Cheap inversion tables prices


You can find great Inversion tables and they are great for stretching out your spine, relaxing tense muscles and generally de-stressing your whole body.  When you suspend yourself in these Inversion Tables, you close your eyes and suspend all that is going on around you it is a wonderful way to quickly and easily take time out for yourself.  We’ll take a look at some of the best inversion tables under $150 here.


Choose a top affordable inversion table – Professional advice


5If you suffer from back pain, you probably have thought about looking into an inversion table, but with all the infomercials touting to be the answer to your prayers, it’s only natural that you would be confused about which is the best. We have researched the highest rated inversion tables and created this guide to help you understand what features you should look for.

The first thing you need to look for is safety! You are going to be hanging upside down with your body strapped on the table, you will want to be safe. The table should be secure and lock your ankles in place. The restraints should be tight but still be comfortable. A good indicator of a sturdy table is the weight. The heavier the table, the stronger it is. Just be certain to check the weight and height restrictions. The most popular inversion tables usually have compliance certifications that test products for public safety. One of these companies is Underwriter Laboratories.

Comfort is an important factor too. Since you are using the table because you are uncomfortable or in pain, you do not want to use a device that causes more discomfort. Some of the best rated inversion tables feature nylon or mesh boards, while others have padding. This is a personal preference and we cannot tell you what’s the best type of backboard.

Your budget will play a big role in what kind of table you choose. Affordable options are typically around $250 or less. These options are ideal for folks who are not really familiar with how inversion tables work. They want to try it, but not spend a whole lot. At the opposite end of the spectrum, you can find gym-quality tables that are well over $500. These heavy-duty tables are ideal for heavier users or people who use the table a lot.

Now you may think that an inversion table only has position, which is upside-down. That isn’t true. You can find tables that have multiple inversion angles. This is useful if you are new to using a table and it will allow you to slowly acclimate yourself to being fully inverted. You will want to make sure your table is even fully-inverted capable. Some tables do not have this ability—despite being called an inversion table.

It should go without saying that you should have a dedicated space for the table with plenty of room to get into the different angles. Also, if you do not want to keep the table in the open while not in use, look for a table that can be folded up for neat storage.

An inversion table can be a great way to relieve the pressure on your back and your joints. We hope that the information in this guide is able to help you understand some of the features you should look for when buying one.


Things to consider:

  • Look for a table that has been safety tested and has a compliance certification.
  • Make sure the ankle straps are both secure and comfortable since this is how you will be held onto the device while inverted.
  • If you can, try the device out before you purchase it. You want to make sure the backboard is comfortable and the machine is sturdy—the heavier the machine, the sturdier it will be.
  • If you want to be able to be fully inverted, make sure your device has that capability. Look for a device that features multiple inversion angles.


Body Max IT6000 inversion table


Best inversion tables under $150

The Body-Max IT6000 is a great product for a great price.  It folds and stores easily and supports a wide range of sizes in height and weight.  Using this inversion table will allow you to decompress after a long day of work.  Using it for as little as 10 minutes a day, you will see and feel a difference in your level of stress (decreased) and energy (increased).  Another advantage of the Body-Max is easy assembly; you can have it out of the box and de-stressing your life in a matter of minutes.

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“I wanted to relax and also have the opportunity to do some exercises and thanks to the innovative design of the Body Max IT600, I can do just that. Also I like the fact that I can store it easily, because it can fold. I believe this is a good suggestion for any home.” Anne Geoffrey


Body Champ IT8070 inversion table


Another of our Inversion Tables is the Body-Champ IT8070 with its lower spring laden pull badge for ankle alteration; four suds breaker help out to reduce your ankles’ discomfort and high-density foam cushion for ease.  This product is a winner when it comes to ease of use and quality results.   Most people notice a deeper more restful sleep after just one use.  Working this product into your daily routine will give you peace of mind through better sleep, better circulation and much more.

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“I got excellent results for my anckle after using it so you can imagine that I have a great opinion about it. Because it is cheap at the same time, from my point of view it makes it an ideal choice. Also after using it day by day, I’m feeling stronger and younger.” Jane Nills


Ironman Gravity 1000 inversion table


A great item from the best Ironman inversion tables reviews is the Gravity 1000.  It is lightweight and easy to set-up and put away when not in use.  The Gravity 1000 also has special non-slip pads to help keep it stable when you are inverted.  The extra padded safety handles are another great feature.  All of these combine to make it a special kind of bargain in this category.  If you are looking for a great deal on a high quality product, the Gravity 1000 fits the bill.  It will help you decompress your body and mind.

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“Because it is very easy to set up and it had many other intresting features, I bought this invertion table. I was so lucky that I even found it on sale. It is comfortable and perfect for excercises, plus I can store it easily because it can fold after I’m done with it.” Marcy Grey


Emer Deluxe Invr-08B inversion table


Invr-08B ORG – the Emer Deluxe Foldable Gravity Back Therapy Fitness Exercise Inversion Table is next in our review.  This table has 2 inch thick padding for extra comfort.  It is one of the easiest to fold and put away and adjusts as low as four foot six, which is a lower setting than most.  As with other inversion tables, there are many benefits to using it just 10 minutes a day.  The Invr-08B, also adds extra ankle support so that you don’t feel a pull on your ankles as you become inverted.

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“A comfortable padding was what I was after when I was searching for the right inversion table. This one which I decided to get has everything I need to do my exercises in the best way possible. I recommend this as a solid choice for whoever needs it.” Laura Stoner


Body Champ IT9120 inversion table


Rounding out our review is the Body Champ IT9120 Gravity Inversion System.  This is the third system from Body Max on our list.  Another of our best inversion tables under $150, it includes extra padding around the head and neck along with a lower back pad for added support. It folds for easy storage and supports up to three hundred pounds. This model also includes an improved safety rail design.  For improved circulation, relaxation and posture this is a great option at a great price.

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“ The cheap price is a definite plus for the Body Champ IT9120 and it was the decisive feature which made me buy it. Doing exercising or just relaxing on it is very comfortable and I am very glad I can experience it in my own home.” Rachel Hughes