What to Consider When Buying a Top Internet Phone Adapter


A VoIP adapter allows you to use your existing telephone line to make calls to anywhere in the world by converting analog voice signals to digital packets, without having to pay expensive long-distance charges. An Ethernet cable connects the FSX port on your phone to the LAN’s RJ45 port so you can start making calls. Here are some of the considerations to keep in mind when choosing the best Internet phone adapter.

Best Internet Phone Adapter

The number of FSX ports available

If you have more than one phone at home that you want to connect to the ATA, you will need one that has two FSX ports to accommodate them. Otherwise, an adapter with one FSX port will be fine.


An FXO line

If you are concerned about your Internet connection going down and not being able to use the phone to make calls, then you should get an adapter that has an FXO port. If you have more than one analog phone you need to connect, you should get an FXO gateway.


The number of Ethernet ports

If you have a router at home, then an adapter with a single Ethernet port will be fine; otherwise, you will need one that has dual ports.


What Are the Best Internet Phone Adapters in 2019?


Now that you know how to choose the best phone adapter, you can start looking for one for your home. However, if you are still having trouble deciding, you can look over our recommendations for the best Internet phone adapter. We hope that one of them will meet your needs.


OBi100 VoIP


1.OBi100 VoIP Telephone AdapterThe Obi100 is the ideal choice for VoIP beginners since the system is easy to set up while still providing a full range of premium features. You don’t need a computer, only a fast broadband connection and a phone unit plus a router. It is compatible with the VoIP service of your choice, such as SIP services like Anveo Callcentric and you can even use the Obi100 with Google Voice; it supports up to two VoIP services. On top of all these, you get amazing sound quality when you are making your calls.

Making calls to other people with an Obi device from anywhere is absolutely free of charge; all you need is to set up an OBiTALK account. The OBiTALK portal allows you to manage your account and enjoy other features.

In addition, the other features available include Caller ID that displays the name and number of the caller, three-way conference call functionality with local mixing, call transfer, making/blocking anonymous calls, Call Forward on Busy/No Answer and Call Waiting.

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OBi202 VoIP


2.OBi202 VoIP Phone AdapterIf you are a homeowner or small business owner who needs to connect two phones to the VoIP adapter, the OBi202 is a good choice. It comes with a built-in router with two ports, and supports up to four VoIP services, including Google Voice and SIP Internet phone services. The two ports work together to create a mini-phone system that is ideal for home business purposes and includes features like Call On-Hold Pick-up, Barge-In/Join and Incoming Call. The OBi202 also supports T.38 fax so you can make secure online fax calls or send faxes. Of course, you can make free OBi-to-OBi calls through the OBiTALK network.

The premium features include Caller ID, Call forwarding when the phone is busy or no one is answering and call waiting. The Device Web UI also allows you to record calls and retrieve the call history (up to the last 200 calls).You can also connect to Automatic Attendant to make a new call or rout calls, as well as ringing the attached phone.

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Ooma Telo

3.Ooma Telo Home Phone ServiceOoma offers a comprehensive solution for users who are looking for a low-cost way to make nationwide phone calls without expensive bills. Once you set up the Ooma Telo Wireless adapter, you can make unlimited nationwide calls for free, paying only a nominal monthly fee plus the applicable taxes. All you need to start making calls in a high-speed broadband connection and any analog or digital phone. Ooma Purevoice HD technology ensures that you can enjoy a superior calling experience with outstanding voice quality. It also comes with a Bluetooth adapter that allows you to connect your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone to the Telo so that you can answer incoming calls using your home phone.

As with OBi, you can also make calls to other Ooma users free of charge. You can keep your existing number for a small one-time charge or you can change to a new number for free in nearly any area code. Other features include one-touch playback of your voicemail as well as the ability to retrieve it remotely.

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