In a rush? Finding time to read about the best Japanese kitchen knives could prove impossible. But that’s where we can help. Just by reading this paragraph you should be ready to make a great choice. To make sure you have access to relevant information, we surveyed dozens of user reviews and took note of the features that make up the value for the money. Our examination reveals that the Shun DM0706 Classic is what you should be looking for. This knife has top-quality material. The VG-10 stainless steel is layered by 32 sheets of high carbon stainless steel, which gives it phenomenal strength and excellent sharpness. To further increase its durability, the manufacturer provided it with rust resistance. The knife is easy to hold and work with as it’s outfitted with a black laminated D-shaped handle. When the Shun DM0706 Classic is not available for purchase, the product that is closest to this great deal is the Zhen VG-10.



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Every kitchen should be equipped with reliable kitchen knives that can cut through fruits, vegetables and even meat with ease. There are many types of knives designed for kitchen use. The trick is to find the most efficient one, made of solid steel and featuring sharp blades. The current offer on knives revolves around German and Japanese knives. According to recent statistics it seems that more and more people use Japanese knives during their culinary projects. What makes these knives so special? Well, it mostly comes down to the quality of the design and the sturdiness of the blades. Recent culinary surveys show that a growing number of American kitchens have Santoku knives with specially designed Japanese blades.


Knife configuration

Japanese knives are known for their capacity to deliver smooth cuts, and all in a gentle move. Still, before you go on and select the next Japanese model you get your hands on; try to consult some of the best Japanese kitchen knives reviews. We were able to test 30 of the most efficient knives available on the market for over 80 hours straight. A good knife should deliver efficient cuts with minimal effort. There are big differences between knives, from blade shape, weight and proper edge. Now, let us take things slowly and understand what makes certain knives so popular. A Santoku knife has a leaf shape, ideal for covering every inch of different ingredients.


Blade configuration

Learning more about some of the best Japanese kitchen knives in 2019 represents a chance to discover the true meaning of perfect cuts. Such knives have a long body with very sharp edges at the end. It is important to consider the blade length, for optimal cutting performance. Most of the standard kitchen knives have a 7 inch cutting surface. Still, such lengths vary from one knife to the next. As a result you need to determine which blade length is best suited for different cutting applications. Another important aspect to take into account revolves around blade thickness. Most of the current Japanese knives have a thickness of 1/2 which offers amazing cutting precision. Take into account handle construction because it will help you have a proper grip every time you cut something. The current Japanese kitchen knives include a grid angle set somewhere between 10 to 12 degrees.

Picking out a model from the best Japanese kitchen knives in 2019 can be pretty challenging given the multitude of products. You should know that most of the most popular Japanese knives are made of strong stainless steel. Such blades can handle complex culinary projects without any problems whatsoever. For smooth culinary results you need to use knives that feel right in your hand. As so many culinary reviews pointed out, a respectable chef takes care of the knives he uses to prepare delicious treats with minimal effort. This is why you have to carefully weigh your options!



Top rated Japanese kitchen knives in 2019


Now that you know how to choose a good Japanese kitchen knife, it’s time you made your choice. Just below we have showcased the best models that are currently available so you should definitely take a look at their features before placing your order.



Shun DM0706 Classic


Best Japanese Kitchen Knives Reviews The brand name in itself is already enough reason for you to consider buying this chef knife. Shun Classic has been in the market for many years. It has gained reputation for making high quality cutlery that has dominated their competition.

This 8-inch chef knife has high-carbon VG10 component. The most significant benefit of using this material is that it offers users edge retention, allowing the knife to stay sharp through the years, even if it is frequently used.



Versatile Classic knife measuring 8 inches made for dicing, chopping and slicing plus lots more, to make short work of cutting and food preparation in the modern kitchen

Constructed of VG-10 stainless steel coated with over 30 layers of high-carbon stainless steel, making the knife easier to hone and for it to maintain a sharp edge

Layered surface has attractive pattern, the product of Damascus steel construction super-imposed with protective coating against easy formation of rust

D-shaped handle made with black laminated pakkawood, solely intended to provide a secure grip while slicing, and a variety of comfortable holding positions for ease of use



Blade constructed of sturdier metal requires regular sharpening and not just simple honing

May be lightweight but that can serve to highlight the premium knife’s fragility for some users


“I ordered this knife from Shun from Amazon because I saw it had some great feedback from satisfied customers. After using it for preparing ingredients for all sorts of meals I can see why it’s regarded as such a high quality knife. I always have a firm grip on it and this makes me certain I won’t cut myself.” – Emily S. McBride


Buy from for ($149.95)






ZHEN VG-10 Gyuto


Aside from the use of VG-10 Japanese steel, this kitchen knife also has a Damascus dragon pattern. The combination of these makes it possible for this model to stay sharp for prolonged periods of time. It can resist stain and rust, which will give the knife a longer functional life. The knife is also easy to clean, making it easier to maintain its best quality. Lastly, it is bacteria-resistant, giving you the guarantee that it will not affect the foods being prepared.




