Are you running out of time and you’re getting tired of vague information about the best insulated tumbler? Below we highlighted the critical information you should know and weeded out all the irrelevant facts so you can make a choice that you won’t regret. We don’t give the title to just any product – we read all the expert reviews, we correlated the prices to the quality and decided which is the one people should spend their hard earned money on. And one product shined. Mixologist World’s Thermos is a particular standout with all the extra features it has and with the premium feel it comes with, plus the reasonable price tag. You get a refined design and usability for the same price. Another product that comes close to number one is the Simple Modern 20oz, and we think it can make a perfect alternative.



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Being a modern person comes with downsides. You’re rushing, you never have time, and you’re low on energy almost seven days a week. One key to helping you fix that is a tumbler. You can take coffee on the go, put it in your purse and have a sip anytime you want. It’s an innovative invention since it can save you so many trips to the coffee shop and save you some money since you can make your own beverage.


When it comes to materials, everything matters. It is essential that the manufacturers use stainless steel, for a product that feels clean, almost surgical and that won’t rust after extended use. The rust is not dangerous only in creating potential leaks, but also it could damage the flavor of your beverage. The choices should be FDA approved – environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

And of course, let’s not forget about sturdiness. A premium product should have in consideration that you intend to use it daily. It needs to resist micro-aggressions like dropping, hot drinks and should not only survive them but not scratch it too.

The materials and design should focus on fulfilling the purpose of this item. They should help it keep your tea or coffee hot for as long as possible – metal is usually the best choice, especially when a tumbler is double walled and vacuumed.



Size should not be ignored, especially since different people need different things. The best travel tumbler should be compact enough to fit any bag, but adequately sizeable that it can provide a right amount of water, coffee, tea or whatever it is that you prefer.

Usually, a 20 to 30 oz size is ideal say the insulated tumbler reviews. You can carry it to the gym or even take it to class. And the size should be matched by a simple design, without too many bumps of bright colors, so that it won’t distract you from your task. It should feel comforting when you do look at it.

And size doesn’t matter only it comes to the amount of liquid it can hold, but also when we’re talking about the walls. The thicker the wall is, the better it insulates. This means your beverage you stay hot for a long time, so you don’t have to reheat it every ten minutes.



An excellent product, especially from this category needs to have extra features if it wants to be the best in a sea of useful products. It needs to offer something besides its primary purpose to the user. Like a handle for easy use, or a dedicate straw holder.

Or maybe it should have a cool color scheme, so it appeals the eyes. One factor that also decides between a successful product and a fail is the ergonomic design. It needs to feel firm in hand, so the feedback a user has is positive. It should feel natural when you wrap your fingers around it, even if it has a larger size.

Also, the lid needs to shut the product tight, so nothing will spill even if you shake it – thus being perfect for mixology, adding extra value to a tumbler.



Top Rated Insulated Tumblers in 2022


There is no reason to waste your money buying a thermos without know what you’re doing. We put a list together so that you have a reliable place to start, a list that takes into the account all the things that make these items the complete companion to a busy lifestyle. This so you won’t choose one that is poor in quality.



Mixologist World Thermos


This one is for those that don’t want just portability, but also a product that is easy and comfortable to use. It’s isolated, meaning your hot drink will stay that way for a long time, and it is made from premium materials. The model is manufactured from a double layer of stainless steel that feels sturdy in your hands.

And even more important, this Mixologist World tumbler is rust free, so you’ll always be safe when drinking out of it. No chemicals and no metallic tastes are present when liquid gets in touch with its surface.

The design is modern and cool, so you have an enhanced drinking experience. It has clean lines and colors that remind you of a well-built product that is going to be the perfect accessory for a busy individual. And you won’t ever have to worry about it spilling tea all over your papers since it’s leak proof.

The compact build makes it ideal for travels, and the vacuum thermos could allow you to have total control over what you drink if you go to places that have health issues with their water. And the sizes of 30oz is excellent if you need lots of liquid throughout the day.

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Simple Modern 20oz 


This product is all about design. Sleek and compact, it is a joy not only to use but also to look at, to take out of your bag and let everyone around you admire it. It was made to catch eyes and to satisfy your portability needs.

This is a West Virginia officially licensed model that has an appealing design. On the front, it features the logo in a tasteful yellow, imprinted on a powder coat that looks and feels premium. You can wash it as many times you want, and the colors won’t fade and won’t scratch even if you drop it on solid ground.

The product is vacuum isolated and will keep your hot drinks hot even in winter time. And it is specially created, so it doesn’t condensate or feels very hot when touching it. The item is made of sturdy stainless steel and has a capacity of 20oz, enough that you can fill it with coffee in the morning and finish it at night.

And safety matters too. The materials and the pigments used are non-toxic and won’t release any unhealthy chemicals when heated. It is lead-free and BPA free, so you won’t ever have to worry about the product denaturing the flavor of your drink.

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Haute 30 OZ 


This 30oz model can suit an active lifestyle and can become the to-go accessory whenever you are thinking about traveling, going for a run or getting ready for a busy day at work. The leak-proof design, with the lid that won’t let the contents spill will ensure a premium experience and will make you realize just how much money you can save with this type of product.

The design is simple and efficient. It is made of premium materials and has a clear plastic lid that comes with a guard, for extra safety. The double walled insulation system helps your drinks stay hot for up to 8 hours, and you can even store ice for up to 24 hours.

The manufacturing process even helps with condensation, this way you don’t have to worry about it wetting your documents if you put it in your bag. This is the best product for sale.

The product stands out with a few extra features too. It rocks on the lid a straw opening, making it ideal for smoothies or other creams. It is easily hand-washable, and it won’t catch any bad smells if you leave liquid in it for too long. And of course, it is FDA approved since it’s non-toxic.

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