Ironing Boards – What to Look for:


Ironing isn’t just a woman’s chore anymore. Many men take pride in their appearance and spend several hours meticulously pressing their work clothes. One item that should never be overlooked in your ironing endeavors is an ironing board. With one of the best rated ironing boards at your disposal, you can achieve crisp pleats in your slacks, wrinkle-free dress shirts, and razor sharp hems.

Now you may be wondering how ironing boards may differ from one another and what is the best one to choose. While we can’t really tell you who makes the best ironing board, we can tell you some of the most important features that you should look for in your board.



If you want to make the most out of your ironing board and you have ample space, you will definitely want a full-sized board. If you have a large room that has a lot of space, we recommend getting the widest board you can. You will find that the wide ironing surface will make your ironing go much smoother because your clothing can be spread out. Of course, if you are a crafter and work with small pieces of fabric, you can find a table top model that is perfect for small bits of fabric and quick touch-ups.

Although many people may prefer a lightweight ironing board, sometimes if you choose a cheaply constructed board, it offers no stability. This could put you at risk for getting hurt if you are ironing and the board should collapse or tip over. You want to make sure any ironing board you purchase has a sturdy frame and non-slip rubber grips on the legs (just in case you are ironing in a room without carpeting or an area rug).


Ironing Board Covers

In order to get the best results while ironing, you will want a board that has good padding. Most of the best rated ironing boards come with a decent cover, but some people prefer to purchase a new cover. These upgraded covers usually have a non-stick surface that will prevent fabrics from sticking to the ironing surface. You can also get a cover with a reflective surface. This can be beneficial because it transfers the heat back to the garment, making the chore much easier and efficient.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Origin Price Iron rest Dimensions Our Rating Where to buy

Brabantia 346385

Latvia $$$ Included 63 x 19 x 3 inches A+ AMAZON

Reliable C30

Italy $$$$ Included 59 x 19 x 4.5 inches B+ AMAZON

Household Essentials 971840-1DI

China $$ Included 49 x 18 x 39 inches B+ AMAZON

Homz 4760211

USA $$ Included 48.5 x 18.3 x 39.2 inches B+ AMAZON

Homz 4750209

USA $$ Included 53.9 x 14.4 x 40.5 inches B AMAZON


Ironing isn’t a difficult chore, and those who do not like doing it may not have a good ironing board. We are confident that once you get the right board, you may even enjoy ironing!


Expert buying advice on choosing a top ironing board


Thousands of American families use flat irons in order to safely remove wrinkles from different types of clothes. Still, in order to set the proper ironing conditions people are looking for efficient boards. The growing demand for reliable ironing boards is understandable given the multitude of products out there. Now, before you start searching for a reliable ironing board you should consider daily ironing actions, space and also needs. The market offers portable and built-in ironing boards, designed to help people iron faster and easier small or big pieces of clothes. There are some differences between the two but they do offer solid support for daily ironing tasks. It is very important to know exactly what to look for in a brand new board.

A good ironing board will certainly help you get the job easier than ever. If your aim is to iron in record time then you should read the best ironing board reviews. We tried to offer you an advantage over other people by testing 30 of the most popular ironing boards in 2019. After 80 hours of attentive research we were able to understand the makings of each model. It is important to have in your home a reliable ironing board that will enhance your ironing speed. A built-in ironing board is mainly installed in a wall cabinet by professionals. Such kits require only a couple of minutes to install. Due to this particularity you will save important space. You should also take into account the size of the board. The market offers full-size ironing board which is mainly 4 feet long and 12 or 18 inches wide for proper support. This is a popular choice among American housewives.


Best Ironing Board for Sleeves


Household Essentials Mega Pressing Station


One of the more difficult items to iron may be a button down shirt with long sleeves. This particular ironing board from Household Essentials is one of the best ironing boards for sleeves because it features a built in sleeve board that can be used to iron sleeves and other hard to reach areas on clothing. When the sleeve board is not in use, you can easily take it off and tuck it away until you need it again. The ironing board is made of a biodegradable material that has ventilation, making it a perfect surface to use a steam iron. The board can withstand temperatures above 204 degrees Fahrenheit.


