Top Rated Infrared Illuminators in 2019


Almost everyone has experienced the frustrating problem of not being able to see an image clearly when it was taken in near dark conditions. Even the best night vision security cameras can occasionally run into instances where the included infrared lights were simply not strong enough. According to the best infrared illuminators reviews, adding one of these lighting units can dramatically improve your security camera’s night vision capabilities.


CMVision IR110 IR Illuminator


With 198 infrared lights you can see more with your security camera when it is in night vision mode. As stated in the best infrared illuminators reviews this model can be used for monitoring inside or outdoors, and it has the advantage of using very little electrical power. You also get the added benefit of the infrared illuminator only turning on when needed. Record detailed images at night, and extend the viewing range of your security camera  up to 400 feet with this affordable infrared illuminator.

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CMVision IR110 IR Illuminator


This small and powerful infrared illuminator is ideal for use indoors or outside. It features a durable design, and it can extend the range of some security cameras up to 300 feet. Considered one of the best infrared illuminators in 2019, it uses 114 LED lights that can help your security camera deliver clear images even in total darkness. This infrared illuminator is affordably priced to meet any budget, and can increase your security camera’s performance for your peace of mind.

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Invisible IR-200-940 CMVision IR Illuminator


The best infrared illuminators reviews describe this model as being ideal for monitoring indoors and outside. It is designed to enhance the night vision capabilities of your current security camera, at an affordable price. There are 198 IR lights that can add distance to your camera’s viewing capabilities, and it is also designed to be pointed in the same direction as your viewing system. Record clear images at night, and see farther away. It is ideal to use for monitoring dark walkways, along with dimly lit backyards.

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Univivi U03R IR Illuminator


This is one of the best infrared illuminators in 2019 both for its versatile design, and durable construction. It features a wide angle lens that will enhance the viewing capabilities of your security system, along with letting you record clearer images in low lighting. There are 4 high powered infrared lights that can increase the night vision range up to 100 feet, and it features a durable casing that is also weatherproof. It is incredibly easy to use with your existing security system, and is an affordable way to improve your camera’s performance when it is in night vision mode.

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Crazy Cart Infrared Night Vision Illuminator


This illuminator is priced to fit any budget, and can enhance your security camera’s night vision capabilities up to 100 feet. With 48 infrared LED lights it can improve details in your videos, along with recording clearer images. It is easy to attach to your current security system, and its compact design makes it easy to place the illuminator out of the way. It also features a power saving automatic ON switch for added convenience.

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