Top rated jawhorse in 2018


Being a real handyman must mean you have an extensive tool collection in your garage or shed, so you are ready to perform all sorts of jobs. One particular power tool you must own is a reliable jawhorse, to hold steady all sorts of applications you need to work on. If you are still searching for a top notch model and are not sure which one to get, then give the best jawhorse reviews a try and they will surely point you in the right direction.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Clamping Force Price Dimensions Warranty Our Rating Where to buy

Rockwell RK9000

1 ton $$$ 34 x 39 x 39 inch Included A+ AMAZON

Rockwell RK9002

1 ton $$$$ 39.8 x 17.9 x 15.9 inch Included B+ AMAZON

Rockwell RK9003

1 ton $$$ 33.1 x 15 x 15.4 inch Included A AMAZON

Triton SJA200

1 ton $$ 12 x 30.5 x 12 inch Included A AMAZON

Powerstroke Blackmax BMC001

1 ton $$$ 30 x 14 x 13 inch No B+ AMAZON



Rockwell RK9000 Jawhorse


Best jawhorse reviewsWhen it comes to popularity no jawhorse can beat Rockwell RK9000 and this is due to the reliability of this model. For safety reasons it has foot operated pedal, so there is no chance of hand injuries occurring. The overall clamping force it can produce is 1-ton, allowing it to have a firm grip on the material you need to work with. A simple to operate switch will lock or unlock the material. Overall we believe the RK9000 through its features is the best jawhorse in 2018.



Most of the current user reviews point to the RK900 jawhorse from Rockwell as the best product under $500 available on the market today, known for its advanced and dependable workstation clamping system

Designed to match the needs of various applications like construction furniture, fence posts or sheetrocking this jawhorse features an exclusive hands-free foot pedal in order to apply up to 2.200 pounds of force on various materials

It includes strong jaws that can be opened up to 37 inches wide, enough to hold doors in place for different adjustments

This model comes with a special folding design which ensures fast storage when not in use



Does not include a chainsaw jaw (this is an accessory sold separately)

Does not come with a saddlebag (useful tool for organisation but sold separately)


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Rockwell RK9002 Jawhorse Sheetmaster


Rockwell RK9002 will just the thing you need to hold different appliances in place, so you have a stable base for working. With it you can clamp pieces of material from 0 to 49 inches in diameter, to better work with them . Because it is made from heavy-duty metal parts it can support a top load of 600 lbs. You can easily transport it as well because it folds down quickly to a compact size. The best jawhorse reviews recommend it as being a very reliable model, which won’t let you down.



Who makes the best jawhorse? Most of our research underlines the positive feedback Rockwell products received along the years. This is why we recommend the RK9002 jawhorse sheetmaster to any serious woodworker or crafter

Due to its flexible design this jawhorse allows users to set up projects and handle them in a stable and comfortable manner, with no mishaps along the way

Features very powerful clamping jaws, helping users accurately clamp doors, long sheets of plywood within a width of 49 inches

This powerful jawhorse is made of sold steel and offers 10x the clamping force of a standard vise tool



Contains plastic parts but they are hard impact plastic which resist to prolonged use

Some minor assembly is needed but the manual offers the right information for each step


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Rockwell RK9003 Jawhorse Material Support


If you are looking for an excellent price-quality ratio on a jawhorse, look no further than Rockwell RK9003. It doesn’t weigh much, so it is excellent for when you are always on the move from one site to another, plus it folds in under a minute. The tripod base is very stable on even surfaces, thus limiting the chance of accidents occurring. The hand pedal operation ensures your hands will be safe always. The very stable working base this model provides ensures it makes it in our top five.



One of the best rated jawhorse from Rockwell is the RK9003, a model which provides assistance for a variety of applications such as clamping, holding or supporting large wood materials

Features a powerful foot pedal lever that can be used to create around 2.200 pounds of clamping force, optimal for managing complex projects like hanging doors, setting fence posts or even installing crown moldings

This 43 pound jawhorse is made of durable steel which offers heightened durability and strength during projects

Benefits from an exclusive 5 year warranty and offers a clamping range of 37 inches, ideal to clamp lumber for sawing, cutting or sanding operations



Does not come with accessories which are available for purchase separately


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Triton SJA200 Superjaws Workbench


Triton SJA200 is a very good option for a jawhorse which also comes at an affordable price. The jaws can hold an object from 0 inches to 36 inches in diameter, keeping it in place firmly. When you can fold a jawhorse in 20 seconds, moving quickly from place to place is not an issue. The 2.200 pound of clamping pressure will keep the material firmly in place. The top jawhorse reviews recommend investing it this workbench from Triton.



Whats the best product? According to the reviews that we consulted, professional woodworkers and handymen can safely opt for the SJA200 Superjaws workbench from Triton, a model known to offer stability during each clamping situation

As one of the highest rated products available on the market, this model features durable jaws which can be adjusted from 0 to 36 inches, thus providing 360 degree work mobility

Made of a heavy-duty steel completed by an exclusive corrosion resistant epoxy finish this jawhorse will be a long-time companion to users

It offers a swift folding system which permits people to transport it from one worksite to another faster



The height of the jawhorse is not adjustable

Does not come with clamping accessories


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Rockwell Jawhorse RK9110 Miter Saw Station Accessory Attachment


As an accessory for the Rockwell jawhorse production line you can purchase RK91110 Miter Saw Station accessory attachment. Additional legs can also be added to the main frame for even more support and work stability. For mounting it on a miter saw or jawhorse you won’t require any tools and the whole process is done in a jiffy. You can add rollers to the mix as well, again without any complicated steps. Getting this accessory will really enhance your work capability and its price makes it very accessible too.

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