How to Purchase a Top Inground Dog Fence in 2021:


Responsible dog owners know how important the best inground dog fence reviews are to helping them make a sensible purchase on a containment system. What was conceptualized by its inventor as an effective method of keeping dogs from wandering into the streets from people’s houses has evolved into an entire market industry for training dogs and teaching them about boundaries and respect for people’s privacy. Pet owners have regularly consulted literature on the top ten inground dog fences available in the market to make sure they are getting the best products for their pet. Prior to doing that, however, the owner has to visit a veterinarian with their pet in order to find out if their dog can handle such a unit for training it to stay within the property and keep from straying into potentially unsafe territory. Dogs with health problems, guard dogs and naturally vicious dogs may not be able to benefit from such a training system, even the highest rated ones.

The pet owner, upon deciding to put up such a containment method, needs to plot the wire perimeter before putting the entire invisible dog fence up. Areas that may need prior masonry work have to be worked on beforehand. If the owner wants their dog to stay away from delicate flower beds and plant plots, those areas need to be marked as well.

An important component that deserves attention in such systems is the wire gauge of the dog fence. Designed to be buried, the wire needs a more substantial 14- or 16-gauge wire than the usual 20-gauge wire prepackaged with do-it-yourself kits. Although thinner wires makes for a more affordable inground dog fence, the expenses incurred because of compromises made on durability may be more than what you actually save on buying the package with the thinner wire. Make sure to get plastic- or polyethylene -coated wire when looking for solid or stranded insulated wire. The best inground dog fence for the money will have either a polyethylene- or vinyl-coated thick gauge wire.

What is the best product in the market for this purpose? Honestly, there are a lot of options available to you. Although signal transmission has nothing to do with wire thickness, when you’re using a system near or at its maximum grade capacity, thick wire can help increase achievable range for the system. Replacement of a section of an existing dog fence requires that you use the same gauge of wire to ensure consistent signal transmission. This also prevents false alarms on wire breaks.

Workability is the primary reason why people choose thin wires to go with cheap products in the market. Using a thin wire may help you configure twisted wire sections easily, specially when you’re laying out a containment system in an elaborate structure. The flexibility of thin wires makes such items easily workable compared to thick wires. When you’re using a do-it-yourself package, this may be acceptable. But for professionally installed systems that can run up to thousands of dollars, you can request that the contractor use thicker gauges due to the stiffer and more robust quality they possess.


Things to consider:

  • Appropriate wire thickness and wire covering for your purpose
  • Reliability and consistent performance
  • Components that are easy to work with


Top rated Inground Dog Fences in 2021


Bagging the best inground dog fence 2021 requires sufficient research, maybe even some testing before you decide if what you have is the best for your pet. How effectively the inground containment system works to keep your pet safe and within bounds is a primary consideration. The system should be efficient enough to make possible the future removal of the invisible containment structure so your dog feels that as long as it stays within boundaries, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about.


SportDOG SDF-100A 100-Acre In-Ground Pet-Fence System


When you’re in the market for the best inground dog fence 2021, the SportDOG SDF-100A 100-Acre In-Ground Pet Fence System could very well be your solution. Simple and cost-effective, the SDF-100A makes a better alternative to a traditional physical fence. It is designed to train dogs weighing over ten pounds. With purchase of additional SDF-R receiver, the SDF-100A can expand to any number of dogs. It comes with a waterproof collar receiver that stays on your pet’s neck safely and audio warns or delivers a mild corrective shock when your pet strays near the allowable containment area. You can select correction up to four levels, vibration and tone. The anti-linger feature on the collar prevents the dog from running the battery down unnecessarily. The system comes with 100 flags and 1000 feet of wire, for easy marking and perimeter staking.

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PetSafe Elite Little Dog In-Ground Fence


The PetSafe Elite Little Dog In-Ground Fence is a deluxe inground pet containment system that deserves mention in the best inground dog fence reviews due to its ability to keep your small pet safe in the yard without the need to keep it on a leash. It has a sleek, surge-protected translucent transmitter that goes well with the rest of your house décor. The system encompasses 25 acres so your pet can run free in your front and back yard with plenty of room to spare.  It has four levels of static correction and also tone-only so you’ll always have the right level for your pet. The waterproof collar is adjustable and made of reflective material so you can easily see your dog even at night.

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PetSafe PIG00-10777Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence


When you have a pet that’s hard to train or just plain stubborn, the PetSafe PIG00-10777 Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence makes the perfect device to teach it how to play in complete safety and within boundaries. The PIG00-10777 is a sturdy in-ground fence especially engineered for stubborn and hard-to-train pets weighing over 30 pounds. It offers five progressively intense correction levels and covers up to 0.33 acres. The waterproof receiver is lightweight and picks up the radio signal to alert your pet when it’s near the inground boundary. The system ships with 50 boundary flaps and 500 feet of perimeter wire that help train your dog to stay in bounds.

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Innotek SD-2000 Basic In-Ground Pet-Fencing System


Working hard to deliver training to your precious pet, the SD-2000 from Innotek is a Do-It-Yourself pet containment system that is inexpensive yet effective. It covers up to 5 acres of property and is for use with pets weighing five pounds and over. It has a replaceable battery system that is easy to install and works well for any size of dog. The pet owner can choose the configuration that ensures that the pet is kept safely within boundaries while staying clear of off-limits areas including polls and flower beds. The system uses exclusive run-through prevention for reliable and constantly secure containment. The system comes with additional flags and wire to cover the entire property. Purchase of additional collars makes the inground dog fence usable for multiple pets.

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PetSafe Elec Stubborn Dog Fence


Covering 1/3 acre of property, the PetSafe Elec Stubborn Dog Fence is made for pets that are hard to train or are naturally stubborn. It offers the highest correction intensity available to ensure that such pets are properly trained. Four adjustable static correction levels work to keep the pet from straying from boundaries, and there is a tone with vibration only mode that can be activated if the owner so chooses. This system is also ideal for training dogs with hearing impairment. The fence comes with 500 feet of wire and 50 perimeter flags for effective containment and training. The included receiver is waterproof and is built with low-battery indicator so you’ll always know when the fuel cell has to be replaced.

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