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How can you spot the best ironing board in 2019 since there are so many models out there? Well, professional reviews and user feedback can definitely help out. You should know that there are also tabletop boards. Such models are mainly used for different craft projects but they are not as good for ironing full-sized garments. As a result you need to set your priorities straight and determine which model suits you best. You should also take into account the boards height and weight. For instance: there are hip level ironing boards which do wonders for people that love ironing while standing up. For those that desire to iron clothes standing or sitting we recommend portable ironing boards.


Best Ironing Board for Tall People


Household Essentials Fibertech Mega Wide Ironing Board


Even tall people are plagued with the task of ironing their clothes. The Fibertech Mega Wide Ironing Board made by Household Essentials is considered one of the best ironing boards for tall people because it stands 49 x 18 x 36.5 inches, while to ironing surface measures 18 x 49 inches, giving you plenty of space for larger items of clothing, sheets, and pillow cases. The ironing board features a 100% cotton cover with a 8mm thick fiber pad to provide you with a durable, matte-free surface for ironing. The ironing board features a fixed iron rest that can hold your steam iron at an angle so it does not drip. The fixed hanger bar is conveniently located next to the iron for the perfect place to hang your freshly pressed garments.


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You will discover that the best ironing board in 2019 has a solid and sturdy construction, capable of resisting long hours of use. To this end we recommend without reservations models with solid frames made of metal and with a special mesh top. The mesh will allow steam from the flat iron to safely pass through and gently evaporate. Furthermore an ironing board made of metal is easier to fold when the job’s done. You will be able to store it easier and with minimal effort. Discovering a great ironing board will definitely help you iron clothes faster and safer than ever.


Best Ironing Board for Children


KidKraft Tiffany Ironing Board


If you are looking for the perfect gift for the kid who loves to play house, the KidKraft Tiffany Ironing Board is considered to be one of the best ironing board for children because it looks very much like the iron and ironing board that mom has! The pink and white design of the board is accented by an elastic cover with floral design. The board height can be adjusted so that your daughter can reach the board with no problems. The ironing board is made of wood, which offers plenty of stability.


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Top rated ironing boards in 2019


You clothes must always look tidy and wrinkle-free, so you look presentable and you are comfortable with yourself. To ensure wrinkle-free clothes you need to have a reliable iron and an iron table to go with it, so you have a quality ironing surface. There are so many models you can buy and sometimes it may prove hard to choose the right one. But this can be resolved if you take a minute of your time and read the best ironing boards reviews.



Brabantia 346385 Solid Steam Iron Rest


The Brabantia 346385 iron rest has many features which ensure it is a reliable surface where you can iron your clothes. One very neat thing about it is that it can be adjusted to different heights so you can iron in a very comfortable position for yourself. The design is solid so you won’t have to worry about it tipping over. You will also have a place where to put the iron until it is hot enough to start ironing your clothes. Many of the best iron boards reviews have been very pleased with the way it functions.



Weighing just 19.4 pounds, the Brabantia is the perfect choice for people who want a modern ironing board with a heat resistant holder so the entire board can be used as a workspace, making the Moving Circles Solid Ironing board the best lightweight ironing board on the market

The four-leg frame keeps the worktop stable, with an ergonomic design that makes the board adjustable to 7 different heights

The cover is made of 100% cotton and has resilient foam underlay so ironing is not just quick-it’s also comfortable!

The legs have protective non-slip caps to hold the board steady, while the ‘child lock’ prevents the unit from collapsing accidentally during ironing



The cover has been an issue because of the seemingly “busy” design that it carries, which some people don’t really care about that much

Plastic wrap on the cover “seems” to give it “wrinkles” that disappear when the wrap is removed


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Reliable C30 The Board Ironing Board


Best Ironing Boards reviewsThe perfect ironing surface is provided by Reliable C30, which is exactly like the name says, reliable. The wishbone legs make the board very stable and and they can fold easily after you are done ironing, to put it away for storage until you need to use it again. The tube frame construction is very light, so you won’t require much effort to lift it. This is a successful model and has the full backing of the top ironing boards reviews.



