Inversion Tables – What to Look For:


At some point in your life, you will experience back pain, there is no way around it. Today, many people turn to inversion therapy to find relief. If you suffer from back pain frequently, you may want to look at some of the top ten inversion tables for your home.

While there are a lot of inversion tables on the market, it is possible to find a good one that will suit your needs. While we cannot tell you which inversion table is the best, we can offer you some advice when it comes to what you want to look for in a good quality table.



Comfort should be the highest on your list when you are looking at the best rated inversion tables. A good quality table should have ample padding and head support for you while you are inverted. Just be aware that some types of padding may cause friction when you wear certain fabrics. You should be aware of what fabrics are comfortable to wear when you are using the table.

Safety Features

The most popular inversion tables provide you with ample support on your ankles and feet. The support should be secure to hold you onto the table while inverted, but not pinch or feel too tight. You should feel both safe and supported. Be aware that there may be some discomfort when you first begin your inversion session, it should go away once your body gets used to the treatment.



Because you are going to be using the table upside down, you want to make sure the table is made of a strong material. Your entire body weight will be on the table and you don’t want the table to shake or feel unstable. You will definitely want to make sure that the table you are choosing is able to hold your body weight. Most tables can hold between 250 and 300 pounds, but you can find professional grade tables that are able to hold more.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Dimensions Price Backrest material Ankle locking system Customer Rating Where to buy

Teeter Hang Ups EP-550

48 x 27 x 61 inches $$$$ Flex Technology YES A+ AMAZON

Ironman Gravity 4000

51 x 29 x 9 inches $$$ Memory Foam vinyl YES A+ AMAZON

Body Champ IT8070

45.5 x 26 x 4.5 inches $$$ Foam vinyl YES B+ AMAZON

Ironman Gravity 1000

53 x 28 x 6 inches $$$ Nylon YES A AMAZON

Innova Fitness ITX9600

45.5 x 27 x 62.5 inches 1$$ Large Padded YES B KMART


While inversion therapy can be very beneficial, we do not recommend that you use the table without someone else with you, at least not until you familiarize yourself with the table and how to use it safely.


How to find a good inversion table – A buying guide


invtabThe inversion table was originally used for medicinal purposes or for training top sportsmen. Over the years it has found its way into gyms and recently even into households, because its price has gone down. If you do complex fitness exercises with its help, you will work all your muscle groups. But trying to buy one will raise one very important question: How can I find the best inversion table in 2019? For reliable answers you should read this buying guide. The following paragraphs will teach you what exactly to look for when searching for such gym equipment.

An inversion table, if used regularly, will decompress your spine and reduce the pain in the lower back region. Also, it gets the blood circulation to flow better, so it deals with the toxins in your body. Furthermore your joints will also be stretched because you will be hanging by your ankles with your head upside down. Keeping this in mind, you will deduct why some of the following features are of vital importance for an inversion table. The frame is the first thing to watch out for and, of course, it has to be sturdy, durable and rust resistant. It has to take on your whole weight, without losing its stability. A solid frame has to be made of either stainless steel or aluminum.

Reputable inversion table reviews were read in order to better describe the most important features that make such an exercise machine great. A top notch model will have all the details mentioned by our buying guide.


Best Inversion Table for a Tall Person


Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy Table


In order to properly align your back and you are a tall person, you’ll want to look into getting one of the best inversion tables for a tall person. The Body Champ Inversion Therapy Table is ideal for elongating the spin and relaxing the muscles in your back. The lower spring-loaded pull pin is easy to make ankle adjustments. The table can adjust to fit people from 4’ 7” to 6’ 8”. The table is easy to use, because once you are strapped in, you simply reach your arms over your head and as your arms go up, your body will begin to invert. There are four safe and comfortable foam rollers, a safety strap that allows you to control the desired inverted angles as well as a safety lock for when the table is not in use.

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Stability must also be assured and an inversion table with a large footprint is the best possible option. If you want to do complex exercises using other gym equipment, you should buy an inversion table with one of the largest footprints available. The best inversion table reviews analyze many options that have footprints of all shapes and sizes.

The platform must prove to be comfortable and should be padded, while filled with soft foam. The clamps are an important part of such an exercise table. They shouldn’t make your ankles sore or make you feel uncomfortable. There is an alternative to clamps and we’re talking about the knee bar. Such a bar must be padded, otherwise you will create blisters around your knees.


Best Inversion Table for Back Pain


Exerpeutic Inversion Table with Comfort Foam Back Rest


This inversion table is considered to be one of the best inversion tables for back pain. The sturdy table can adjust to fit your desired height, whether you are 4’ 10” or 6’6”. The foam rollers and ankle cushions hold you in place comfortably and securely. The heavy duty 1.5 square steel frame is so strong it can bear a 300 pound weight limit. The extra-long, full loop safety handle bars feature an adjustable tether strap for safe and easy adjustments to assist with inverting and the ability to return to an upright position.

