Top rated jewelry holders in 2019


Thousands of American women have different types of jewelry. Owning gold, silver and platinum necklaces, rings or bracelets involves proper storage issues. Women understand the importance of purchasing the right jewelry holder in order to keep each piece safe. Fortunately the market is packed with different types of holders, designed to impress with their unique shapes and utility. We drafted the best jewelry holder reviews after studying over 35 top rated products. After one week of extensive studies and quality tests we determined that five products should be on the nightstand of any beautiful woman. The following jewelry holders were selected after a long screening process.


Umbra Orchid Jewelry Tree


Best jewelry holder reviewsOut of the many jewelry holders available on the market it appears that Umbra Orchid Jewelry Tree represents a stunning example of beauty. Regarded as the best jewelry holder in 2019, this subtle device allows women to gracefully organize bracelets, necklaces, rings and many more. The jewelry tree was designed out of sturdy metal and superb powder-coated finish in grey. This product measures around 15 by 9 by 5-1/2 inch, the ideal size to occupy any nightstand. The jewelry tree offers 12 spots for safe hanging. In addition, it incorporates a stable leaf-shaped dish which is perfect for holding rings.

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Dial Triple Tier Jewelry Bracelet Organizer Display Stand


Most of the best jewelry holder reviews underline the stunning design of Dial Triple Tier Jewelry. This beautiful display stand is a great addition to any woman that has different types of jewelry. With this stand anyone can organize better jewelry pieces. It includes special plush velvet that manages to prevent damages and scratches. The stand has a solid and wide base for enhanced stability. Due to its high and slim design, this stand can accommodate even tall necklaces. This exclusive jewelry display stand is present in thousands of jewelry stores. It brings elegance to any dorm room, helping women pick the right piece!

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Chic Citizen Two Lady Earring Holder and Necklace Stand


There are thousands of American women searching for the ultimate jewelry stand, capable of holding different earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Out of the many jewelry holders available on the market it seems that more and more women have on their nightstands Chic Citizen Two Lady. This holder has a sublime design, with 2 lady silhouettes which can hold up 46 pairs of earrings. In addition, the holder includes 12 rotating hooks that accommodate more than one necklace per hook. It also features an exclusive bracelet line! This jewelry holder measures 14” (H) x 13 1/2″ (W), the ideal dimensions for any nightstand!

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Household Essentials 80-Pocket Hanging Jewelry


The current top jewelry holder reviews emphasize on the beautiful design of Household Essentials Hanging Jewelry. With this jewelry stand women can keep track of their jewels, from small earrings to large necklaces. It has a dual side construction which organizes better different accessories and jewels. The jewelry stand is designed with highly resistant vinyl construction and special metal hanger that suspends necklaces from a hook. This model from Household Essentials comes with 80 soft pockets which can protect jewelry pieces. It measures around 35 inches by 18 inches, covering little space on any nightstand. Due to its sleek appearance, this holder blends easily in any surrounding.

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MyGift Jewelry Holder, Jewelry Stand


A growing number of women are now searching for the best jewelry holder in 2019. Today’s customer testimonials underline the sublime design of MyGift Jewelry Holder. Measuring 12.5” W x 13.5” H, this holder can be placed on any nightstand. It offers 48 holes and 10 precise hooks which cover ll the basics for different types of jewels. So, women have the possibility of placing earrings, bracelets and necklaces without any problems whatsoever. This stand can be used at home or in special jewelry stores. Anyone can offer this jewelry stand as a gift to other women or girls.

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