Best Intex air mattresses reviews


Top rated air mattresses from Intex


Intex is renowned in making the best air mattress.  To gives you sound and comfortable sleep all the mattresses of the Intex are designed efficiently. Most of the air beds have the electric pump built in to make it firm according to the will. To make your choice easy for selecting the air bed some best air mattress reviews are given in this article.


Intex Raised Queen air mattress


Best Intex air mattresses reviews

There are things that affect the Airbeds, like temperature, location, humidity etc. For that reason, it is necessary to re-inflate the air beds often. Keeping this in mind, Intex has provided the built in electric pump with this air mattress that is high powered and can inflate and deflate the mattress easily. You can keep your desired firmness by re-inflating it whenever you want. The measurement of this mattress depends upon the inflation level. Lower chamber is designed to provide stiffness and support. Its top is water resistant.

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“I am happy that I bought the Intex Raised Queen Air Mattress because I feel comfortable lying in it. It is soft and is delicate to the skin. I can sleep soundly in this mattress. It is also durable and budget friendly that’s why I really like the product among the others.”  Meagan Clements


Intex Raised Comfort Queen air mattress


This mattress gives you the comfortable and good night sleeps. This mattress features the built in electrical pump so you can enjoy your desire firmness whenever you want. It can be inflate and deflate easily with the pump’s help. Air mattress deflates with time depending on the temperature and humidity of the atmosphere. To add stability to the structure, its beams, bottoms and sides are made with 15-duage vinyl. It size can be set according to your requirement. Because of all these features, it can be found in many best Intex air mattresses reviews.

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“I can sleep comfortably and soundly in my new Intex Raised comfort Queen Air Mattress. I never feel any bed that provides me the best ease just like this product. I am happy owning it for good in just a very affordable price. This is no wonder why many people love this mattress.”  Diego Marshall


Intex Camp air mattress


This Air Bed mattress is ideal to be used at home and camps with its best features. It is a big sized mattress that gives more area to enjoy comfortable night. Bed Sheets can easily be fit on this mattress. It has 8.75 inches extra thickness that increases the bed’s softness. It can be re-inflated with the help of the battery pump, so on camp also you can also enjoy good sleep. It deflates and inflates easily because of its extra wide 3in1 valve opening.

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“If we have camping, I brought the Intex Camp Air Mattress. It can be deflated for a greater ease in bringing in anywhere. It is also easy to inflate if you want to. The product is undeniably perfect for every camping activity that you can have with your friends and family.”  Evan Eloy Wooten


Intex Classic Downy Queen air mattress


Air beds are made of vinyl and it gets relax in some times. They are needed to be re-inflated with time. Location, humidity, temperature and many other environment factors make the air beds less firm. To maintain the firmness it has the easy inflation and deflation design. It measurement depends upon the inflation you want. With this mattress, two inflatable pillows are included along with the hand pump. It can easily be cleaned and has the water resistant top for camping use.

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“The Classic Downy Queen Air Mattress can accommodate at least 3 people at a time without being deflated. This is a durable product you can rely on when it comes to sleeping. The comfort provided by this product is perfect and great so you will feel the ease and convenient lying in it.”  Roosevelt Riddle


Intex Pillow Rest Queen air mattress


This air mattress can be found in many best Intex air mattress reviews. It has the very comfortable and soft mattress to give you sound sleep. The firmness can be maintained with the help of the built in electric pump it has. It can quickly be inflate and deflate. If the pump is using the high power the whole mattress will be inflate in 3 minutes. The size of the mattress can be set according to the use and softness. Measurement of this mattress varies according to the firmness requirement.

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“I am happy to have the Intex Pillow Rest  Queen Air Mattress for almost 2 years and I am happy that it last for me until now. My children always want to stay in this mattress because it is really comfortable to stay into. You can also have it as Amazon is offering it in a budget- friendly price.”  Lynn Pugh