Tipping the scales at just 16.25 pounds, this product sells easily being the best lightweight ironing board around, with conventional tube-frame construction plus a galvanized metal mesh screen that makes the unit a great investment

The wishbone legs are stable, keeping the unit sturdy during the most demanding ironing jobs while folding easily to make storage quick and convenient

The C30 has ergonomic support for an iron, with an appropriate resting spot where the electric appliance sits comfortably at an angle to reduce bending strain on the wrist

The ironing board is adjustable to be between 30 and 38 inches tall, giving just the right height for any user to be comfortable working at



The unit comes without an instruction manual that people can refer to on how to position their iron, but the overall efficiency and usability of the board overcomes this as a non-issue


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Household Essentials 971840-1DI Fibertech Pressing Station Iron Board


An iron board which is very popular in households in the US is the 971840-1DI coming from Household Essentials. It doesn’t lack any feature and has an excellent built-in sleeve board for those shirt sleeves, which may prove tricky to iron sometimes. The pads are heat resistant, so you will have no chance to burn them. Stability is provided by its 4 legs and with the help of the metal locks you will be able to store it easily.  The affordable price makes it one of the best iron boards in 2019.



Made to last a long time with its sturdy frame and four-leg stance that contribute to the ironing board’s complete stability

Has a thickly padded board top that enables the user to achieve superior ironing results, especially for garments that need extra pressing care

Iron rest holds the electric iron at an angle so as not to cause strain to the wrist every time the iron is lifted out

Has unique removable sleeves board that can be easily pulled out every time there’s a need to iron sleeves on a garment



When the unit is truly used as an ironing station in a specific location or when it’s not moved around a lot, the heavier-than-average weight becomes a non-issue


“So far, so good, this ironing board has proven it’s one of the most reliable money can buy. Actually, it was quite affordable, so I don’t think a Black Friday discount is necessary for such. The whole thing looks stable and I’m not afraid it’s going to tip over.” – Jane K. Hunter 

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Homz 4760211 Professional Ironing System


For getting wrinkles out of you shirts, this ironing system is the model to get. The 18-inch ironing surface  gives you many options, so you can iron any type of clothes . The board’s frame is covered in 100% cotton and fiber Pad. The iron rest makes sure you have safe place where to put your iron, thus preventing accidents from happen. And on top of all this it is made in the US, having that good old American quality.



Constructed to be a heavy-duty ironing board, with an ironing surface that’s 24 percent larger than most standard ironing boards on the market

Iron rest makes safer and more convenient pick-up and resting of the iron, due to how it allows the electrical appliance to rest at an angle so as not to cause strain to the wrist

Carries a 4-leg design that not only keeps the worktop stable but keeps the entire ironing board strong, sturdy and unmoving, so ironing jobs are completed faster and more efficiently

Has 100% cotton cover with sufficient fiber padding to ensure comfortable use and effective wrinkle removal, with a mesh top that allows faster steam flow through the garment



Some users prefer to get an aftermarket replacement ironing pad, which is all a matter of preference

Large ironing board surface is larger than standard ironing board covers on the market, making the factory-supplied cover a more reliable product


“I wasn’t too pleased at first when my husband presented me this Xmas gift first, but luckily he got me a necklace too. Back to the ironing board, it’s surprisingly reliable and very stable. It makes ironing a whole lot comfortable than my old board and I would definitely recommend it to other housewives. I’m sure it’s one of the top 10 ironing boards in 2019.” – Jessie Whalen

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Homz 4750209 Premium Ironing Board System


Homz 4750209 has a very good price-quality ratio, which many customers have gone for. It will provide you with a reliable ironing board system to help you iron your clothes properly. Fold it and store it away until you need to use it again. It has a four leg design, which ensures the best stability possible even when the iron is placed in the iron rest. The top is made out of steel, making this ironing board very durable.



Ironing board system with 100% cotton cover plus fiber pad to ensure that ironing jobs are always a breeze

Say goodbye to wobbly ironing boards as this heavy-duty ironing board system has a sturdy four-leg design that ensures better stability while ironing

Has adjustable height so users do not have to stoop too low, hunch over or be at an awkward ironing position just to work on getting wrinkles out of clothes

Blue fashion cover and pad looks cool to the eyes, lessening the heat felt from holding a hot electric iron for long periods at a time



Ironing pad and cover may not exactly be the perfect companion to the heavy-duty ironing board system, but the product’s strength and stability more than make up for that element


“The best way I can describe this ironing board is cheap and stable. I adjust its height easily and it doesn’t wobble or anything while I’m ironing. I’ve managed to get the best deal for the money I paid.” – Terri W. Goodwin


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