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Since we have presented what you should look for in a standard inversion table, we are going to identify some extra features too. A motor can sometimes be fitted to the table and with its help, you will be able to move the whole platform up and down. A special remote or on-board switch will allow you to control everything. Vibration pads are also a great thing to have because the therapeutic value of these pads is unmatched. Expensive inversion tables tend to have the extra features we have analyzed. If you know all these details about an inversion table , you will surely make a wise choice in the end. The best inversion table in 2019 will bring forth many benefits for your health.


Best Inversion Table for Herniated Discs


Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 Ltd. Inversion Table


One of the best inversion tables for herniated discs is this table offered by Teeter Hang Ups. The table features ergonomic ankle cuffs that wrap securely around your ankle, offering a secure hold while stretching and decompressing. The precision balancing adds extra control while using the device and the secure lock-out safety measures to aid in inverted exercise. When the device is not in use, it can be folded into a nice compact design that is easy for storage. The Lumbar Bridge is created with acupressure nodes that help to release tension in areas of the back.

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Things to consider:

–          A sturdy frame made either of stainless steel or aluminum;

–          A large footprint;

–          A padded platform for comfort;

–          Comfortable clamps or padded knee bars.

–          A motor is great for increasing the number of exercises you can do.


Top rated inversion tables in 2019


Most people have the need to exercise regularly in a safe and efficient way and that is the reason why they are always on the lookout for the best inversion table reviews to choose from and enhance the way they work out their abdomen.



Teeter Hang Ups EP-550 Inversion Therapy Table


Best inversion table reviews

A great number of contented customers consider the Teeter Hang Ups EP-550 model as a reliable and durable product that helps them acquire better health and leaner body via exercise. It is carefully designed so as to assist you acquire perfect posture each time you exercise and eliminate the pain from your back, while working out your abdominal muscles at the same time. Moreover, this model makes a perfect medium for stretching your spine, relieving the pressure on your discs, nerve roots and ligaments. Of course, you are allowed to backrest and feel at ease, due to its Flex Technology, so it is crystal clear that you are granted with the best inversion table model released in the market right now.



Equipped with advanced Flex technology which ensures fast accommodation to the backrest this therapy table easily improves posture and minimizes in a fun way stress intake

The EP-550 inversion table incorporates an adjustable foot platform that gives users the chance to find the right position for ankle fit and comfort

Including a comfortable EZ Angle tether strap with preset angles (20, 40 and 60 degrees) this model is completed by an adjustable head pillow for added stability during workouts

Backed by a 5-year warranty the table safely accommodates users up to 300 pounds while also offering them an instructional DVD to follow



The assembly drawings from the manual are a bit hard to decipher but the internet can always provide proper assistance

Made in China but for most people the origin of the product doesn’t matter if it works well


Teeter Hang Ups EP-550 has been my choice for an inversion table and after 2 months of using it, I have no doubts that it is one of the best ones you can buy now. A great decision from my part was to buy it.”  Anthony Pitts


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Ironman Gravity 4000 inversion table


Since physical exercise, when not properly done, can cause body pain in various parts, many people are going through the best inversion table reviews so as to restore their physical health and enhance their well-being. It is true that the Ironman Gravity 4000 model provides the necessary aid allowing users to perform their physical exercise without causing body pain and eliminate fatigue, stimulate a good blood circulation and also reduce the stress on their backs at the same time. Moreover, it comes built-in with a dual-setting platform that can be adjusted, where you can place your feet, an ankle strap, as well as a pillow that is also adjustable in order to feel relaxed and comfortable while working out.



Designed to improve the body’s overall stamina and health by significantly optimizing lumbar traction this inversion table represents a great addition to anyone that aspires to a heightened physical form

Incorporates a solid tubular steel frame with a special powder coated finish which ensure that the user won’t change it too soon

The inversion table features a memory-foam backrest covered by vinyl and a comfortable lumbar pillow that improve the comfort levels during each session

It comes equipped with tough rubber non-skid floor stabilizers which maintain the table stable during each exercise



It comes with a weight capacity of 300 pounds which makes it not suited for people suffering from graver forms of obesity

Does not offer users the possibility of doing ab core exercises


My back problems are gone, after I have used this inversion table. In just 2 weeks I started feeling a difference, with my pain intensity going down. If you have lower back problems I suggest you try it out. ”  James Grant


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Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy Table


The Body Champ IT8070 model is greatly used as a therapy means and is the best inversion table you could find in cases you are in need of a physical fitness exercise regimen. It helps users to stretch their spine and relieve the pressure that is applied on their spinal cord with their day to day activities. What is more, it is a big help when trying to relax your body muscles and it eases both your ligaments and nerve roots. Finally, it provides the proper physical fitness movements that are essential for good blood flow and circulation, letting discomfort and stress go, each time you use it.



