Top rated jewelry boxes in 2019


If buying a jewelry box has always been on your mind but just could not make the choice from the wide varieties available then let me help you with the following review on the best jewelry box reviews to give you some idea of the most popular and sought after jewelry boxes in the market by the young girls and ladies of all ages.


How to choose a good jewelry box – Professional purchasing guide


jewMillions of people around the world own jewelry, from chains, rings to earrings and bracelets. This is why we are not surprised to see a growing interest in especially designed jewelry boxes, capable of offering a protective and enclosed environment. You probably noticed that the market is more than generous when it comes to boxes where you can place with ease superb diamond earrings, gold bangles, wedding rings or even beautiful pearls. How can you find the most efficient jewelry box out of the many people available on the market?With relevant information, usually coming from some of the best jewelry box reviews, you will be able to find the most efficient product, capable of protecting them from harmful agents. For most people jewelry has emotional value to those that wear them, and not from a financial standpoint.

As you soon will discover, there are many jewelry cases, available in different sizes, shapes and made out of special materials. Consulting the present best jewelry box reviews represents the quickest way to narrow the search down to one single product.Every wardrobe should come equipped with a nice jewelry box, created with well-organize closet which makes it very easy to store various items. So, you will find on the market some of the following models: jewelry case, jewelry stand, wooden box and keepsake box. This is why you need to take into consideration a couple of factors: construction, design, materials and locking mechanism. In order to pinpoint better a particular model from the best jewelry box in 2019, you need to materials particularities.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Dimensions Price Color/Finish Musical Box Customer Rating Where to buy

Mele Harmony Jewelry Box

5.4 x 10.3 x 9.5 inches $$$ Cherry finish Plays “Beautiful Dreamer” A++ AMAZON

Kendal Shining Image Jewelry Box

10.25 x 7.5 x 8.75 inches $$ Brown leather No A AMAZON

Lenox Childhood Memories

7 x 5 x 4.2 inches $$ Metal Plays “Für Elise” A AMAZON

Keepsake Window Organizer Box

7 7/8 x 5 5/8 x 4 inches $ Wood and glass window No B+ AMAZON

Mele Rene 545-62M

10 1/2 x 7 1/4 x 2 3/8 inches $$ Onyx Black sueded No C+ AMAZON


Most of the current jewelry boxes can be made out of wood, leather, steel for enhanced durability. When it comes to elegance, boxes are completed with satin and velvet linings, advanced fabric linings, gemstone and pearls. Furthermore boxes include special interior compartments which can keep bracelets, charms and pendants. With the best jewelry box in 2019 you will keep different pieces in check, secure and far from external damaging factors. Another thing you have to take into account is construction. A jewelry box is first and foremost designed to offer heightened security to anything you place inside. So, find a device with drawers which should fit different pieces. Furthermore they should have a top lid with strong hinges, jewelry armoires and keepsake boxes, with precise security. You might also try to find boxes with special stands where you can places necklaces and earrings.

Identifying the most efficient jewelry box can be pretty difficult. You need a product with special compartments, separate for each type of jewelry. Place necklaces in one part, earrings in another part and so on. The design of a box should weigh heavily during your selection process. There are many boxes with specific designs, in direct accordance with genre and age. Choose a product which can respect your personality and capable of providing precise security. Within the comfort of your home, you need to find a jewelry case which gives you a peace of mind, knowing that all your valuable things are safe.


Things to consider:

–          Types of jewelry box, in direct accordance with materials

–          Compartments disposition

–          Design in accordance with age and genre

–          Construction of jewelry boxes: armoires, keepsake and stands.



Mele Harmony Jewelry Box


If you are in the lookout for a jewelry box that can match your furniture settings of your room, pick up this one as its hard wood finished exterior will simply give you the idea of a mini wardrobe holder.  Coming from the famed Mele Companies of the USA which has been in the business since 1912, nothing can be better than having this product from the maestros of the artifact. Priced a little for than $50, I loved the box for its cherry finish and the beautiful antique brass tone handle for the tiny drawers.



Embodies elegance and charm with a scalloped lift lid and antique brass drawer pulls to lend a sophisticated profile to the already luxurious design

Soft ivory lining protects precious stones and settings when kept inside the classical beauty musical jewelry box with exceptional storage capacity

Comes with an extraordinary cherry finish and has twin swing-out necklace doors fitted with three hooks each

Jewelry box plays Beautiful Dreamer and has a mirror on the lift lid plus a compartment at the top of each drawer and a necklace catch at the bottom



More expensive selling price does not make this one of the best affordable jewelry boxes 2019 for those seeking a bargain

No stops on the drawers


I am satisfied Mele Harmony Musical Box because it has all the space I need for my jewelry, helping me keep them in perfect order. It has tiny drawers which are really nice-looking compared to other products in the market. This jewelry is hte perfect place for my jewelry.” Terry Stone


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Kendal Shining Image Brown Leather


Best jewelry box reviews

Yes, it is a jewelry box that holds so much space that will simply surprise you. Beautifully hand crafted from quality leather, this amazing looking box once unfastened can open into easy slide out drawers, storage pouches, detachable box, side flaps with hooks and what not. Priced between $60 – $70 this box can be an ideal buy for yourself or for your mother. I personally liked this jewelry box immensely because of its storage capacity and which is basically its purpose.



