How to Choose the Best Jaw Locking Pliers


The best jaw locking pliers reviews provide information on this tool that can be used by craftspeople to hold, grip and turn objects, making the product highly useful in the plumbing, electrical and cosmetic industries. The over-center action locks the pliers into position, giving you a good grip. To ensure a great buy, you should know the essential elements to check out in this kind of tool.

Jaw locking pliers - top 5

Solid Build

Since the products featured in the best jaw locking pliers reviews should be able to function as clamps, wrenches and pliers, they should be manufactured using high quality components to ensure lasting use.

Most models are equipped with rugged machined and forged jaws that provide dependable durability and strength together with a redesigned teeth profile. Others boast of an all-steel construction to provide resilience against chipping and corrosion, maintaining the tool’s integrity through the years.

Some models come with a superb nickel-plated finish that endows them with resistance to rust and chipping, as well. Others are manufactured using high-grade heat-treated alloy steel that ensures ample durability and premium toughness. Only a select few actually come with a limited lifetime warranty, so if your prospect tool carries that assurance, better grab it.




The best jaw locking pliers 2022 work as a combination tool to hold, clamp or turn bolts and other objects using a secure grip. Very few of them come in an entire set of varying sizes, along with a few other elements besides. Those products offer good bang for the buck since you get more at a great price.

Others are equipped with straight jaws that grip nuts and bolts, flat workpieces and sheet metal for clamping, tightening, turning and twisting round or multi-cornered objects including nuts or piping. Some models are equipped with a built-in wire cutter for even more flexibility. Others feature a curved jaw design with an integrated wire cutter, allowing you to optimize tool use. The heavy duty jaws can clamp around stock of all shapes, making them perfect for use by welders, mechanic and plumbers.


Ease of Use

Generally, all top rated jaw locking pliers 2022 can be used to turn, twist, clamp and tighten faceted objects with ease. Most models offer compound action to deliver a powerful non-slip secure grip, while others offer one-handed squeeze action plus trigger release to provide easy re-positioning. There are locking pliers that ensure a no-pinch, quick-release or pull-style lever that unlocks and enables use of the pliers with just one hand.

A screw can be adjusted to modify pressure and fit the stock. The pliers should stay adjusted for repeatable use. Easy jaw resizing can be achieved via the threaded opening screw. The tool should enable easy operation even with gloved hands.


Top Rated Jaw Locking Pliers in 2022


People in various industries such as the plumbing and electrical sectors find plenty of uses for locking pliers. Offering versatile usage, locking pliers are actually combination tools that integrate cutting, bending, clamping and tightening actions to facilitate job completion. When buying this type of tool, the consumer needs to know exactly what features to look for to ensure optimal use. The products below demonstrate just what this tool is intended for.


Apex Tool Group Crescent CLP5SET


1. Crescent 5-PieceThe Crescent 5-Piece Locking Pliers Set from the Apex Tool Group offers genuine value for money as it comes with a variety of pliers to suit every application on the job and at home. The five-piece set includes three curved jaw locking pliers of varying sizes namely, 5 inches, 7 inches and 10 inches, which help you tackle any size workpiece. The included 6-inch and 9-inch long nose locking pliers enable you to easily access hard-to-reach spots. All the pliers in the set deliver maximum jaw opening per ASME specs. They all have a patented angled tooth pattern that enables them to give a good grip every time.

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Irwin Tools Vise-Grip 12LC


2.Vise-Grip 12LCThe Vise-Grip 12LC Large Jaw Locking Pliers are outfitted with heavy-duty jaws that are able to grip around work of all shapes, making the tool ideal for welders, mechanics, plumbers and other craftspeople working with large objects. The pliers are ideal for turning, twisting, tightening and clamping using a simple turn of the screw to adjust the pressure and easily fit the workpiece. The pliers stay adjusted to allow repeated use. Constructed of premium-grade heat-treated alloy steel, the pliers boast superior durability and toughness.

The heavy-duty large jaw handles any faceted object with ease. The full lifetime warranty ensures quality craftsmanship.

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Grip-On 111-10


3.Grip-On 111-10The Grip-On 111-10 Locking Pliers provide a firm grip around objects to facilitate turning, twisting, clamping and tightening of stock effortlessly. The pliers have rugged forged jaws characterized by a redesigned teeth profile to ensure reliable durability and strength. This tool offers a means for users to work on faceted objects without exerting too much effort, thanks to the threaded opening screw that provides easy resizing of the jaws. The lever offers a non-pinch, quick-release control mechanism to unlock the pliers easily. The Grip-On 111-10 Locking Pliers have a maximum capacity of 2 ½ inches to handle various sizes of objects with total flexibility.

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4.TEKTON 3712The TEKTON 3712 has straight jaws that easily grip nuts and bolts, sheet metal and flat workpieces. The pliers lock on with adjustable force to help you get a reliable and secure grip without slipping easily out of your hand. The one-handed squeeze action is supplemented by the trigger release to facilitate fast re-positioning. Easy to operate, the pliers enable use even with gloves on. The pliers have a classic all-steel construction with hardened forged jaws that deliver the awesome versatility of a combination of a clamp, wrench and pliers. Once the jaw capacity is set, the pliers let you lock, unlock and re-position then lock again so you can continue working.

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Stanley 84-809


5. Stanley 84-809The Stanley 84-809 MaxSteel Locking Pliers have curved jaws that are ideal for turning, tightening, twisting and clamping round or multi-cornered objects including nuts and bolts and piping. The pliers are designed for easy tool service thanks to how the user just turns the screw to modify the holding pressure and fit the workpiece. The pull-style, non-pinching lever does its job with just one hand. The built-in wire cutter enables you to utilize the tool to bend or cut cables or wires. The machined and forged jaws ensure reliable durability for years of use. The device ships with a limited lifetime warranty to serve as an assurance of superior craftsmanship.

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