Manufactured in the United States of America this inversion table can be used to improve blood circulation, posture, relieve pressure points and also decompress and elongate the spine

Easy to adjust during each exercise through the dual-pin system the Body Champ table easily folds when not in use

Supporting up to 250 pounds this model includes 4 safe foam rollers and special spring-loaded pull pin which offers users the chance to personalize the whole experience

This inversion table comes equipped with a carefully designed foam cushion system that ensure proper comfort



Even though the installation process is fairly easy to go through the user manual descriptions require attentive study for the drawings are not that good


The Body Champ IT8070 was cheap and helps me diversify my exercise program. The padded knee bars are comfortable and I don’t feel discomfort when using them. It works great for me so I recommend it as the best purchase you can make for this kind of money.”  Vicki Grandison


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Ironman Gravity 1000 Inversion table


The Ironman Gravity 1000 model is regarded by many contented consumers to be one of the best inversion tables for sale that were ever introduced in the market. It provides users of up to 300 pounds with the satisfaction and good results of each physical fitness workout and also helps them ease the tension of their body muscles, diminish any back pains as well as enhance their blood flow and circulation. Additionally, it comes with a sturdy tubular steel frame with carefully designed powder-coated finish and a comfortable and solid nylon backrest ensuring that the inversion table will last for a long period of time.



This high quality inversion table incorporates a tubular steel frame with a powder coated finish for added resistance to prolonged daily exercises

Featuring a backrest made of highly resistant nylon material the inversion table is quite comfortable even for people with sensitive backs

Using inversion technology to significantly diminish back fatigue or stress and improve blood circulation the Gravity 1000 represents an investment in the body’s health

Regarded as the best fitness inversion table 2019 this model can safely support up to 300 pounds



Does not include inverting stretch hand grips of ab core training possibilities

Does not offer lumbar support but the padded backrest maintains a comfortable surface for the back


Ironman Gravity 1000 caught my eye even from when I saw its product description and I noticed it had a Black Friday discount. I read the highest rated reviews and they were positive when analyzing its features. It feels very comfortable to work with, allowing me to concentrate solely on the exercise and surpassing my limits.” Edith McCoy


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Innova Fitness IT9600 Heavy Duty Deluxe Inversion Therapy Table


Innova Fitness ITX9600 is among the best inversion tables in 2019, because with it you can do a lot of therapeutic exercises and normal fitness ones. The backrest is padded so you feel comfortable while you are doing your exercises. The leg rollers and the foam handlebars are there to make sure you are concentrated 100% on your exercise without feeling uncomfortable.



The ITX9600 Deluxe inversion table offers 3-position bench which accurately relieve back pain, improve blood circulation and decompresses the spine simply by using gravitational force on the body

With a weight capacity of 300 pounds this table is designed with a heavy duty gauge steel for proper resistance to long hours of inversion therapy

Named by thousands of users as the best fitness inversion table 2019 this model features a comfortable extra-long and wide padded back rest support

This high quality inversion table includes thick foam rollers and also specially designed Soft Touch handle bars which give users the chance to personalize the whole experience



Some assembly is required (consult with attention the user manual)

The ankle restraints could’ve included more pads for extra comfort but the existing ones are easy to endure


 “I have been using it for a couple of months and I feel great doing a high number of complex exercises. This way I manage to work my whole body. I recommend it also because it is a very affordable inversion table. This is the best Xmas gift my son could have gave me.” – Mary Stevens


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Ironman LX300 Inversion therapy table – Not available


Physical fitness exercise is not that easy to perform especially when you do not have the right gadgets for it. That is the reason why the Ironman LX300 model is completely focused on its users’ health enhancement and stands out with its particularities, as it provides users with the comfort of performing physical fitness workouts without causing any body pain, what so ever. Moreover, it is designed with a comfortable backrest that is made of vinyl and foam and helps users gain back a proper posture. As a result, users are left relaxed and more mobile each time they engage in a physical exercise of this kind. So, no more aching body muscles will trouble you while you will have also improved your blood flow and circulation at the same time, each time you decide to workout using the Ironman inversion table.

My health level is certainly increasing now that I am using the Ironman LX300. The backrest is soft and comfy as well. Also, I have learnt how to do a number of complex exercises, to workout my whole body. This is a top inversion table under $125.”   Margaret Pappas