If you are here just to find the best jig saws available for sale on the market today but you really can’t afford to take the time to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best jig saws out there by looking at the owner feedback, the value offered for the price, and even what several expert review sites had to say about them. Out of the plethora of products we have analyzed, the DEWALT Bare-Tool DC330B is the best as it gives users the freedom to use the machine for cutting straight cuts through plastic, wood, metal, and countertops. Plus, the speed range of this option can be customized between 0 to 3000 strokes per minute, which makes cutting and laminating a breeze. Besides, the unit is one of the most comfortable to use, given that its preciseness and ease of use have been praised by hundreds of owners. If the DEWALT Bare-Tool DC330B is unavailable, you could consider the second best choice, the PORTER-CABLE PC600JS.



Top rated jig saws in 2018


For different jobs you need to have a reliable jig saw because with one such power tool you can cut hardwood without too much effort.Everyone wants to own a top jig saw and if you don’t know exactly which model to aim for then the best jig saws reviews will come to your aid. The 5 following models have some excellent features, helping you be very precise in your work.


How to select a quality jig saw


4Woodworkers need a couple of essential power tools in order to accomplish various projects in their quality comfort zone. One of the most important tools present in the toolbox of a responsible crafter is the jig saw. This powerful tool is used to accurately perform curved cuts or complex patterns on a wide range of materials. Due to its small construction and portability, a jig saw can be used in order to accurately cut through different materials. Taking into account its utility the saw is mainly used to add elegant touches which stand out. This is probably why creative workers are currently looking for powerful jig saws that can help them perform complex cuts. If you want to know how to spot the best model out of the wide range of models available for purchase, this buying guide will help out.

We went through the best jig saw reviews and discovered what makes a product great. First of all you to find a versatile and powerful tool that can be used on the jobsite without problems. The power tool should accommodate a wide range of construction situations, from building new window frames to unique designs on tables and arm chairs. As so many interior designers pointed out, success relies on the quality of details. For newcomers to jig saw, this tool is made of a thin metal blade and a sturdy handle. Due to the thin blade, users can manoeuvre the saw and perform various cuts with minimal effort. There are many advantages of using a jig saw during woodworking tasks. Now, each model comes with its particularities and for this reason alone you need to find a product that matches the workplace needs.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Power Source Price Corded – Cordless Weight Our Rating Where to buy

DeWalt Bare-Tool DC330B

Battery $$$ Cordless 6.2 lb A+ AMAZON

Porter-Cable PC600JS

Electric $$ Corded 6 lb A AMAZON

Makita 4329K

Electric $$ Corded 4.2 lb A AMAZON

DeWalt DW331K

Electric $$$ Corded 9.7 lb B+ AMAZON

Black & Decker JS660

Electric $$ Corded 5.75 lb B+ AMAZON


Finding the best jig saw in 2018 is a great opportunity for people to discover just how much they know about proper woodworking. In most cases people use jig saws in order to cut wood. Still, today’s market offers powerful models that can perform very well on metal, ceramics, paper or plastic. You should also consider the types of cuts the jig saw performs. For instance, most users prefer jig saws for their ability to perform curves. The term of “curve” is pretty loose because also includes circular cuts and more complex patterns. This is why so many artists use jig saws in their craft projects. Still, jig saws can also perform straight cuts when needed.

The best jig saw in 2018 should offer users the chance to perform a wide range of cuts. As a result more and more models come with a pivot function which permits people to tilt the blade for bevel cuts. This particular feature comes in handy when hiding or showing the cut edge in order to catch the viewer’s attention. The market offers corded, cordless and pneumatic jig saws, each with their specific particularities. Recent surveys show that serious construction workers prefer cordless jig saw models because they offer higher work mobility.


Things to consider:

–         A comfortable D-handle which enables you to safely hold the jig saw during jobs

–         Compatible Amps force, for light tasks 3 or 4 maps whereas for heavy-duty work 5 amps

–         Solid construction, so that the blade will resist to prolonged cutting tasks

–         Speed control, which permits you to match the cutting force to the material type



DeWalt Bare-Tool DC330B Cordless Jig Saw


DeWAlt DC330B is one of the most popular jig saws you can possibly buy because it has impressed customers with its reliability and its cutting precision. The shoe bevel has detents ranging from 0 degrees up to 45 degrees. Another impressive feature is its 4 position orbital action provider, cutting down the time it takes you to complete a job. Many expert carpenters believe this is one of the best jig saws in 2018.



As the best jig saw for the money from Dewalt, the Bare-Tool DC330B is a professional tool that permits users to perform straight cuts or curves on solid wood, plastic, embedded wood, metal, plywood and also laminate countertops

This handy tool provides a speed range from 0 to 3000 strokes per minute which more than enough to handle tough tasks

It includes a solid all-metal keyless shoe bevel with 0, 15, 30 and 45 degree detents, thus adding versatility to each cutting task

Backed by an exclusive 3 year warranty and 1 free service this jig saw weighs only 5.1 pounds for easy manoeuvrability



The 18-volt battery is not included (sold separately)

The charger is not present in the basic package (available for purchase separately)


Buy from Amazon.com for ($117.99)

Porter-Cable PC600JS Orbital Jig Saw


Best Jig saws reviewsThis jig saw coming from Porter-Cable has proven to many customers that it can be very reliable, doing some accurate cutting. Tough applications aren’t so hard to do thanks to the powerful 6 amp motor which equips it. Depending on the material you are going to cut and its thickness you can set this jig saw at variable speeds, up to 3200 SPM. Unlike other models this jig saw has a keyless blade change system, faster and easier to do. The best jig saws reviews recommend it for handymen all over the country.



