DXK JJ-6CSDX Jointer


If you enjoy working with wood then you will absolutely love this jointer from JET which has been well reviewed by the top jointers reviews. The accuracy of your work will be assured by the cast iron table, which has a larger than normal size. The durability of the 1 HP motor can’t be put into question because it is made only out of fine materials, which resist very well to the passing of time. The cutter head is equipped with 3 high-speed steel knives, which when powered by the motor go through any type of wood.

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Powermatic 54A Deluxe Jointer


Powermatic 54A is well seen by specialists who have been very satisfied with the work they have done using it. The stand is made out of quality steel and the center-mount fence is constructed from iron. The quick-set knife system is very easy to use and will save time when you need to replace a blunt knife with new one. Safety features are also included, like the lockable push-button switch. The key its whole smooth operation is the 1 HP motor.

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Powermatic 1791317K 54HH Jointer


Jointers just can’t get any better than the 54HH, coming from Powermatic. What sets this jointer apart from other models is its helical cutterhead, which has four-sided knife inserts. It basically means you will be able to work better, faster and quieter with the 54HH. The cuts are made with extreme precision because of the fine/adjustment lever, placed on the infeed table. The five year warranty proves that this is a very reliable machine. Some even call it one of the best jointers in 2018.

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Shop Fox W1741 Jointer


The best jointers reviews point out that this model from Shop Fox is very advanced technologically, thus allowing you to work on your wooden board faster and smoother, with much better results. The 3 HP motor is better than what its rivals have, thus making it a very popular jointer. The 4 knife cutter head which is powered by the motor, helps you do difficult tasks with high precision. The large cast iron fence also proves to be extremely useful, adding to this jointer`s value.

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