Best iPod reviews


Top rated iPods in 2019


Since technology is galloping and coming forward with the greatest advancements to serve people’s needs and desires, the iPod has become a part of everyday life for many, therefore gathering information from the best iPod reviews is a wise move, just before gifting ourselves with one.


Apple iPod touch 64GB (5th Generation)


Best iPod reviews

Apple’s fifth generation iPod Touch is famous for its high quality and functionality. In detail, it has a storage memory capacity of about 64GB and an amazing 5 Mp iSight camera allowing users to capture quality pictures. Moreover, it is also designed elegantly with a 6-mm ultra-thin body and an outstanding retina display of 4 inches. The device allows storage of up to 40 hours of music as well as 7 hours of 1080p HD video files, thus, making users get the most out of their device. It also comes with a with 1.2 megapixels Face Time camera, while the popular Apple EarPods make a perfect match for it.

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The Apple iPod touch 64GB is really a good invention of technology. I was so much amazed of the photo and video quality the product produces. All images were produced clearly and vividly making the images looks accurate. The video and audio has very good sounds too.”  Beverly McKnight


Apple iPod touch 32GB black (5th generation)


A lot of consumers all over the world show a strong tendency towards Apple’s 5th generation iPod that comes with a 32 GB built-in memory, IOS operating system and black-colored ultra-thin design of 6mm. Moreover, it provides high levels of audio quality, 1080p videos of high resolution and pictures with profound clarity. It also comes with an outstanding retina display of 4 inches and an amazing iSight camera of 5mp. All in all, the Apple iPod over exceeds any aspiration and deserves a place in the highest spots of this year’s best iPod reviews.

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I can store lots of files in my new Apple iPod touch 32GB black . I can store thousands of images in the phone which is really favorable to me. I can also install lots of applications because of the large phone memory the product has. This product is worth the buy.”  Crystal Galvan


Apple iPod touch 16 GB white (4th generation)


Being one of the best iPods deals available in the market these days, the 4th generation Apple iPod Touch, which comes in white color and runs with a 16 GB memory, has provided the outstanding functionality all consumers look for. This model allows users to enjoy listening to their favorite music with the highest quality sound ever, but there is so much more than that, as this unit is a perfect medium so as to benefit from its 200 different particularities like the notification center, iMessage, Face time calls and Wi-Fi with message. Moreover, it can be used to perform video calls with your loved ones and friends and also store pictures and videos with its front and back camera.

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The Apple iPod touch 16 GB white  has lots of positive features which other Ipod products doesn’t have. This product is really durable and steady. It let me to surf the internet smoothly. I have the ease visiting my online accounts like Facebook. I can also make video calls with my friends online.”  Donnie Fenton


Apple iPod touch 8 GB black (4th generation)


One of the most loved devices the world over is the 4th generation Apple iPod touch model that comes with a memory of 8 GB and black color. Manufactured by Apple Inc. can store up to 10.000 images, 2000 songs, or ten hours of video files. Moreover, it is structured with a slim design for easy handling, while you could listen to music for a profound duration of 40 hours or indulge yourself to any 7-hour movie viewing. What is more, it has a graphic resolution of 640 x 960 pixels providing advanced viewing pleasure each time. Finally, it also supports formats like MP3, AAC, MPEG-4, H.264, among all.

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I never had the doubt about this Apple iPod touch 8 GB black . This iPod makes everything works perfectly and swiftly because of the performances and feature the product do. The iPod allows me to watch videos in a long day run without recharging it. ”  Lydia Deans


Apple iPod touch 32 GB Black (4th generation)


Apple has introduced the best devices to the public that came with high levels of functionality and performance. Now, Apple is proud to present the 4th generation Apple iPod touch, which comes with a 32 GB memory and elegant black color. It is also equipped with a resolution of 960x 640 pixels and a TFT LCD screen of 3 ½ inches. On top of that, it offers a capacity to store up to 8000 songs and lets users enjoy 40 hours of video viewing pleasure. Photo enthusiasts can also benefit from its supreme capacity of storing a number of 40.000 pictures and HD videos that due to its special iMovie particularity allows users to edit and also mix videos, thus bringing entertainment to higher levels.

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I am proud that I have the Apple iPod touch 32 GB Black. This is the best gadget I have for almost a year now. I always enjoy playing in this gadget because I can easily manipulate and control the game. I can also save lots of music and songs which I always have the time to listen to. ”  Adolfo Jenkins