Built with five slide-out drawers and twenty compartments plus three large storage pouches and 10 necklace hooks to give large storage capacity for trinkets and jewelry

Lushly lined in suede for that luxurious feel supplemented by oiled leather finish and strong syntha-hide to ensure lasting use

Has two detachable earring holders to store up to 30 earrings, for 20 post earrings and ten hanging ones

Snap closures on the twin fold out side compartments are perfect for storing bracelets, necklaces and other items



Not featured in many best affordable jewelry boxes reviews due to pricier tag

Not a musical jewelry box


I feel secured when I store my jewelries in Shining Image Brown Leather. It has different layers where I can put and sort my jewelries. It has a very nice design and construction which I admire the most. I definitely recommend it for jewelry enthusiasts like me.” Dorothy Hill


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Lenox Childhood Memories Ballerina Box


The metal crafted box with elegant design in shiny silver finish opens up to stunning pink-lined compartments to hold finger rings and ear rings. For added customization you can also engrave the name of your little sweethearts on the large heart in the outside of the box. Priced a little less than $30, surprise your little ones with this jewelry box and make her feel like a princess when the box will open to play “Für Elise” and a beautiful ballerina starts dancing. No wonder the box came within the lists of the best jewelry box reviews.



Classic and coveted design in a ballerina jewelry box with a tiny ballerina figure poised on en-pointe balance when the box is opened

Charming design has a sculpted quilt pattern on the outside integrated with dozens of cute little hearts and a large heart on the top and front

Pink-lined compartments to accommodate various rings and favorite trinkets, made for a little girl’s jewelry-and-trinket collection

Strong and sturdy metal construction and plays Fur Elise every time the box is opened, makes the perfect gift for any fashion-inspired little girl



Holds a limited variety of jewelry

No drawers or locks


Lenox Childhood Memories Ballerina Box has the cutest of designs and this is why I bought if from Amazon on Black Friday for a very cheap price. It is also very spacious and I can organize my jewelry well. I give it a five star rating and I’m sure it’s one of the highest rated boxes out there.” Cheryl Christian


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Keepsake Window Organizer Box


You can never imagine what you will get with a jewelry box priced between $15 to $20. But with this product you will be astounded to get a glamorous wood crafted jewelry box within the same price range. This little chest of drawers may be a bit smaller than the widely available jewelry boxes but nothing can get you to this wood and glass top finished polished box. With 2 slide-on drawers and a glass-top storage to keep your little everyday wear things neat, organized, and easy-to-be-found; this jewelry box can add valor to your dresser. The reason I loved the product is for its striking simplicity and the wonderful see-through top.



See-through windows allow easy locating of stored jewelry in the top drawer in seconds, eliminating tedious and time-consuming rummaging

Lovely chest design has elegant fabric lining all throughout plus a special organizer section where earrings, rings and other precious trinkets can be stored easily

Lightweight at 1.8 pounds and measuring 4 inches high x 7 7/8 inches and 5 5/8 inches, to fit into the top of a standard dresser

Has a wood and glass window that facilitate easy jewelry organizing and storage inside the beautiful jewelry box



Does not play a tune

Not able to hold a large collection of jewelry


I was attracted by the simplicity of Keepsake Window Organizer  Box and its spacious interior. This jewelry box really organizes my things well, thanks to the spacious drawers, making me believe it’s one of the most reliable models money can buy. I don’t quite know what’s the best jewelry box in 2019, but I do know this model is all that a girl could wish for.” Daisy Cauthen


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Mele Rene Black Suede 545-62M Box


With a 2 and ½ inch depth, each compartment can easily hold up to 3 pairs of smaller ear rings or 2 pairs of the larger types. Besides you can also fold down your chain necklaces or bracelets in to the compartments if you like. In addition the cute mirror fixed lid also holds a pouch that can act as an extra storage. For the black suede sophisticated design and silver toned metal snaps, I would say that this best jewelry box reviews acclaimed box, which is available for only around $22 – $26 can be a great jewelry organizer for home use as well as for long-term vacation trips.



Perfect to take during travels as it conveniently provides storage for jewelry while keeping those precious trinkets safely stored with a durable silver-tone snap closure

Box has 24 equally-sized compartments to store rings and earrings or small brooches plus a shirred pocket to accommodate necklaces and bracelets

Interior is of hand-lined ivory suede fabric to ensure a soft enclosure for delicate jewelry settings and gems

Outer surface is lined with onyx-black suede fabric for that rich and elegant appearance



Small variety of jewelry that can be stored inside a single-layer box

Not a musical jewelry box


If you are looking for spacious jewelry box then you can buy Mele Rene Black Suede 545-62M Box, just like I did. My numerous earring collection is all in this box and I am glad I decided to buy this reliable jewelry box. I think any girl would love to get this as a Xmas present because it’s one of the most popular jewelry boxes in 2019.” Donna Harris


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