As a clear answer to the question what are the best jig saw from Porter-Cable, the PC600JS is without a doubt a professional cutting tool

Equipped with 7 position speed dial and 4 position orbital lever this jig saw delivers enhanced cutting performance on sink cutouts, plywood, art projects, scrollwork and shelving

The jig saw features 0, 15, 30 and 45 degrees bevel adjustments and 4 orbital settings that allows people to adjust the device for accurate cuts

Powered by 6 amp motor and speeds from 0 to 3200 this handy tool incorporates soft grip handle for comfortable use



Does not include a carrying case (this is an optional accessory available for purchase)


Buy from Amazon.com for: See The Price!




SKIL 4495-02


1.SKIL 4495-02

If you’re looking for a convenient and versatile jig saw but hardly plan to break the bank in order to pay for such a product, it might be a good idea to check out the SKIL 4495-02. In most cases, this model can be bought for less than seventy dollars, and Amazon usually sells it for even less. The low price can’t be correlated with low quality, however, considering that the model features a 6-Amp powerful motor, as well as a built-in laser guide. As such, this machine is one of the most efficient and accurate we’ve seen during our research.



It comes with a laser guide that can give a hand to users when it comes to performing precise cuts.

The speed trigger is variable and is automatically adjusted depending on the cut.

The foot design is stable and allows users to benefit from all the control they might require when using the jig saw.

The 4-position orbital cut control can help you perform either fast or smooth cuts, depending on your momentary needs.



While there are many individuals who have written detailed favorable reviews about the SKIL 4495-02, some of the buyers have reported that this machine is intended strictly for light projects.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($39.97)




Makita 4329K Variable-Speed Jig Saw


Another reliable jig saw is Makita 4329K, which has one of the most impressive price-quality ratios in the market today. Your cutting performance will be enhanced by it, thanks to the multiple speed settings it can work at. The rubberized handle is ergonomic, so the user will feel comfortable while working with it. Vibration is also not a problem because it has a counterweight balancing system. These are just a few features which made us include it in our top list.



As one of the best rated products in 2014, the 4329K jig saw from Makita is powered by a reliable 3.9 amp motor which provides speeds from 500 to 3100 RPM, controllable through the dial

With a solid die-cast aluminum base which bevel cuts to 45 degrees left to right or even 90 degrees for more complex cuts

Includes 3 orbital settings and an ergonomic and rubberized grip for better control during every moment of the cutting process

Designed especially for woodworkers, constructors, yard managers and cabinetry makers this jig saw includes a large trigger switch



The tool case is vulnerable to prolonged exposure to heat

Does not come with a LED light (this lighting tool is available for purchase separately)


Buy from Amazon.com for ($59.99)




DeWalt DW331K Top Handle Jig-Saw


If you want to cut precisely pieces of wood of all shapes or sizes, then you should invest in DeWalt DW331K jig saw. The 6.5 amp motor is very versatile managing to work at various speeds, so you are always prepared to do some accurate cutting, no matter the pattern or the thickness of the material. Because the gear case is made completely out of metal parts, this model is mode durable than most other jig saws. The blades can be changed in just seconds thanks to the keyless lever-action.



Present among this year’s Black Friday deals on top products, the DW331K jig saw from Dewalt is powered by 6.5 amp motor which can deliver from 500 spm to 3100 spm (strokes per minute)

It can deliver 1-inch stroke length and bevel detents at 0, 15, 30 and 45 degrees that improves cuts on delicate and glossy materials

Due to the solid all-metal case and lightweight (6.4 pounds) this jig saw is easy to manoeuvre during each cutting task

Features an extra-large rubber which permits users to enjoy comfortable cutting performance



Benefits from only a limited 90 day money back guarantee

The basic package does not come with a protective case (this is an additional accessory sold separately)


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Black & Decker JS660 Jig Saw


The top jig saws reviews have pointed out that Black & Decker JS660 is a top notch model. This jig saw will set itself automatically when you cut different materials because it is fitted with the SmartSelect technology. Cut in a straight line or curves, it doesn’t matter because the 5 amp motor will make it very precise. Seven speed settings ensure you will be ready to perform all types of cuts on different materials. Even professional carpenters use this jig saw because of its power and precision.



The JS660 model from Black & Decker is a great jig saw for Christmas, designed with advance SmartSelect dial which automatically sets the right optimal settings for cuts on metal, plastic and wood

Present among affordable products that don’t disappoint this powerful jig saw is powered by 5 AMP variable motor which can reach 3.000 SPM (strokes per minute)

Features a solid Accu-Bevel level which permits people to perform rapid and accurate bevel angle adjustments up to 45 degrees

Backed by an exclusive 2 year warranty and measuring 13.13 inches by 4.88 inches by 9.69 inches this jig saw is easy to use on various types of materials



The jig saw does not come with a carrying case (sold separately)

The user guide requires more information on the Smart Select dial


Buy from Amazon.com for ($77.99)