Constructed from Japanese top-grade VG-10 steel, with Japanese stainless cutting core clad in 67 layers of Damascus steel, 33 layers on every side and through hardness index of HRC 6062 signifying very hard steel

Damascus pattern on the knife made to improve resistance against staining and also to prevent food from sticking to the body of the knife while cutting

Carries a full tang design supplemented by classic oval-shaped tightly-attached pakkawood handle made to ensure slipping of the knife from the hands while creating a comfortable hold in the palm

Sharp edge made durable and long lasting to cut fruit, meat and vegetables



Not made for chopping bones, but then again, bone cutting is a job for special heavy-duty cutting implements

Incredibly sharp knife made in Taiwan but performance is tops


“For me, Zhen VG-10 Gyuto is the best Japanese kitchen knife 2019 I have ever used. I’m a professional chef and I have cut with quite a few Japanese knives, but none compare to the level of this model. I would recommend getting this knife because its blade has a bacteria-resistant coating. I don’t know who makes the best Japanese kitchen knives, but I’m positive this model is one of the most reliable money can buy.” – Donald Robb


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Happy Sales HSKN-3KN0


By being hand-forged and hand-carved, this knife set can be considered as being excellent in terms of craftsmanship, which has been also regarded in different best Japanese kitchen knives reviews as a major reason for its popularity in the market. Attention has been given to every detail, making it result into knives that are able to compete strongly in the worldwide market. Even after years of use, it will still look and function at its best as it does not stain and rust.




Designed and made in Japan by Sekiru Corporation , with 3 pieces in the set that include: a sashimi chef’s knife with 8-inch blade and total length of 13 inches; an 11 7/8-inch long Nariki Chef’s knife with 6.5-inch blade; and an 11 7/8-inch Santoku chef’s knife with 6.5-inch blade

Made in Seki City in Japan, where the makers of acknowledged fine cutlery have been in the business for many centuries

Razor-sharp knives with hand-forged knife body and treated with hand carving and traditional Japanese engraving that contribute to their premium sharp edges

Blade material is made to be resistant to rust and corrosion, of high-carbon stainless steel that is resistant to stain and discolorations, with genuine Japanese hardwood on the handles



Knives need very little detergent for washing to protect their quality

Must be washed by hand to preserve sharpness, and may require a knife “steeler”, not just an ordinary knife sharpener


“The knives from this set cut easily through any type of food and don’t make me lose time when I’m preparing a Japanese meal. I definitely like the set’s design as well and even go as far as to recommend it for other people who enjoy Japanese cuisine. It was the best Xmas gift I could have received from my wife. I’m positive it’s one of the highest rated Japanese kitchen knives in 2019.” – Harold Wasserman


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Shun Premier


For many people who have used this knife, one thing that they praise is that it allows the reduction of drag as they cut. This is possible thanks to the hand-hammered finish. This knife is also made from Damascus steel, which adds up to its praiseworthy cutting performance that does not change over the years. Lastly, the handle is made from prime pakkawood that will allow you to comfortably hold it in your hand while cutting, without losing grip.




Premium chef’s knife measures 8 inches and is made to be a top-quality all-purpose knife that can handle the most demanding slicing and chopping jobs for both meat and vegetables

Constructed of layered Damascus steel treated with attractive traditional hand-hammered finish called Tsuchime in Japanese

Unique hand-hammered finish intended to reduce drag when handling cutting jobs so food does not stick to the knife blade

Handle made of quality pakkawood rests comfortably into the palm of the user to offer a variety of secure and firm grips without causing discomfort or hand fatigue



Mentioned in numerous best Japanese chef’s knife reviews, the lightweight Shun  8-inch chef’s knife has a narrow bolster and thin blade that may not be appropriate for heavy duty tasks that only German knives can take on

Debris can accumulate in the grooves on the hand-hammered knife, which should therefore be thoroughly washed and dried after use


“My favorite cuisine is the Japanese one and I have even upgraded my kitchen with all that I need to cook the traditional recipes. One of my knives is Shun Premier and I like using it because it’s extra sharp, plus very light. I found very useful info about it in the best Japanese kitchen knives reviews.” – Shane Stump


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Ross Henery Professional Set


Many of the best Japanese kitchen knives reviews, many users pointed out that this set comes with 8 knives that will prove to be useful for a variety of uses. The entire set consists of chef’s knife, filleting knife, carving knife, cleaver, bread knife, meat fork, boning knife, paring knife, and sharpening steel. With this, you can be assured of getting the best value for your money as you will be provided with a complete set of knives that can be used in the kitchen.




The perfect chef’s knife set that student chefs, homeowners and professional kitchen professionals must own, consisting of nine different pieces to suit any slicing and cutting job and for other uses

Every knife has a plastic cover on their blades to enable safe and easy transporting in the convenient canvas carrying case

Every knife in the set is forged from a single sheet of stainless steel and made super sharp for highly-functional use in the kitchen

Set includes: 10-inch carving knife; 8-inch filleting knife; 8-inch bread knife; 8-inch Chef’s knife; 7-inch Cleaver; 12-inch-long Sharpening Steel; 10-inch  meat fork; 6-inch boning Knife; and 4-inch paring knife



Can be the ultimate choice for  best Japanese chef’s knife 2019 if it came with a carrying case made of stronger material, as suggested by some users

Some knives in the set may be rarely used at all, but the entire set really looks good


“This knife set has all the pieces I require to properly prepare ingredients for the different traditional Japanese dishes I have learned to cook. I bought it because its pieces are all made from quality stainless steel, which won’t allow the blades to get blunt after a few weeks of intense use. It was for sale on Black Friday, making its price under $120” –  Sarah J.


Buy from for ($129.99)