Best Jewelry Boxes under $25


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If you have a lot of jewelries, you need to have a place at which they can be stored in order to make sure that they are safe and that they will not be prone to elements that can damage their quality. In this case, you might want to have one of the best jewelry boxes under $25 that will be mentioned in the rest of this article.


Ballerina Treasure Music Box


Best Jewelry Boxes under $25Whether you are a ballerina or not, you will surely find this jewelry box a good option. Among the other things that can be expected from such, one that is worth mentioning is the dancing ballerina. Aside from its entertaining movement, it is also complemented with good music that automatically plays once the jewelry box is opened. It has a beautiful illustration and color on the outside. When opened, it has a mirror on the top at which you can see yourself as you wear the jewelries taken out of the box.

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“I got the Ballerina jewelry box by chance, because I came across it in a jewelry store and I figuered it would be a excellent place to keep my personal jewelry. I love the sweet music it plays everytime I open it, remind me of my childhood.” Rebecca Hunter


Willow Tree Friendship Keepsake Box


If you are looking for a jewelry box that can prove to be a good gift for a close friend, this is one product that you will not regret purchasing. Once it is opened, you can see printed text that says “Forever true, forever friends.” The carving that is seen on the lid also illustrates how special your friendship is. Aside from the jewelries, this can also serve as a good storage box for all of your keepsakes. It is only three inches, which makes it compact and easy to keep.

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“My best friend gave me this box for my jewelry and now for me it has so much sentimental value because she is away with work on another continent. A lot of little compartments allow me to keep my jewels in a logical order, I miss my bf so much.” Jessie Barry


Enchantmints Unicorn Music Box


Once you open this jewelry box, it is going to play “The Unicorn” and you will see the mirror that is attached on the top. In different reviews about the best jewelry boxes under $25, many have revealed that one thing they liked about such is that it has four drawers. Because of the several compartments, you will find it easy to separate your jewelries from each other. This is also a good way to make sure that they do not mix with each other and that you can easily find what you are looking for.

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“I gave this Unicorn jewelry box as a present to my daughter to keep her necklaces, earings and bracelets  in it. She absolutely adores it, she loves the music and the pictures, everything about it. I am really pleased I had managed to get my daughter something special.” Hannah Fellow


Willow Tree Grandmother Keepsake Box


This is a good choice if you are looking for a jewelry box that can be given as a gift to your grandmother or mother. When opened, one can see a text that reads “Love that transcends the years”, which is indicative of the love that you have for the recipient. The lid of this jewelry box has a carving of a mother holding a child. This product has an oval shape and is only 3 inches in size. Lastly, many have also liked such because it is very easy to clean.

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“I saw it in a jewlerly shop and I immediately thought it would be a perfect gift for my grandmother, because I love her so much. I was right, she cryed tears of joy when I gave it to her, seeing the picture and the writing on it. All gradma`s should have a jewelry box like this from their nices.” Vanessa Smith


BestDealUSA 10-Grid Jewelry Box


This is another product that is often mentioned as one of the best jewelry boxes under $25. This is a perfect item to have for watch collectors, as it can fit 10 watches in the box. Additionally, it is also a good thing that the top is made of transparent plastic that makes it easy to see the watches that are inside the box the outside is made from fax leather, which makes it look elegant. On the other hand, the inside is made from suede.

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“I bought it for myself because it was cheap, simple and very practicle. Now I have a nice and safe place to keep my jewlerly so I don’t lose them around the house. I recommend this as a very cheap and pleasant solution for a jewelry box.” Silvia McAdams